I kept walking through the forest, scared as I have ever been. I urged myself to keep walking forward, keeping back the tears that threatened to roll down my cheeks.

It's all for Lucius, he must get better, this is the only way. It is the only thing that kept me going.

But the forest scared me, no matter how much I told myself it was going to be ok, every time I heard a snap of a branch or a crunch of a leave I was convinced it was The Ones We Do Not Speak Of.

The bottom of my yellow cloak was getting muddy, dragging across the forest floor in slow movements. I feared that hands would reach out and grab me.

I looked out into the trees, wondering if they were in them, waiting for me. Suddenly I felt my feet give way and I was falling, slipping. My throat was to dry for me to scream, and even if I did scream no one would help me, they would only come for me. And then I was flying into a pit, a huge hole dug into the earth. With all my strength I grabbed onto the edge, holding on with all my might.

I gasped, looking down below me, but I could see nothing, all I could see was darkness. I let the tears go, let them roll down my cheeks as I felt my grasp slipping. No, no I will not let go.

With a grunt I pulled myself upward, cursing myself for not having good upper body strength. I can see the edge now, see the sunlight. With a final pull I was back on the forest floor, my face so caked in dirt I could barley see. I was facing the sun and it hurt to look. Rolling over, I stood up and screamed in terror.

My yellow cloak was covered in dirt, brown mouldy dirt was spread out everywhere and the tears came down more rapidly, causing me to fall to the floor and sob. There was no more yellow, nothing left to protect me.

My sobs were cut short when I heard the snap of a branch behind me.

"Only your imagination Ivy, nothing to be frightened of," I whispered to myself. Oh, but it was, it was. How foolish had I been to enter this forest?

I turned around and faced a hunched over figure in red.

No…No….NO! I was backing away slowly; I felt my eyes go wide in terror, bile rising in my throat. I couldn't breath. This was how I was going to die, here, in this forest.

In a matter of seconds my world changed. I stumbled back over a log and fell onto my back; this is when the creature lunged for me. It was such a disturbing image, something that would be etched into my mind forever, it would haunt me in my nightmares years after, but for now all I knew was to run.

I ran, not knowing where I was going, just knowing that I had to get away and fast. I heard the rapid crunching of leaves as the creature followed me.

I ran in zig zags, trying to throw him off. Could he see? I didn't know. Finally the crunching of leaves stopped and I threw myself behind a tree, I was panting hard, my breath coming out raspy, my heart unable to stop thumping out of my chest.

That's when I felt a breath on my own neck. Trying not to scream, I turned around.

The creature was right beside me.