hey! new story. its just pretty much a Narnia au with an oc character. its kind of based on 'the horse and his boy' but just loosely. the pevensies are still in their teens so it was only im guessing three or four years after they were crowned. i hope you like it!

My vision was blurred to the point that made me think I would have a better time getting up with my eyes closed. I couldn't see anything properly and what I did see only made me more confused. I tried to sit up but thought better of it. Vision first, then movement. The scene around me began to clear and I wrinkled my forehead at what I saw. A forest. A massive forest by the looks of it. There is no possible explanation as to why I was in a forest when only... how long had it been since I fell asleep on that subway? There was no sure way to tell. I sat up and examined myself, hoping that some creep had not drugged me and brought me here. From what I could tell I was unharmed. I stood up and brushed the dirt and grass off of my new jeans.

I twisted around in a tight circle, taking a more in depth look at my surroundings. Tall evergreen trees trapped me on every side. I gazed into the horizon and noticed that I was on high ground, the forest covered as far as the eye could see. I started to panic. There was not one single place in New York that looked like this. So if I wasn't in New York where was I? I didn't have time to ponder that idea. The shrubbery began to shake bringing with it a huge amount of noise. The pounding footsteps of an animal coming towards me got louder and louder along with the beats of my heart.

I was pretty sure I was going to die at the moment. Whatever was in there more than likely wanted to eat me. My heart was pounding so fiercely it felt like it was attempting to jump out of my chest. The animal was close now, I closed one eye, preparing for my demise when the animal emerged. I released a breath I hadn't realized I had been holding when I saw the creature. It was a simple-but beautiful- white stag. I smiled at him. He held an air of power and wisdom, I didn't know how I could tell this by just looking at the animal but I knew he was special. I held my hand out to him, allowing him get comfortable with me if he wished. He didn't need my invitation, he walked straight up to me and nuzzled his face into my hand.

I smiled and petted the creature. "You're a pretty boy, aren't you?" He stomped his hoof in response. The stag's head shot up and it's eyes widened at what he saw behind my shoulder. In an instant he scampered out into the woods and out of sight. I didn't want to turn around and see what had frightened the beast so much. Whatever was behind me this time was probably the thing that wanted to eat me. I took a deep breath and turned around.

What I saw was more shocking than the beautiful white stag. A man mounted on a horse was before me. He was truly handsome. He had blond, kind of shaggy hair and gorgeous blue eyes. He wore a smile that would make any girl in her right mind melt into the cracks of the floor. To be frank, he was overall a perfect specimen of the male species. The man jumped down from his horse and walked over to me. I now noticed that he wore medieval clothing that made me wonder if he was a completely safe person to be around. Maybe a creep did drug me, after all.

He stopped a foot in front of me and bowed deeply. "Hello, milady. I am High King Peter," He took my hand in his own and pressed his lips gently to my knuckles. I quickly took back my hand and raised my eye brows to him.

"I'm sorry, you're who?" I questioned. He smiled sweetly at me.

"High King Peter the Magnificent of Narnia, my lady," He elaborated. I still had no clue what he was talking about.

"Um, what's Narnia?" I felt like I was asking a stupid question, but really it was not. Was it a city or a country? I had no idea.

"Narnia is country..." He gave me a skeptical look. Yup, dumb question. It must have been something any person would be expected to know around here. "A country you happen to be in," He finished. He continued to look at me, a quizzically expression played across his face. He looked me up and down before returning his blue gaze to my eyes. "What is your name?"

I wasn't entirely sure it was wise to give the man my name but I did it anyway. "Carolina...Lina Foster," No one called me Carolina except for my mother, and that was only when she was angry.

"Well Miss. Lina Foster, are you lost? I have never heard an accent such as your's in Lantern Waste or any other part of Narnia. Not to mention that clothing, I have never seen anything like it in this world,"

I looked down at myself. I was wearing jeans with a layered v neck t-shirt and tank top. I didn't see anything wrong with it. Wait... did he say in this world? I played his comment back in my mind. He clearly said that he had never seen anything like my clothing in this world. I turned my gaze back to the man. "Pardon me but are we on Earth?" I couldn't believe I was asking such a silly question but it seemed like a necessary one if I was ever going to get home. His brows furrowed together even more. He looked down as if he were thinking deeply.

"No, milady. I do not believe so. But the sound of it does seem familiar to my ears," He stated rather confusedly. Why was he talking like that? If we weren't on Earth then where were we? And how did I get here? These questions floated around in my brain, threatening to give me a major headache.

"Peter?" A feminine voice called from the woods. I turned my head to the sound. Peter continued to stroke his chin as he thought.

"Yes, Susan. I am here," He called back absentmindedly. A second later three figures emerged from the tree line where the High King's horse stood. There were two girls and a boy. The older of the girls was extremely breathtaking. She had dark, almost black hair and a kind, gentle face. The younger girl, who I was guessing to be around thirteen, had a bright, welcoming smile that spread from one side of her face to the other. She had rosy cheeks and cute little dimples. If I had a sister I wished she would have looked like that. The last in their company was a boy. He looked to be around my age with dark hair and brown eyes. Wisdom and stress were etched into his handsome face. He wore the events of his life like a mask, I could tell.

"Hello! I'm Lucy. This is my sister Susan and my brother Edmund, you have already met my eldest brother, Peter," She smiled bigger. The girl's voice was so sweet and tender I almost wanted to give her a hug for greeting me.

"Hi, I'm Lina," I said quietly. Peter still stood pondering about a foot away from me. The older of the girls, Susan, gave her brother a concerned look.

"Peter, is everything alright?" She questioned in a motherly voice. Peter looked frustrated. The boy threw his hands up into the air, supporting my idea.

"Where have I heard of Earth before!?" He asked more to himself than to any particular person. The four sibling's glances darted between each other before landing on me. I returned their looks with an equally confused one. I was a little surprised that these people hadn't heard of the planet before. I sucked at Geography but even I know Earth. But I guessed since Peter thought that we weren't even on Earth at the moment I would have to let their ignorance slide.

"We used to live there, I think," The younger of the boys said quietly. His statement was more to himself than the rest of us. Something clicked in the rest of the children's minds and they snapped their eyes up in recognition. I could almost see the light bulb start to shine on the top of their heads.

The youngest one,Lucy, let a sweet smile spread across her small features. "England! Oh England!" She jumped off her horse and skipped over to me. Lucy took my hands in her own and started swinging our arms around like we were dancing. "I remember England! It was a truly lovely place! Is that where you lived?" She sang to me.

I shook my head. "No, I lived in New York City," I told the small girl. Her face lit up more.

"New York City! How wonderful!" She said excitedly.

"Yeah, I liked it," I told her with a smile.

"Will you tell me stories about New York? It seems to be the most fascinating of places!"

I nodded my head. "I'd love to," The girl giggled and hugged me around the middle.

"Oh we will be the best of friends! We will have so much fun!" Lucy started ranting on about all the things we could do together. I didn't want to stop her or hurt her feelings so I just let her keep talking, occasionally nodding my head to show I was paying attention.

"That's enough, Lucy," The older girl, Susan, told her in a motherly voice. At her sister's words Lucy backed away from me. The girl continued to smile. I looked at Susan and gave her a small smile of thanks. She nodded her welcome. Susan studied me for a while with her head at a slight tilt. "How is it you came to be in Narnia, Miss. Lina?"

"Please, just Lina," I asked of her. She nodded her head to show she would comply. I drifted into my thoughts, looking for every possible explanation as to why I was here. There wasn't one answer to my question. "I don't know," I told the eldest girl. My voice held a slight hint of worry in it.

"What is the last thing you remember before you ended up here, My Lady?" Edmund asked. I replayed the events of the day in my head.

"I, um, I got on the subway and put my music on. I must have drifted off to sleep and the next thing I know I wake up in the woods," I pointed to the spot I had found myself in. "Right there to be exact,"

"Interesting," He said. He kept his eyes on me long after I had stopped talking. I had to drop my gaze out of embarrassment.

"Do you have anywhere to go?" Lucy questioned.

"Lucy, she had never been to Narnia before! Of course she has no where to stay." Peter breathed out, this must have been normal behavior for the youngest of the siblings.

"You must stay with us, it would be our honor," Susan offered with a smile. I returned the gesture. A thought crossed my mind that made me clench my jaw.

"Can't I just go home? I mean; I'd love to stay but I have so many things to do," The siblings gave me concerned looks. My question hung in the air for a while. Eventually Peter was the one to answer.

"I don't think the portals work that way, Miss. Lina," He said softly. I blinked at him a couple of times with my mouth agape. I shook my head to regain my composure before addressing him.

"So, what you're saying is?" I started, not being able to finish the question.

Peter looked to Susan who gave him a reassuring nod. He sighed before directing his blue eyes to me. "I don't think you are going back," I stared at him with wide eyes before feeling myself fall into the unconsciousness that had brought me to Narnia.

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