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Buffy tried to see where she was but she can't, its dark, cold and small where she is, -she tries to reach out but something stops. She is trapped. The oxygen around her is getting thick, she can't breathe, help, she thinks, she tries to scream for help but nothing comes out, her throat is to sore. She needs to get out so she starts to scratch at her confines. She broke the wood and dirt fells on her but she pushes herself up through the hole she made. Dirt was falling into her eyes, ears and month, she pushed through the dirt a bit more and she was free. She lies on the grass for a bit getting her breath. Then when was she is ready she gets up and looks around her, its cold and dark but the thing that she notices is the gravestone "Buffy Anne Summers. 1981 – 2001…"

What? No I'm dead? She thinks then she remembers she jumped. To save Dawn and to save the world again. No matter how much she hurt she wouldn't change it.

She heard engines roaring and decided to get out of there. She walked through the woods. She would have run but the pain shooting through her body was too much. When she got to the town everything was on fire and was broken.

Where am I? She keeps walking and sees herself, but is it her? She is chained to motorbikes and they rip her apart. "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" The first thing she has said and it hurt. The demons look at her "Another one for the fire, boys." The demons try to grab her but she runs; the pain is so much but she needs to run or fight. She decides to run; she doesn't have the strength to fight a newly sired vampire let alone demons like this. As she runs through alleyways she hears them behind her, she turns down another corner and it's a dead end but instead of stopping her slayer takes control. She jumps over a fence and landed. When she looks up she saw people. Friends?

"It's the Buffybot." Tara says

"Ah, peachy. No doubt to lead the wild bunch right to us again. Hey Will, next time this thing's damaged, couldn't ya program it to find the nearest Radio Shack, or..."

He stops seeing the look on Willow face.

"Buffy?" Buffy looks fearfully at them, then turns and runs away. The gang chase after her but come to a dead end. They can't see her so they call her name, then they see her curled up by a wall shaking.

"Buffy, are you…? It's Willow, can you hear me?

"What's wrong with her?" Anya asked looking at Buffy whose hair was covering her face.

"Nothing! She… she… she's in shock." Willow says trying to convince herself that Buffy is going to be fine.

"Her hands are bleeding. Her fingers." Tara notices the blood over Buffy hands and then saw the cuts on her knuckles.

"She's filthy" Anya also notices the dirt that is on Buffy face and in her ears.

Xander puts this together "Oh, no"

"What?" Willow ask wanting to know he is thinking.

"No. How could we ... so stupid!" as he raises his voice making Buffy shakes more.

"Xander!" Willow noticed that his shouting was scaring her

"Our spell, our resurrection spell worked like a magic charm." To Buffy "We brought you back to life, Buffy." Then to the others "Right where we left her."

"Oh god." Willow turns and hugs Tara.

"In her coffin" He is sad and feels sick. They left her, in a wooden box where she could have suffocated.

Tara points out the obvious "she has to… dig out of her own grave."

Xander bends down so he is the same height as Buffy so he didn't scare with being taller than her.

"Buffy." She looks at him a little, he smile "Buffy, its Xander. We're sorry. We didn't know." Then she turns her head again with her hair hiding her again. "Buffy?"

"You aren't reaching her, she's too traumatized." Tara says as Buffy tries getting even smaller.

Then Anya walls forward taking Xander's place "Hey, Buffy. Uh, here's some good news that might perk you right up. Uh, Xander and I have an announcement."

"Anya!" Xander shouts again, Buffy flinches at the sound entering her ears. Xander pulls her away not wanted everyone to find out that they are engaged like this.

"What? Just trying to help." Anya not relishing what she had done wrong.

Xander take his place again talking to Buffy. "Buffy.... it's gonna be all right. We brought you back. You're home now." She looks up at him and then around a little, "Yeah, that's it. You're home."

Without any of them knowing the demons had walked up behind them, "Yeah welcome home slayer, alive and kicking after all, well alive anyway. Not looking to good, though is she?"

Xander, feeling he has to protect the girls, replies, "I don't see you winning any beauty contest unless the 'miss – face – fell – off' gets going."

The demons nods as Razor sees the axe, "Big axe you got there"

"The better to cut you down to size grandma."

The demon walks to Xander; punching him. He goes flying. Then Willow tries a spell but Razor grabs her by the throat throwing her out of his way. Buffy starts to stand and slowly walks over to Razor while he says, "Now let me tell you something, children. We're not gunna fight you. We're just gunna hold you down and enjoy ourselves for a few hours. You might even live through it. Except that certain one of my boys got some... anatomical incompatibilities that, uh, tend to tear up little girls. So, who wants to go first?"

Buffy walks in front of him "I was really hoping it'd be you." His arm swings out hitting Buffy in the face, when she turns back her lips has a cut on it. Razor goes to hit her again but Buffy grabs his hand, from somewhere she was able to find the strength to fight back. Maybe it was the slayer in her or maybe it was because she didn't want anything to happen to her friends that saved her from hell. She punches the demon in the face, kicked him in the gut and punches again, he fell to the floor. She looks at the rest of the demons, Are they all this weak? Then they rushed at her and the scoobies that were now with Buffy ready to fight. The slayers fought some of them while the gang took the rest of them. When they were all dead Buffy was standing on one side of the demons bodies and the scoobies on the other. They all look at Buffy she is breathing heavily, which is unusual for a slayer; she is also shaking again with a confused expression covering her face.

"Buffy, you ok?" she looks at Willow then her eyes roll into her head as she falls to the floor. They run to her, her body hits the floor with a thud. Xander lifts her head onto his knees and checks her pulse. It's there but is weak, "we have to get her home." They nod. Xander picks her up and they wall home as fast as they can.

When they get to the house they didn't find Dawn or Spike. Xander went straight up to Buffy's room, gentle putting her on the bed. He brushes some hair off her face that when he relished that she had a cut on her forehead, a scratch on her cheek and some bruising on the side of her face. Willow then walks in follow by Tara and Anya. "Where do you think they are?"

He looks away from Buffy to Willow "Who?"

"Dawn and Spike, they aren't downstairs."

"Don't worry he'll look after her. He might of taken her somewhere safer then here."

The gang hear a noise and look at Buffy. She has started fidgeting and mumbling "No, Stop please. Nooooo STOP!!!" Willow shakes her trying to wake her up,

"Buffy it's a dream. Wake up." Buffy mumble get louder and more panicked. Her breathing is fast. "BUFFY!" her eyes open wide. She looks at everyone. The shaking didn't leave her body. "Willow? Xander? Where am I?" Tears fall down her eyes and then there is a bang. She jumps. Someone had come through the door. Anya and Tara went to see if it was Dawn and Spike but they knew the answer before they saw them due to Spike shouting at Dawn. "You do not run off. If I hadn't of chased after you that demon could have killed you." Every time Spike spoke Buffy jumped. "It's ok Buffy it's only Spike shouting at Dawn." Xander assures her.

"Dawn." Buffy whispers.

Downstairs Tara tells Spike to stop shouting; then turns to Dawn "Dawnie I think you're needed upstairs." She looks at Tara confused then walks up the stairs followed by the other three.

"Where is she?" Buffy asked Willow and Xander in a shaky voice. Dawn was in the hall but heard the voice, she knew it was Buffy. She ran to the room she went in every night just to be close to her sister. When she got to the door way she stopped at the sight of Buffy. Buffy looked at her then climb off the bed as Dawn walked into the room, Dawn throw her arms around Buffy. They fell to the floor, both in tears of joy.

"God Buffy you're home. I've missed you so much." They separate and dawn notices the cuts, "You're covered in cuts and bruises."

"I guess R.I.P means nothing now days." Neither of them laughs or even smile they just sit there for a few seconds then get up. No one missed the sound of Buffy groaning in pain as she got up. When they are standing Buffy sees Spike by the door, "Thank you."

Spike was shocked, she was alive, and she was really here. Then he remembered what she had said, "For what?"

"Looking after her. All of you thank you." Tears quietly and slowly roll down her cheeks again.

A few minutes Xander, Anya, Tara and Spike are in the kitchen while Dawn and Willow were trying to get Buffy cleaned and sort out her wounds when Buffy locked herself in the bathroom. "Buffy let us in. You fainted earlier and we don't want that to happen again." While Willow was trying to convince Buffy to open the door Dawn was busy picking the lock on the other one. She finally got it open and saw Buffy sitting in a corner looking at nothing. She opens the other door for Willow. Willow crouches down in front of Buffy "Please let us help you." Buffy sees the look in her eyes, it was sorrow. She nods, standing up using Willow for support. Buffy looks at her sister, "Dawn can you go help the others please." she was going to argue but saw the look on Buffy face she nods and walks out the room shutting both doors for them.

Buffy stands in the middle of the bathroom feeling the dirt on her skin and dry blood in her hair. The smell of herself was making her feel sick. Willow walked behind her, Buffy doesn't move but her eyes follow Willow as far as they can go.

Willow goes to hold the zip but touches Buffy's back as well, which makes her flinch, "Sorry." Willow says feeling bad for not getting her out of that place faster. Pulling down the zip slowly, she gasps seeing cuts all over Buffy's back. Some cuts going from her shoulder blade to the bottom of her spin. There was also one cut that went down to the bone. Some of them were not open but they have left bad scars over Buffy's once beautiful body. "Buffy what happened?" No answer, she finishes unzipping the dress and it slides to the floor, Buffy use to be skinny but now she looked like she had meat on her at all. Still Buffy stands there somewhat scared. "I won't hurt you Buffy," She says.

"They all said that."

"Who said?" No answer. She walks around to stand in front of her. Buffy eyes are on the floor; she won't make eye contact, she was to scare to. Willow feels for her, her heart aches. She was hurt so much, the slayer, if this happened to her what chases did normal humans have? "If you don't want to talk about it that's fine. Ok well I think we should bath you then look at the wounds. Is that ok?"

Buffy looks at her, she knew Willow was her friend but she still felt like she couldn't trust her. Couldn't trust anyone.

Then she thought about the mud in her hair and the blood staining her skin. "OK" Willow smiles turning on the taps to fill up the bath, Buffy knew the water would sting but nothing could hurt as much as what the demons did. She looked at the water as Willow grabs some old towels and some new soft one, the water was clear and shiny, not like the stuff Buffy was reduced to drinking.

The bath was full so Willow turned off the taps. "Ok, here goes the awkward part." Willow starts by undoing Buffy's bra; she also noted that Buffy flinched again. Then she slides it down her arms. Buffy has bite marks on her breasts and Willow feels even sicker, but she continues to take off Buffy's underwear. But as she goes to take them off. Buffy tenses up and there is blood on Buffy's thighs. Tears are brought to Willows eyes. Buffy sees this and says calmly "No point of crying, it doesn't help. Just makes it go on for longer." Willow swallows her tears pulling Buffy's underwear down.

"Ok let's get you in and out so it doesn't hurt too much. Yeah?" Buffy walks forward looking at the water.

"It's so clean and pure." She steps in and slowly sits down. The water seeps into the cuts making them sting; soon the water has turned to a reddish brown color. She closed her eyes the color reminded her of that place. Then she felt Willow softly rubbing her arm with a flannel. This was a shock; it had been ages since someone had treated Buffy like this she has forgotten what it felt like.

Willow washed Buffy and her hair then helped Buffy to climb out of the bath. Drying her off with an old towel to get the red water off her then wrapped a soft one around her. They then went into Buffy room. She sits on the bed while Willow gets the first aid kit and pulls the plug out the bath.

She walks back to Buffy. She must be so tried. Willow thinks. Buffy was but she was scared to close her eyes. Every time she did she would remember getting beaten, yelled at, and her soul being breaking away a little more. Willow looks over her body and decides to start with her back, she cleans the cuts bandages them, and then moves onto the next one and the next until they are all sorted.

By the end Willow had made a mental list of what Buffy has covering her body, there were deep cuts, grazes, scars metal and physical, bruises and crated ribs. There was swelling around Buffy's shoulders and her right knee, it look like they were dislocated and then pushed back in without care.

"There, all that left is getting you in some clothes and we're done." Buffy nods, Willow goes to get some clothes for her but when she turned back she saw Buffy has got a top and boxer out of draw and had put them on. "Their Angel's" she nods. She missed him. "Well I think it's best if you rest now." She helps Buffy climb into bed and she automatically curls up into a ball. "Good night Buffy." Willow walks out the door leaving it open slightly to let a bit of light in but it didn't matter much as Buffy was already asleep when Willow left the room.