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Summary: I know it's used quite a lot but I wanted to try it and give it a twist. Ok so, Harry has a twin who everyone thinks is the real Boy-Who-Lived, Harry is sent to live with the Dursleys, but is babynapped after a month. He is taken to Italy, where he lives with his now blood parents. How does Harry live in the limelight of the entertainment world? How does he react when he sees his biological family and how can he mix falling for a dark wizard into his world?

Warnings: Potter family bashing, Weasley family bashing (well most of them) Dumbles bashing, Granger bashing.

Pairings: Harry/(someone you know), Draco/you decide, Severus/you decide, Remus/You decide

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Chapter 4: Hello Batman


As his new family sat down, Mommy had put him on her lap as they started to talk about things, something about the Dark Lord or something else. Who's the Dark Lord? Oh well there's no need to worry about that, mommy and daddy can take care of anyone that tried to hurt him. No matter how powerful they are. Finally, after a few hours his godmother left and they were by themselves again. Then papa said that he needed to go to the office to make sure that all the papers were done correctly and filed away. That left Aless with his mama, which meant only one thing: he would be doing a fashion show for her as she tried on different styles of clothes for all the next photos.

After doing that for the past month Aless knew better than to try and get away from his mama. Nothing good ever came from that. Nothing. At. All.

It had been six years since Aless had been in their lives. The now beautiful eight year old, was…well…what was the right word for it? ... Heartbreaker? ... Charmer? ... Cunning? ... The perfect heir? ... All those in one? At the wonderful age of eight, Aless was know by everyone in the Wizarding world, he was even more popular than the Boy-Who-Lived … Though that wasn't that much for a feat seeing as to how the Boy-Who-Lived was … well … there really wasn't any word bad enough to describe the little terror. Everyone in Britain had something to say about the Boy-Who-Lived, most good and praising, with the exceptional few who could care less about the child. But to the rest of the world, well mostly Europe, seeing as how every other place really didn't care, saw the child as a spoiled little boy whose parents were just attention seekers. Nothing more.

Severus Snape sat in his library at Prince Manor; after all, he was the Prince heir, even though he was a half-blood, and seeing as to how there were no other Princes left, the Goblin Council at Gringotts decided that he should be given the title of Lord Prince, if only so that the money in the vaults would continue to grow. Severus was having a bad day; first Albus kept bugging him him on making all these potions, then that bastard Potter and his bitch wife Lily would bother him because Albus would tell them to. After that the Mutt came in with his wolf whining about wanting to see his godson … At least the wolf kept quiet and tried to get the mutt to shut his mouth as well but… that really didn't work out. But he could tell that Lupin also missed the little boy, and in a way so did he, even though he had only known the child for about a few hours, there was something about him that made Severus want to keep him safe. Although he would deny it completely if asked! Severus sighed deeply.
'Why can't people just leave me alone for just a few hours! Is silence such a bad and hard thing to ask for?'

Suddenly he jolted up; he knew exactly where he could go to to get his new potion done without being disturbed. Why hadn't he thought of this earlier? Serafina and Vincent's house…well it was more like Malfoy Mansion X5…was the perfect place to work. Plus Serafina had told him that he was welcome over there whenever he needed a break from the people (pests) around him. Nodding his head, Severus stood up from his sofa and put his brandy down on the table in front of him. With a smirk he walked over to his fireplace, took some Floo powder, got into said fireplace and yelled: "Terzi Manor, Florence, Italy."

~Terzi Manor~

When Severus Snape swiftly stalked out of their fireplace, he had expected to see either Serafina sitting on their couch with a sketchpad in her hand and her face scrunched up in concentration trying to come up with new clothing designs or Vincent with his feet propped up on their coffee table, his eyes narrowed as he read the, more than likely, business documents in his hand. He had expected all that, but what he didn't expect was to see thé Walburga Black on the floor, tickling the life out of a young boy, and laughing.

Dear Great Mother of Merlin. He had officially gone crazy.

Severus blinked multiple times in order to make sure that he really wasn't seeing things. But at this point he wished that he was. Honestly, who wants to see the Dragon Walburga Black on the floor rolling around and tickling the life out of a little boy?

What a strange sight indeed.

Clearing his throat hoping to get the attention of the two in front of him, he wasn't disappointed when two necks spun towards him in a way that was sure to give them a nasty case of whiplash. And again he wasn't disappointed when both grabbed their necks in pain.

Wincing they both got off the floor. Walburga was the first one to shake of the pain. "Severus, what are you doing here?"

"To get away from Albus so I can work on my potions alone for a few days. Now the real question is: what are you doing here?"

"I don't know why you need to know, but isn't it obvious? I'm here visiting my godson. That and playing with him."

"Godson? Since when? Him?" Severus questioned pointing at the beautiful (he won't lie) little boy.

"Severus… Don't tell me you are going blind with all those fumes from your potions. My godson is the child beside me." she answered, gesturing at the boy. "Do you really think I would do that to just any child?"

"No, and that's exactly why I want to know who this child is!"

"That child, Severus, is my son." a voice behind him replied.

Turning his head too fast, Severus also got whiplash, but Severus being Severus, played it off as if nothing happened. Although, between you and me, he was screaming on the inside. Behind him, Serafina had an amused look on her face. She couldn't believe it. Here was the little boy whom she and her husband had taken in, whom they taught the wonderful art of potions making. The REAL art of potions making. Not that stupid thing that he had learned at his… 'school' … if you could call it that. But oh look at him now, how far he had come in this time. Powerful, tall dark and sexy…damn.

"Your son?"

"Yes Sevvie, my son. Well mine and Vincent's. Aless come here and introduce yourself."

Calmly the little eight year old walked to his mother and eyed the figure in all black suspiciously. There was something about him…Aless knew…but couldn't remember. The nagging feeling in the back of his mind kept saying that he'd seen this man before ... but he just couldn't place when that was.

Standing in front of Severus, Aless bowed his head slightly-as he had too much pride to bow to anyone other than his parents-and said: "I am Alessandro Valentino Terzi. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Now that he had a complete view of Aless' face, he seemed to be the perfect mix of his parents … that was the weird part. The only way for that to happen was if the child was blood adopted. Completely blood adopted. Not to leave a single, miniscule drop of the blood that had once inhabited the body. Severus knew at that moment that there was more to this child than they were letting on. There was something about this child that seemed familiar. It was partially the look he was giving him … An all knowing look-no matter how weird that sounded-and a small speck in his magical signature…it felt almost like…


"Excuse me?"

"No, nothing. Forgive me for that outburst. I was just thinking that you have this small speck in your magical signature that feels exactly like this child I knew once. In fact if I am correct in my assumption…he would be about your age."

"I see…he is very keen, is he not mother?"

"Yes my child, he is very keen indeed."

"Then I shall leave you to do the explaining. I shall be back soon, Auntie Walburga."

"Don't worry child. Take your time. I have a feeling this is going to take a while."

Nodding his head, Alessandro took his leave. He wondered if the bat-ish man remembered him … Seems like he did but only on a subconscious level. Aless smirked; only time would tell.

Severus on the other hand was in a state of confusion. That little boy … Why did he remind him so much of Harry? They looked almost nothing alike - sure they shared the same black hair and green eyes … but the Terzi heir had a more vivid color green. It was bright, with a circle of silver around the pupils that seemed to spread into the green, and a thin line of gold circled his irises. If he thought about it … The only things that Harry and this boy seemed to share would be the black hair (even then it was different seeing as how this child's hair did not look like it had gone through a tornado) and the slight familiarity of his magical signature.

Severus turned his head to look at Sera, then over to Walburga then back to Sera and rested there. He was going to get his answers no matter what. There were just too many questions swirling around in his mind. If he didn't get them out now there would be no way that he would be able to work on his potions in peace.

"Sera…what's going on?"

"Nice of you to ask Sev. You might want to take a seat though … it's quite a story. And if you don't believe me, you're welcome to ask Walburga."

"Very well." He replied taking a seat on the expensive couch. "Start talking."

And so she did. Serafina told him all about how she and Vincent found their son, and saved him from the Muggles, how they blood adopted him and how Walburga ended up as his godmother. She told him everything he wanted to know.

"So let me get this straight: your son is actually Harry Potter?"

"He was Harry Potter."

"And you and Vincent blood adopted him to make him your own because you felt his power."

"And to save him from having to go back to those Muggles."

"Then you made him into a child star."


"And then Walburga thought that something was weird about you having a child and confronted you on it."


"Then you made her become his godmother."

"I agreed."

"Are you being serious?"


Severus had a hard time wrapping his mind around this. He had spent the last few years wondering if the eldest Potter child was all right with Petunia and her husband. He knew she hated magic and anything to do with it, but he just hadn't expected that she would neglect a child like that. And the light side wondered why the Dark Lord hated Muggles. Honestly, all they had to do was look around to see why!

Severus took a deep breath; now was not the time to lose control of his magic. He forced himself to look at the bright side of this. At least now he knew that the little baby that had caught his interest was safe and sound with probably the best family around him. Aw damn! Now how was he going to handle Black? The only way he had been able to put up with his incessant questioning about the whereabouts of his godson was because he, himself hadn't known and now that he did … He didn't know if he could keep his mouth shut once he got back to England, and Black found him again … Dear Merlin … help him …

"Severus, I have a favor to ask of you."

Severus snapped up to look at the woman in front of him. What did she need of him?

"Will you be Aless' godfather?"


He had never expected that of all things. But could he be? Didn't the boy already have a godfather?

"But, Sera … He already has a godfather: Walburga's son: Sirius Black. That's his godfather. Besides I already have a godson. I can't be his-"

"Oh come now Severus! That's no problem! You see, Sirius Black is Harry Potter's godfather. Not Alessandro Terzi's. So trust me it's all legal and fine. As for the other godson … well … Where does it say that you can't have more than one godson?"

That was true. How come he had never read about this before? Strange. Well … if he had nothing to lose ... why not?

"Very well. I will become Alessandro's godfather."

"Great! Come on! Now we must find that little brat."

Severus sighed, she never changed … ever. Again he asked Merlin to help him. Shaking his head, Severus stood up and followed the two older witches out of the room. They walked through the maze the Terzi's called home and after half an hour finally found their vict-er…subject of annoyance.

"Where have you been? The three of us have been searching for you for the past thirty minutes!"

"Forgive me Mama. I put up a silencing ward around the room. It's hard making a potion with noise distracting you."

That was the moment when Severus took notice of the rest of the room. The child in front of him was working on a potion! A child of eight was working on a potion! That was amazing. Severus knew for a fact that instead of working on potions, his godson, Draco Malfoy, was most likely riding his broom or playing pranks on his house elves. Never would voluntarily work on a potion ... and by himself! There was much more to this child than what met the eye huh? Wait … silencing wards? Severus' eyes widened even further. The child had put up wards! WARDS!

Seeing that he was about to hyperventilate, Aless went over to him and grabbed hold of one of his hands. That brought him out of his trance; Severus looked down at what was holding his hand. Seeing that it was two small hands he followed the arms up to the face of the person.

"So they finally told you?"

"Yes. Are you really…?"

"Was I really Harry Potter? I suppose so. I don't remember much of that, but I do remember seeing you somewhere. And your hands were holding me at one time." Saying that, Aless looked down, turned Severus' hand over so that his palm was facing up, and started to trace the marks on his hand. Aless looked back up at Severus' face. "I don't remember much of what happened that night just that I feel as if I should thank you for what you did for me."

"… It is no problem, child."

Aless grinned, he had heard a lot about this man from his Mama; she told him he that he was one of the best Potion Masters out there. Almost as good as she, and father had agreed, as well as Auntie Walburga. And if Auntie Walburga complimented someone … Well then, you knew that they were the real deal!

"So may I ask what brings you all here?"

"Ah! Yes! Actually Severus here, will be your new … euh … first godfather!"

"First? Mama … Are you planning to do something to him that will not make him my godfather anymore?"

"What! No never! Just … well … we all know that we can't hide who you were forever … sooner or later someone will find out and when they do, your original godfather will demand to have his place as your godfather again … so ..."

"Mama, you make things more complicated than they have to be." Aless said, shaking his head at the ridiculousness of his mother. Sometimes he wondered how they had put up with her for so long.
Guess it was her eccentric ways that pulled and kept people with her, Aless thought shrugging to himself. Although to all the others in the room, it was slightly weird seeing the eight year old shrugging for no reason.

"I guess he's assuring himself as to why we stay with you, Sera."


"Haha, you're right, Auntie!"

"Aless! Don't make me ground you!"

"Ground me? Am I a plant for you to ground me?"

Severus blinked. The child didn't know what being grounded meant? Wow … Either he was very sheltered and got away with everything or he was sneaky enough to not get caught … By the look in the boy's eyes Severus knew it was the latter.

"Aless, that's not what being grounded means. Well, it is … but not in this context. Anyways! Godfather Sev. What do you think?"

"I do not have a problem with it, mother. I personally think it would be pretty … interesting."

"Good! We shall start the ceremony in three days! But for now Wallie and I will leave the two of you alone so you can get to know each other." Serafina said nodding to herself.

Chuckling at Serafina's fast paced mind, Walburga followed her out of the room, but not before throwing a glare at Severus that promised retribution in the worst kind if he was the cause of any of her godson's pain, be it indirectly or not. Severus nodded his head; there was no going against the Black matriarch. As the two closed the door behind them, Severus turned back to the Terzi holding his hand. Aless followed his gaze and then looked back up at Severus and smiled.

Severus sighed; this child was definitely going to be the same as the mother. No doubt about it.
'Dear Merlin help us all', Severus thought.
As if knowing his thoughts, Aless' grin got even bigger. He then dragged the older man to his work station. After all, he was almost done with the potion and who better to check over the authenticity of the potion than a Potions Master?

Severus allowed himself to be dragged along; he knew either way his curiosity would have gotten the better of him and he would have asked the boy what he was brewing. This way he still got what he wanted and he didn't even have to ask. Standing in front of the brewing cauldron, Severus looked inside to see what Aless was brewing. What he saw made him gasp. There was no way an eight year old could do this! Not even most of his N.E.W.T. level students could get this right! The Veritaserum potion! He was brewing Veritaserum! His train of thought was broken when Aless spoke up.

"So Mister Snape … would you like me to call you Mister Snape or something else? Also if you are more comfortable speaking in English please tell me."

"You may call me Severus and speaking to you in Italian is just fine."

"All right, if that is what you wish." Aless replied shrugging. He honestly didn't care what language they talked in: English, Italian, German, French, Latin, Spanish … whatever. Of course Russian not so much … he was still learning that. He knew enough to get by but not enough to sit down and have a real conversation with someone.

"Anyway, Mister Severus, I was wondering if you could tell me if the potion looks all right."

"All right? All right! Trust me child when I say this, you have done something, some of my N.E.W.T. students couldn't even begin to think about doing!"

"I see … That is a good thing?"

"Yes! A very good thing! As for the potion, the only way to check if it works is by testing it out, but from what I can see it is perfectly clear, just like fresh river water."

"Great! ... So who are we supposed to try it on?"

"I suppose I can do it … We are after all supposed to be getting to know each other better."

"Really? You would do that? Thank you!" Aless said, bowing his head in gratitude. Severus though, was wondering if this was all it took to get the boy to like him. 'But then again…since he's being raised by Sera and Vincent … this is probably just one of many hundreds of masks.'

"Har-Aless, be honest with me. How good are you in potions?"

"Well … Mama said that if I keep improving like this, by the time I'm 11 I'll be able to get my Masters."

Severus' eyebrows rose, he knew the child was advanced, but not this advanced. He snorted to himself, 'and they call me a potions prodigy.' Severus shook his head; he should have known that any child of Sera's and Vincent's would be the best out there. A smirk drifted to his face; oh he couldn't wait 'til the Potters heard about this. Ha! That'll show them thinking their precious little boy (devil) was the strongest out there! Who knew if you wished hard enough things would go your way?

"Severus? Are you okay? You have this evil look on your face."

"I'm fine little one … I'm just thinking about how it'll be when you truly come out to the world … And how those disgusting Potters will take it."

"Potters? Oh! You mean the people who made me live with Muggles?"

"You know about them?"

"Of course! Mama and Papa told me two years ago."

"…I see."

"Yes, so… On to less awkward topics. You are the potions professor at … Hogwarts, am I right?"

"Yes, I am. Why? Would you be going there?"

"No! Of course not! Why would I ever go to a school that will stop me from learning all different sides of magic? Besides … if you haven't noticed: I'm a Dark Wizard. Not much a Light school can do for me."

"Very well then. Where will you be going?"

"I'm not too sure yet. I'm stuck between Durmstrang Institute and Salem Academy."

"Stuck between too very dark schools are you?"

"Yes. But oh well. The right choice will come to me in time."

Severus smirked. Oh yes. It was probably a good thing Aless didn't consider going to Hogwarts. Severus doubted anyone would be safe from his wrath of pranks … if he was anything like his mother.


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