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Despair has to black. During his life Severus has lived, surrounded by black. Black eyes, black words, black hearts. Hell, he'd even been tormented by a Black. His world was dark and lonely, Salazar why did he have to feel like this now. Surely now, at least, he should be allowed some semblance of peace.

There was still so much to do but it was so dark, so black. Severus tried desperately to hold on while the banks of dying regret and despair tried to crush him. Memories.

Lily. Salazar, not now, please don't remember now. He'd ruined it and she'd gone and... and married Him. The ghost of Him stood before Severus now, in the shape of his son. The darkness inside was killing him. Duties, he needed to remember the duties.

His heart twisted as he gave away the only happy memories he had to the ghost of his enemy. Pain, how could something heart this much. Darkness had covered him for so long, but once upon a time there had been some colour. Sparkling from the eyes of the girl he loved so much.

He is falling into blackness. It's covering him and he's so tired. Of life and darkness.

He knows as he falls that he is wrong, despair is not black, it's the oddly translusent green of a red headed girls eyes.

"Look at me."

Her ghost is in the boy to. He watches it as he tumbles down into oblivion. God's, it always has to hurt.

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