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Chapter 1

It could not be said when Natalie Waterman became yet another otaku on this planet, but she had never felt happier before being one. Sure, there were no others in her school that held the same passion for anime or manga as she, which had resulted in her becoming a bit of a loner, but she was tough. A little loneliness never hurt anyone did it? Besides, she was entirely too enthralled in her latest manga favourite, Naruto. The story drew her in and the characters made her feel sympathy and belonging, always she hoped that she could help her fictional friends. But seeing as though it was an impossible, she resigned herself to her imagination and day-dreams. She wasn't by any means the definition of a 'regular' seventeen year old girl, but she preferred it that way. She was different and she enjoyed the fact.

Loneliness was something everyone went through; she just experienced it more often and for longer periods of time.

Today had been like any other day in school. The English stormy weather meant no outdoor sports, so her classmates had resorted to gossiping in the form room as all girls might at times. Sometimes she really hated being in an all girls school. It just meant more people that knew exactly what was likely to upset you, because they were the same gender as you. It was also embarrassing for her too, a girl with no experience with boys her age, to even attempt to participate in the type of conversations they held. She found them crude, disgusting and a little frightening at times.

To avoid the crowd of chattering girls, Natalie sat in 'her corner' of the form room and pulled out one of her beloved Naruto manga books, eager to continue the story. She was a fair way on in the series, but enjoyed re-reading this series in particular. She absent-mindedly twirled a strand of her long hair with her hand, a habit of hers when she read. The book however was abruptly snatched from her, by a small manicured hand.

Scowling up at the book-stealer, Natalie saw to her dismay it was in fact Abby, the leader of the unpopular 'populars'. "Whatcha reading here Natalie-Gnat?"

"Can I have my book back please?" Natalie asked, maintaining a cool voice.

"This is a book? It's a picture book! Aww... can't Natalie-Gnat read proper books? Is she too slow?" Abby said, waving the book in front of her sniggering hench-women.

"I am perfectly capable of reading Abigail, now can I have my book back?"

"How about... no."

Natalie sighed in annoyance, moving to stand up the puny but busty girl. Abby was extremely short, with a nose too big for her face, blonde hair twice the size of her head, eyebrows that arched to her hairline and a fake tan so orange it was almost blinding. Normally she wouldn't attract much attention, but she was enormously well endowed, and the make-up she caked on hid most flaws, attracting much attention from the male population their age, which in an all girls school practically equalled social standing. Abby was one of the queen bees here. Natalie however, still shorter than average but not unusually so, with a fairly flat-chested appearance, plain features, black hair and eyes contrasting to her quite pale skin, a mouth that was perhaps a little too wide for her round face, and somewhat quiet nature, was a lowly worker bee in this 'hive'. And she knew it. If she hadn't, she was daily reminded of the fact.

"Look, school's nearly over now, there's no more point to your charade. Just give me back my book and go put on more make-up or something." Natalie said calmly.

This only served to infuriate Abby further though it seemed, "SCREW YOU, you little bitch, you'd better be careful how you talk to me, or I can make your life here a living HELL!"

Deciding to quote several choice characters, Natalie replied with a simple, "Hn."

Seeing how ineffective her threat seemed, Abby fumed momentarily, before smirking slightly. Racing to the nearest window, she tossed out the manga book, right into the growing storm outside, before returning to her laughing cronies. Natalie's eyes widened in shock, before she hurried to the window and peered down below. Her book lay opened on its front, its dear pages soaking in a huge puddle, rain continuing to pelt on its cover. Knowing her precious friends were contained in said book, Natalie raced out of the room without a second thought, even though the school day was yet to end. Quickly grabbing her bag and coat from the cloakroom along the way, Natalie swung open the heavy doors of the school and stepped out into the pouring rain.

She was soaked in seconds, but scrunched her eyes a little as she looked around her for her beloved book. Spotting it floating now on the surface of a huge puddle, Natalie ran towards it, slipping only slightly along the way. As she drew closer to the puddle she saw that the ink from the pages of the manga book was seeping into the water surrounding it, surely pointing out its destruction. Reaching down to pick it up again, she bent her head over the book as some protection from further damage as she checked it over.

The book was ruined. The pages were now only blotches of ink with some lines slightly visible. Coming across one page in particular, what was once a view of the entire village of Konoha had now only vaguely the images of the Hokage mountain. Running a finger sadly across the picture, she dejectedly stroked a finger along the somewhat visible face of the late Yondaime, mumbling apologies to her friends. Her finger now covered in ink, Natalie brushed it on her coat in efforts of removing it before it stained her finger black. But the ink didn't come off. In fact, it spread.

Watching in shock and fascination at the black ink spreading up her finger and along her hand and arm, Natalie tried again to wipe off the ink using her other hand. But the moment her other hand made contact; the ink spread to her other hand. Frightened now, Natalie dropped the book, it falling back into the puddle it had floated on previously, and could only stand and stare at her blackening arms. Lifting her shirt to view her middle, she saw the ink spread downwards as well, and could practically feel the ink creep across her face. Looking down at her reflection in the puddle, she saw her skin was as black as her hair, the whites of her eyes popping out greatly on the black canvas that was her face. Suddenly the puddle blackened also, diffusing out from the manga book. The puddle once pitch black, crawled up her legs and began to drag her down, wherever down was.

Natalie couldn't stop the scream that tore through her throat as she was sucked into the black puddle, but a crash of thunder covered it. After another blinding flash of lightening all that was left was a blank book, floating on a clear puddle in the pelting rain.

Natalie's first thought when she began to regain consciousness was that her whole body felt painful and heavy. And then she felt something cold and sharp prod her side. Groaning at the effort of waking up, she made to sit up, only to be abruptly pushed down once again. Opening her eyes in shock, she saw a man stood above her, a strangely familiar looking uniform and white mask on their face, with slits as eyes and the design perhaps of a wolf's face on it. Natalie would have kept looking at the mask, but didn't as she had their foot at her throat and a katana blade right between her eyes. Surprisingly, Natalie managed to keep a calm facade to this deadly threat, her slightly wider eyes the only indication of her distress.

"Erm, hi, do you mind getting your foot off me?" Natalie managed to squeeze out from under said foot.

"Who are you?" the masked man said, digging their foot into her throat, "What are you doing crashing into the Hokage's office? Are you trying to assassinate him? Answer me!"

Natalie however was now truly shocked. Did he just say Hokage? Where was she? Konoha? But that was impossible, she'd only dreamed of this happening. Natalie's eyes began to dart wildly around her, looking for some sort of indication to her whereabouts. But she was then thrown onto her front, her arms painfully pulled up onto her back. "Answer me girl!"

"Perhaps Hideki, the girl would answer if she were given the room to breathe." A low voice said from across the room, a tinge of amusement dancing in their voice. It sounded strangely familiar too for some reason. Natalie was pulled up to stand suddenly by the collar of her shirt, becoming dizzy from the speed. She really wasn't appreciating being manhandles like this.

Now stood up in the room, Natalie saw that the masked man was not alone in the room, behind him were four more masked people, ANBU?, and an old man behind a desk. The old man though Natalie recognized, and not because she had seen him face to face before, but because she had seen his picture. His face, drawn in a book she had read. Shakily reaching into her bag, her wrist was stopped by a larger hand, belonging to the same masked man that she was beginning to dislike, "What are you doing?"

Scowling at the much taller man, Natalie continued in her plight and retrieved the book from her bag. It wasn't the volume she had been reading previously, but another, yet when she studied the book, it was blank except for the cover. A cover which caught the attention of every occupant in the room. The masked man snatched the book from her hands, boy was this guy rude, and studied the front cover. "Naruto?"

"What do you know of Naruto girl?" said the old man.

"I'll tell you under two conditions." Natalie said, "One, you tell me exactly where I am, and two, what I tell you will be told in private, without, others present."

The old man stared at Natalie, she refusing to let her gaze waver, and watched him as he nodded his head. Several of the masked people attempted to protest, but were calmly dismissed. The man who was holding Natalie left the room last, sending what was sure to be a scowl had she been able to see his face through the mask he wore. When everyone else had left the room, the old man spoke, "What is your name?"

If this was really the place she thought she was in, Natalie wasn't going to be the best name that would suit this place. She had a name that she could use, from a past attempt at learning Japanese, and had found a name that resembled hers slightly, "Natsuki."

"Well Natsuki, you fell through the ceiling of my office," he said pointing to a noticeable hole in the ceiling, "In the middle of the storm about an hour ago. You are in Konoha, the Village Hidden in the Leaves."

Heaving a huge sigh, Natsuki nodded, "I thought so."

"Now, what did you have to tell me?"

And so began the several hour long talk with the Sandaime Hokage, where all she knew of Naruto was shared and her future set in Konoha.