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Chapter 26

I was awake but refusing to get up yet. I felt entirely too comfortable where I was to even think about getting up yet. I was lying on my especially comfortable bed, the duvet and sheets softly draped over me and the morning still quiet outside. But the best part about this morning was that I'd woken up wrapped up completely by Kakashi.

Not one but both pale arms held me in a tight embrace, almost squashing me against Kakashi's chest, and our legs were tangled and entwined beneath the covers. My own arms hugged Kakashi around the waist, and with my head resting on his chest, his steady heartbeat was really enticing me back to sleep. I really didn't want to ever move from this position. Ever. I ached in all the right places to tell me I'd been loved thoroughly last night – and early this morning – and Kakashi was just so comfortable to sleep on.

Finally, after so many mornings of seeing Kakashi leave his shower in nothing but a towel, so mouth-wateringly tempting and just out of reach, I now had a naked Kakashi wrapped in my arms. The thought almost made me giggle aloud, but I resisted, unwilling to break the peaceful morning atmosphere. Kakashi's naked!

Last night, after the small hitch which was quickly smoothed over with a quick call to Azami, Kakashi had practically ravished me. The first round had been fuelled on by years of UST, we'd both barely had any control of our hormones, almost frenzied in our eagerness. It wasn't really romantic, but it had been wonderfully raw and rough. We'd seemed to move without thought, letting our lust lead us. Once the first blazing round had sated us somewhat, the following rounds had been slower, and time had been taken to learn each other's bodies properly. After last night, I didn't care who or how many people Kakashi had been with before, because if anything he just seemed to know what to do so much better. I'd probably go thank Rin or whoever if I could, for contributing to one of the best nights of my life, and definitely the best date... Well, maybe not go thank them really. My jealousy would probably come out. It was the thought that counted anyway. Right?

But right now after everything, I was too tired and aching still to want to do anything but laze in bed all day.

Though the hands that were currently sliding down my back were starting to distract me.

"I could get used to waking up like this," Kakashi said, his voice huskier than normal from just waking up. He must have felt the shiver his voice caused, because I heard his small chuckle. Looking up, I grinned at the lazy smile adorning his face, his eyes open just enough to watch me. One hand drifted up to cup my cheek, drawing up to meet his lips with my own. I almost protested – morning breath and all that – but Kakashi didn't give me the opportunity to escape.

Soft sweet morning kisses quickly turned deeper and more demanding. This was Kakashi after all, and I could... feel... how awake he was already. Soon I found myself rolled onto my back, Kakashi's delicious weight over me, and his hips pressing down into my own. So close, but not close enough... I dragged my short fingernails down Kakashi's back, eliciting a deep groan from him that he passed straight through my lips and down to my core. That man made everything seem sinful. His tongue dipped one last time into my mouth, before our lips separated, and Kakashi began a steady trail down my throat. A small chuckle suddenly escaped his lips. "What?" I asked, wanting Kakashi to return to his earlier ministrations.

"Nothing," Kakashi said, though I didn't believe that delighted tone he used.

I slapped him lightly on the shoulder, "Tell me!"

"Hmm, I do like it when you get demanding. Remember last night when you asked – well, more like ordered – me to-"


"Alright... I was just admiring the patchwork on your skin."

"Patchwork?" my mind was still hazy from just waking up, and then the general onslaught that was Kakashi in the morning. But when my mind caught up- "You didn't!" I cried, leaping out of bed to the nearest mirror. I didn't get far though. Arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me back against a firm chest, the full contact reminding me again that we were both very much naked.

"Now now, Natsuki-chan, I won't have you erasing all my hard work so soon," Kakashi whispered in my ear, clearly enjoying sending another involuntary shiver down my spine. "After all, I spent a long time on them. Remember how I kissed you here?"

How could I not, with his fingers dancing over the skin on my neck, vividly reminding me of last night when it was Kakashi's lips there instead.

"Oh, and I kissed you here too, I seem to recall."

I moaned as his fingers left my neck and slid down. Something between a squeak and a moan was ripped from my throat as his teeth began attacking the side of my neck, pulling me tighter against his hard chest. Kakashi had hardly done anything, and I was practically ready for him. Maybe it was all the memories of last night working against me. Impatient and apparently as eager for me as I was for him, Kakashi lifted me and dropped me to the bed so he was hovering over me once again. His rougher manhandling was only fuelling my desire as he repeated what he'd said, kissing me all over.

"Mmm, I was sure I kissed you somewhere else too..."

"Ka-" I squealed when suddenly one of Kakashi's hands had slipped between my legs. I felt more than heard Kakashi groan this time, my own moan mingling with his. A tongue slipped out to join Kakashi's lips as he trailed lower down my body. Another moan tore from my throat when Kakashi's thumb pressed down between my legs, the pressure not letting up no matter how much I squirmed and pleaded with him under my breath. "K-Kashi-kun... please don't... t-tease me so early in the d-day..."

The hand relented, my body still thrumming from his ministrations though. I could feel my breath coming to me in bursts now. How could Kakashi play me so well after one bloody night? It was that Sharingan eye of his, I knew it. I bet it was. Damn Copy Nin...

Large hands quickly parted my legs, and I was dragged down the bed so that Kakashi was seated with my legs wrapped around his waist. There was a smile on his face I hadn't seen before. More than happy. It made me only happier seeing it. Leaning forward, Kakashi dropped a short sweet kiss on my lips, the smile having never left his face. "I love you. More than anyone."

I was grinning too now, my heart having melted a little at his words. "I love yo- ah! Kakashi!" Heart melting be damned, I was just about to return his sentiments! He'd joined us with one sharp snap of his hips, and I felt the breath of his groan against my neck. He leant back a little to see me when I slapped his shoulder. "You could have waited until I'd finished speaking!"

A cheeky smirk crossed Kakashi's face. "I got the gist of things."

"That's not-ohh!- the-the p-poi-Kami!"

"Natsuki-chan?" Kakashi asked in that superior voice of his.

"I'm-I'm still mad at you!"

"Angry sex works for me."


"That's right. Scream my name."


"Your baka though. You want me to stop?"

"Don't you dare!"

(AN: I hope that wasn't too explicit for anyone who didn't want a lemon, and yet enough for those of you who did. . I TRIED MY BEST! Here's hoping it was good enough.)

When we deemed ourselves sated – for the morning at least – and I was able to drag myself from the bed, I found my legs shaking where I stood. That hadn't happened since my first training session as a kunoichi! Blasted shinobi and their damned stamina. I half-glared at the door to the bathroom, where I could hear Kakashi having his morning shower. This was all his fault.

... Not that I'd take a second of it back.

But it was still his fault!

Slipping on Kakashi's large shirt and some underwear, I gingerly made my way to the door, intent on something with caffeine to keep me awake. I hadn't... really... slept much last night. I'd only just opened the door when I was shocked at what I saw.

"Morning, Natsuki-chan! There's tea ready if you want it, and some toast. I helped myself already. Hope you don't mind."

"A-Azami-chan?" I could feel a twitch in my face. Azami's wide grey eyes looked up innocently at me, her mouth busy nibbling on the corner of a piece of toast.


"What are you doing here? How did you- why are you- I mean- Azami stop laughing!"

I glared at her until she'd picked herself off the table. "Oh come on! Like I was going to miss this. I've been waiting for this to happen almost as long as you have, silly girl! And I've been telling you that you needed to get laid recently. I just made breakfast while I waited for you to come out, since I guessed you'd both be hungry."

"That is both sweet and a little bit creepy," I eventually said, moving to help myself to some toast nonetheless and moving to sit on the soft comfy sofa. Damn my achiness.

"That is simply your best friend," Azami simply shot back. Suddenly the toast in her hand was flung to one side as she literally jumped at me, her eyes burning brightly in a way she must have learnt from her husband. "So tell me everything! Details! I can see a lot of hickeys already – good, good – but tell me about the rest. It's your duty as my best friend. I mean, I told you about Gai-"

"And I still haven't fully recovered from that. Thanks."


"It's private!"

She was doing her puppy dog eyes now. They were literally begging me. Hesitating, and now unsure of what to do, I was quite thankful when Kakashi interrupted. "Maa, Natsuki-chan-"

The rest of his words were cut off as I hastily chucked a cushion from the sofa at his face, knocking Kakashi back through the door into the bedroom. We must really have been distracted to not notice Azami enter my apartment, but I wouldn't risk her seeing Kakashi's face anyway. Not that I didn't trust her, but this was Kakashi's decision. He hadn't even bothered with grabbing his mask this morning, so used to going unmasked about my apartment now. Honestly, how he was such a genius shinobi with near slip-ups like this surprised me sometimes. Luckily, I think I threw that cushion just in time. Azami had been distracted begging me for details anyway.

Kakashi reemerged from the bedroom a few seconds later, this time his mask was in place though still shirtless. "Ohayo gozaimasu, Azami-san."

My eyes almost popped out of my head as I stared at him as he helped himself to the tea, "How can you act so calm about- I mean- you aren't freaked out at all about Azami-chan being here?"

He shrugged, his mismatched eyes lazily drifting over me. I could already imagine that smug smile behind the mask when Kakashi noticed me in his shirt. "As I told you in our first training session, expect the unexpected."

Azami seemed to have spotted her new target though, and launched herself at him. "Kakashi-san, you'll tell me about last night, won't you? Natsuki-chan won't say a word to me, the meanie!"

My head dropped back onto the sofa in defeat as I heard Kakashi begin to recount practically all of last night to Azami. It almost made me want to go hide under a rock in shame, the amount of detail he was going into. There were some things best friends needn't know about each other, but Azami seemed not to understand that. I opened my eyes when their talking ceased, and found my arms full of Azami once more.

"You lucky, lucky girl. I'm so happy for you!" she said, pressing a kiss to my cheek. I hugged her back, even as I rolled my eyes. She was crazy, but I wouldn't have her any other way. "We'll talk more later, but my shift is starting soon. Remember, you're still supposed to be resting for another few days. Ok?"

"Yes, Azami-chan. I remember."

She grinned her creepy-wide grin at me and nodded to Kakashi, before seeing herself out. I could only shake my head at her silliness. Strong arms then drew me up to meet Kakashi in a deep kiss that rendered my legs useless again. When he pulled back, his arms remained just as tight around me. "I have to go too, Natsuki-chan. I have a meeting with the Hokage and you know how I hate being late."

Laughing at him, I leant up to steal one last kiss before Kakashi left. Now he was the one reluctant to let go, but I pushed him lightly to release me. "Go. I'll be fine here. Resting. See you later?"

"Later," Kakashi said, before disappearing in a cloud of smoke, as shirtless as ever.

Dropping back onto the sofa, I found myself smiling for no particular reason. Right now, this morning, I was happy.

I was in the middle of a rather interesting TV cooking show when I heard a knock from the front door. Leaving the TV, I went to answer it and found – to my pleasure – Naruto waiting on the other side. I pulled him into a tight hug immediately, "Naruto-kun! What are you doing here? I thought you had training."

"I do, Natsuki-chan, but I wanted to talk to you about something."

His unusually serious tone made me pause in my hugging to really look at him. There was a defeated sadness in his blue eyes, as well as a new steel. Nodding my head, I let him into the apartment, "Of course Naruto-kun, you know you can talk to me about anything."

I joined Naruto on the sofa and turned the TV off, waiting patiently for him to start. He eventually took a deep breath and blurted out, "Ero-sennin offered to take me to train for two years." Blinking in surprise – at the abruptness, not the news – I simply stared back as Naruto shifted nervous eyes to me.


"And, I accepted."


"Good?" Naruto turned fully to me now, "Natsuki-chan isn't upset?"

"Of course not, Naruto-kun. You want to become stronger, don't you? To bring Sasuke back, right?" Naruto's head nodded so fast, I thought it would fly off. "Then you have to go. I'll miss you and think about you everyday-"

"Me too!"

"-but I know that you need to do this, so I won't stop you."

Naruto was almost comically crying, his eyes sparkling from the waterfall of tears pouring down his cheeks. He almost winded me with how hard he threw himself at me for another hug. Not that I particularly minded. We just sat and hugged for a while, nothing needing to be said.

A mixture of pride and sadness welled up inside of me, in a way that hadn't happened in years. Not since Naruto first became a gennin, and I knew I had to let him go a little. Right now, it felt like yet another step he was taking away from me, and it hurt, but I knew it was the right thing. This was what had to happen. Naruto wouldn't survive the coming years without his training under Jiraiya. It was the least I could do to just be there and support him.

When Naruto finally pulled himself from me, he was smiling that familiar wide grin of his again as he wiped at his tears with a sleeve. "Ne, why are we crying already? I'm not going yet!"

"You're not?" That's right. In the manga, Naruto left with Jiraiya immediately after failing to retrieve Sasuke. He should be gone already. I wonder why he stayed?

He shook his head at me, "Jiraiya said he had some things to do first. When he comes back, I'll go with him."

I nodded thoughtfully, my mind racing. Things right now were more like the anime. It gave Naruto more time here in Konoha. Still, why? "You didn't want to go with him?" If my memory was correct – and it had been years since I'd read the manga or watched the anime – Jiraiya was off investigating the Akatsuki right now.

"No, I wanted Natsuki-chan's blessing before I left. Otherwise I'd worry the whole time!"

At his words I melted like the sap I pretended I wasn't. He stayed for me. "Well, you have it. You'll bring Sasuke back to Konoha," and much much more. "I know it."

His grin widened if at all possible, "Dattebayo!"

I grinned back, it was impossible not to with a happy Naruto right there in front of me.

"Ne, Natsuki-chan? What's that on your neck?"

PREVIEW of snippets to come:

"You should have told me!"

"He never needed me. And now... now he doesn't even want me..."

"No. No! Don't you dare!"

"Natalie, where were you?"

"You think- you think you've WON? I beat you before the fight even began!"


"Stay with me... stay with me..."

"It's time to go home, Natsuki-chan."

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