It was 8:15 at night in Bolts home

"Gosh when are they going to get home?" Mittens said while she lay on a sofa, bored and hungry

"I don't know," Bolt said but I'm really getting hungry

"Ya me to," Rhino added

Penny and her mother had let to go shopping for pet food and some other things earlier that day, sadly on their way home their was a huge car accident and traffic was totally stopped. Meaning Penny and her mom where stuck in traffic, don't worry they didn't get hurt.

"Man we've been here for hours," Penny's mom said

"I just hope Bolt and the other are okay," Penny said

Back at home the sound of growling stomachs could be heard all over the house

"If these keeps up I'm going to die of starvation," Mittens said

"It's only been a few hours," Rhino said "I don't feel all that hungry (since he's fat and all). C'mon lets watch some TV,"

Mittens seeing as their was nothing else to do decided to watch TV with Rhino and Bolt. They were watching "Bolt" by the way

"Gosh this show just hasn't been the same since they added that aliean stuff," Rhino said

"I accually liked the episode where Dr. Calico and I had to team up to stop the aliean leader from destoring the earth," Bolt said

"Ya but it was weird when they made her have an evil andriod twin," Mittens said

"Shhh, I'm trying to listen to the show," Rhino said

In the show Bolt was about to destroy the evil android Penny, but the real Penny was there to. So he had a 50/50 chance of destroying her

"Bolt I'm the real Penny," one Penny said

"No I am," the other said

"Hahahaha! You'd better choose carefully mutt!," Dr. Calico said

Just then it went to a commercial

"Another commercial!? Oh come on!" Rhino said

On the TV now was a advertisement for tuna, which made Mittens more hungry

"Oh man I'm so hungry I could eat..." She looked at Rhino more a moment and her mounth watered "Anything,"

Mittens reached her paw out toward Rhino's ball, yet just as she was about to grab it Bolt said something

"Mittens what're doing?"

"Oh I was...just going to clean Rhinos ball. It's alittle dirty," Mittens said

"No it's not," Rhino protested

Just then the sound of a car was heard outside

"Penny? Penny!" Bolt said running to the front door. Leaving Mittens and Rhino alone.

A few seconds later Bolt returned

"Just another passing car," he said

Yet when he got back to the sofa he noticed Rhinos ball was empty, and Mittens was licking her paw

"Mittens where's Rhino?" Bolt ask

"Oh...uh he...burp!" Mittens said

"YOU ATE RHINO!" Bolt yelled

"I was hungry!" Mittens argued

Just then Bolts stomach growled and his hunger took over his mind. He pictured mittens as a huge, juicy steak.

"Steak!" he yelled and pounced on Mittens, eatting her in one bite

A short while later Penny and her mom got home

"We're home," they said. Yet nobody came

"Hello?" Penny said looking around the house for the pets

Soon enough she found a very fat Bolt

"Bolt! where's Rhino and Mittens?!"

Bolt burped up Mittens collar

"Oh my gosh! MOM CALL THE VET," Penny shreeked in terror

Don't worry everything "came out" okay. Mittens and Rhino lived, oh and Bolt and Mittens now had big scars on their bellies

The end