Two Shades of Red

[GenesisxRosso. The concept could not be more inconceivable but it was not impossible.]

Disclaimer: I do not own Genesis, Rosso, or any Final Fantasy VII characters otherwise mentioned in this work of fan-fiction. They are property of Squareenix.

Note: This one-shot will contain fictional items in the list. You have been warned.

A/N: The final installment! Hope you guys have enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'm considering writing a sequel, which will feature drabbles on some of the items listed along with prompts. So when you review, feel free to give me some prompts or suggest items from the list!

*28. Beast of Blood

Hands figuratively tied, Genesis could only watch as RESTRICTOR Kefka attempted to hasten the syndrome's effects on his own daughter.

*29. Bring Me to Life

It was not until she met Genesis Rhapsodos that Rosso felt she really was breathing.

30. Three Kinds of Bitch

Genesis could classify Rosso's mood patterns in three categories: Greater bitch, Lesser bitch, and the more infrequent "Non-bitch".

31. Unstable Calm

During her period, Rosso's personality would flip a complete 180 degrees and back when you least expected it; and since he did not desire a shortened or terminated lifespan, Genesis stayed out of her way.

*32. Name II

"When your parents named you, were they secretly hoping for a girl?" Genesis closed his book, wondering what prompted his girlfriend to ask such a random question. "What would make you think my parents wanted a girl?" Rosso wondered how best to phrase this without compromising his sense of masculinity and decided to heck with it. "Well…people with that name are mainly girls."

*33. Human Sacrifice Alice

Genesis watched the video, more than a little disturbed by the song's creepy music, lyrics and the story it told, but mostly because of the red-clad woman who cut down anything in her path. She was too much like Rosso for comfort.

*34. Vampire

"It was a good movie, but the actress playing Carmilla was lacking substance." Rosso snarled, crushing the aluminum soda can in reaction to his words. "Not only was she lacking in substance Genesis, but the bitch mutilated my beautiful accent."

35. Drama Queen

"By Odin…Genesis, setting LOVELESS on fire doesn't equal the end of the world, you moron!" Rosso's tolerance for Drama Queens was noticeably lacking.

36. Truce

"This was my mother's copy. I know it will never replace Angeal's gift…" Genesis wordlessly cut her off with a passionate kiss.

37. Freedom

Genesis stopped walking and turned to Rosso, extending a hand out to her. "Come with me...The idea of leaving you in this darkness…" He did not finish, a smile gracing his lips as he felt the Tsviet seize his hand.


28: I haven't actually watched it but there is a video tribute to Rosso with Moi Dix Mois' "Beast of Blood" on Youtube.
29: I feel that the song "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence perfectly describes the dynamic of their relationship. Same applies to Red's "Breathe into Me".

31: This was inspired by a data-entry job I was doing for Mom. I had to put down names of public school students, and a lot of the girls whose name I entered were named Genesis. While it also seems like it could work for boys too, I've only seen it on girls, hence the joke.

33: "Alice Human Sacrifice" is a vocaloid song sung by Vocaloids Meiko, Kaito, Miku, and the Kagamine Twins Rin and Len. There's a story to it. Look it up on Youtube and you will see why Genesis was so freaked out by Meiko's role in the song.

34: "Carmilla", one of the first pieces of Vampire Fiction (and of those, the only one with a lesbian vampire), is set in Styria and is influenced both by Romanian and Celtic myths. Rosso's accent is Romanian so you can see why she's so pissed off at the actress.