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This is a Emmett/Bella story. As much as I love Edward this is a Edward is the Bad guy story. It is a all human. There will be some surprising twists and turns just to forewarn you. If you want to me to update then I suggest you review.

Need to Know Info:

Edward, Alice, and Emmett are siblings.
There parents are Carlisle and Esme.
Jasper and Rosalie are siblings.

Bellas POV

That afternoon Edward hadn't given me a ride home from school. In fact that morning he had told me I should drive. I was getting worried he had been avoiding me all day. I brushed my dark brown hair out of my eyes and sighed. I decided to go see Edward. I got in my car and drove over to his house. I knocked on the door and my best friend Alice and the love of my life's sister answered.

"Hi Alice. Is Edward here?" I asked her and smiled. Then I heard a moan from upstairs. It sounded like Edward. Though me and him hadn't slept together I would recognize anything that had to with his voice. I was instantly filled with worry. I pushed past Alice.

"Bella you don't want to go up there." Alice called after me. I ignored and ran up the stairs surprisingly with out tripping. I ran to Edwards bedroom door and tried to open it but it was locked. The sounds I heard were breaking my heart. I pulled a bobby pin out of my hair and picked the lock. Something I had learned to do a long time ago because I had always accidentally locked myself out of my bedroom. I pushed the door open and almost fell to the ground in pain. There was Edward my boyfriend the love of my life having in bed naked having sex with the one person I had always hated every since I had met her Lauren Mallory. Tears sprang to my eyes they were completely unaware that I was there. The next word that left his mouth hurt me the most.

"God Lauren I love you baby. What the fuck was I thinking being with Bella when you were here all this time." He moaned out. I forced myself to stay on my feet and channeled my pain into anger. I glanced away from the two of them. Without thinking about I grabbed a CD off his dresser near the door and threw it at him hitting him squarely in the back of the head. I gasped at what I had just done. He jumped and turned and looked at me. I was now supporting myself with the door frame. I saw no pain or regret in his eyes.

"Bella..."He said quietly trying to act remorseful. If I hadn't been so weak I would have slapped him.

"Don't! Don't even say you are sorry. I can see in your eyes that your not. I was so stupid to think you actually loved me. I do love you. I am so stupid for it. I-I h-hat..." I yelled I couldn't even finish I turned and ran out of the room.

"Bella," He yelled. I ignored him. The last thing I remember was seeing Emmett walking up the steps and me dizzily running down them and then everything was black.

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