Angel finds Willow the next day in the magic box. Buffy was in the training room. Angel could hear her fists hitting the punching bag and the chains rattling as the bag moved with each punch.

Angel sat with Willow. "So what happens with the spell?"

"It's rather simple, Tara and I looked it up this morning. There is a potion that we would need to made then we place that on the scars and say the spell and it makes the scars fade."

"Is there anything that can be done to the metal scars she has?" Angel asks now.

"Not that I know of." Willow looks Angel in the eye. "You don't think she is getting better do you?"

"Sometimes she is. Then she just freezes up and takes 10 steps back. I thought she would been her normal self again by now."

"Had she told you anything about what happened to her?" Xander asks, sitting across the table from them. Angel shakes his head.

"She keeps going on then stops. She lets things slip at times without meaning too."

They all look at each other, wishing they had their Buffy back.

Angel sat listening to each punch on the bag, hear it swing as it came back to Buffy and she punched it again. It got louder and faster. Then quietly he heard Buffy start to talk, getting louder, angrier and more scared. He stands and walks into the room as Buffy starts to scream. "Why? You hurt me! I begged you not to! You didn't listen! You monsters! I hate you. I hate you. I HATE YOU!" Buffy screams and punches the bag, ignoring the cuts she reopened on her knuckles. Angel rushes to her and lays his hands on her shoulders. "Buffy stop."

She turns and punches his right in the cheek. Angel spins and falls to the floor. He stands up and turns to look at Buffy, massaging his cheek.

Buffy has fear in her eyes as she looks at him. "I'm...sorry." She backs away from him.

"Buffy. It's okay. I'm okay." Angel moves to her. She stops moving. He holds her and she collapses into his eyes crying. "I hate them." She sobs. "I want them dead."

From the door Willow and Xander watch the slayer fall to pieces in her loves arms. Knowing neither of them could comfort her like they did before. Willow turns and walks to the restricted area of the magic box. She finds the book she is after and then leaves the magic box, closes followed by Tara, who wondered what Willow was up to.

Buffy pulled away from Angel and look at him. "Oh, I made you bleed?" She says seeing the blood on his cheek.

"It's not my blood." Angel says taking her hands and showing her. She is not even shocked or bothered by this. "Does it not hurt?" Angel asks.

Buffy shakes her head. "I've had worse pain."

"Lets clean this up again." Angel walks her out of the training room and sits her down at the table as Giles pass him the first aid kit, hearing Angel say about the cuts.

Buffy looks at Giles, but he just walks away from her. It hurt. Seeing him walk away. Why do I feel that? After everything he put me through? No, the demon him. Not him? Giles? She looks towards her hands and then back to Giles who looked at some books on a shelf, his back to her. Angel cleans the blood off and bandages the cuts to stop them bleeding. When he finishes he smiles at Buffy. "You okay?" He asks, seeing her watching Giles.

Buffy turns to look at him. "I think so. I think I'm working it out."

"Trust your instincts, do what you think is right." He smiles knowing she was thinking about the demons that tortured her and that her friends on earth were different from them. She smiles and stands up. She slowly walks over to Giles, who still looked at the same book as 5 minutes previously. She taps him on his back and as Giles turns around. "Interesting book?" She asks.

"What?" Giles says quickly. Then looks at the book and realised she had been watching him. "Oh yes, it's very..." He stumbles for words.

"Boring? Lame? The normal." Buffy says smiling. Insulting Giles' books, one of her and Xander's favourite past times.

"I wasn't paying much attention to it." Giles says.

"I missed my Giles. Which I think is you?" Buffy says slowly.

"I am, as you put it, 'your Giles'." Giles takes his glasses off and cleans them after putting the book down.

"In hell, or wherever I was, that Giles, he hurt me. You haven't. You want to help me, don't you?"

Giles nods. "Yes, very much so." He places his glasses back on and looks in her eyes. "I always have."

"You're my watcher, you help me train to beat the bad guys, comfort me after battles and you have always loved me as a father?"

Giles nods again. Buffy has tears in her eyes and she wraps her arms around his neck. He sighs and holds her close to him. "God Buffy, I've missed you." He says in tears.

"I missed you too." They hugged for a long while. As they separated Giles placed his hand on Buffy's cheek. "You're...a miracle Buffy. You've been so strong."

"I'm sorry I didn't trust you. I couldn't remember much from before, dying. I forgot you helped me and looked after me. But I just saw that you gave Angel the first aid box and walked away. I felt sad. Then I remembered when you use to help me clean my wounds after battles and when I helped you with yours. I realise now that you would never hurt me."

"Never." Giles says, making it clear he wouldn't. "God Buffy." He hugs her again, lifting her up so she stood on her tip toes. "Them months without you were... so horrible."

"Tell me about it." They part again and look into each others eyes smiling. The father daughter relationship was back and very strong between them.

"What about us Buffy?" Xander says, breaking the contact between Buffy and Giles.

She looks at them. "I missed you guys too." She walks to Xander and Anya, who stood together by the counter. They looked at each other then all fell into a hug. "I'm sorry for how I treated you."

"No Buffy. We're sorry we didn't get you out sooner."

They hug for a moment longer then pull away. Buffy wipes her tears away. "Sorry."

"Don't be." Xander says wiping his own tears.

"We are all glad you are not being tortured any more." Anya says. Xander looks at her.

"Thanks." Buffy says. "But I kind of want to get home now. Would you all like to come to mine later and chill? Like old times?" Buffy asks.

"Of course." Giles says.

"Good. Can you pass the message on to Willow and Tara for me? I'm going to go meet Dawn from school. I think she will like that." Buffy smiles and heads out the magic box with Angel through the tunnels. "See you later."

As they walk Angel slips his hand gently into Buffy's. "How are you?"

"I'm okay. That was hard. But I knew I needed to do it. It really did hurt having Giles turn his back on me, I know he was staying away from me because my reactions to the group... but I remember now. The gang before the demons. The demons destroyed who they were for me. They all abused me Angel. The demons and used the faces of the people I love. I hate them more for that then what they actually did to me." Buffy stops and faces Angel. "I want to kill them. I want them demons to suffer and die."

Angel sees the strength in her.

"I don't know what we can do about them demons but I know there are many vampires and demons in this dimension that need dealing with. How about we try patrolling again?"


Meanwhile Willow walks to her apartment and Tara follows. "What's the matter?" Tara asks seeing the anger on Willow's face. "I'm going to find out what happened to her and fix it."

"Willow I don't think we can." Tara tries to reason with her.

"I will find a spell that will let us help." Willow goes to the bathroom and shuts herself in it, knowing Tara would start with the reasons they shouldn't do it. After 10 minutes Willow found the spell that would let her enter Buffy's mind. She would be able to see what happened to her friend and understand what she was going through.

From the living room Tara had a bad feeling about what Willow was up to but she wouldn't start a fight. She would wait and see if Willow would try something. Willow came out of the bathroom and sat with Tara. "I don't know what to do." Willow lied. "I just wanted to help her.

"I know honey but she will get better you just need to trust that.

Willow nodded but she start to think about the spell and when would be the best place to do it.

When it got later Xander knocked at the door.

"Hey, we're all going to Buffy's house. She made a huge leap earlier she was hugging Giles and talk to us and want to hang out later, she asked us to let you know so you can meet us there, we're going now. You coming?"

"Of course." Willow and Tara stand and head out the door to meet Buffy.

Buffy and Angel get back to the house and Buffy kisses Angel goodbye and heads off to meet Dawn from school. She gets their just in time to see her walking out.

"Buffy!" Dawn says happily as she sees her sister waiting for her, with a smile. "You came to meet me?"

"Yeah. I thought it would be nice for us to walk home alone. We haven't had chance to talk."

As they walked home Dawn told Buffy about how school was going, the boy she liked.

They open the door 20 minutes later to the summers house and the scbooy gang were already there.

"Oh and I got a tattoo." Dawn says as she walks into the living room.

"WHAT?" Buffy snaps.

"Which is why we told her no." Willow says smiling at Buffy.

"Hey." Buffy says. She leans over and hugs Willow tightly. "Thank you." She whispers into her ear.

"Your welcome."

They part and smile. Then Dawn continues. "Just a little come?"


"Oh come on, you have one." Dawn says.

"What?" Xander and Willow say at the same time.

"I do not. I got rid of the one Ethan gave me." Buffy says.

Dawn gives her a look.

Buffy ignores her sister and sits next to Willow and Angel on the sofa. "So what we doing tonight?"

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