Bella's POV

Edward had graciously attempted the food I had prepared for him.

"What was your day like today?" he questioned while finishing his meal, god he was so beautiful.

"Nothing much" I shrugged "Just the usual learning about boring stuff"

He nodded "So your friend, has she been telling you more about the dance?"

I sighed "Yes and no I can tell she wants me to or i'll never her the end of it. but she knows not to ask me about it because the more time she asks the more time i'll say no to her"

"Stubborn girl" he commented smiling

"I get it from my parents" I replied still smiling. "Edward may I ask about your parents? You don't have to respond"

Edward's POV

How could I tell her my own flesh and blood hated to look at me because they looked like they were going to vomit, how could I tell her anything about my life without worrying she would run away? if only my life would have been simpler

"Well, my mother was called Elizabeth who married my father Edward sr Mansen when she was just at the age of 22, they were deeply in love with each other through out their 4 months of marriage despite my appearance now I was born a perfect child, no birth mark, no freckle, no moles and certainly no scars" Bella's face didn't move out of it's intrigued state "My father and mother were proud of me, I remember the day I had these scars, I was eight and my father liked to experiment with objects, he was working on a cure for some type of disease or something" my voice growing deep as I said the next few sentences "I looked in on my father to see if he was alright he had been avoiding me and my mother recently, having his meals in his study my mother I could tell was not pleased by this but said nothing as we were getting a good value of money into the house. As I said I checked in on my father he had put a liquid into the glass and it exploded shattering the glass on the floor, however whatever chemicals my father was using when he did the experiment ignited with the buns and burner he kept on the desk still alight in it's blue flame" I closed my eyes and choked back the tears "The fire grew and my father inhaled a lot of smoke but he fought against the fire, there was two clear objects on the table one of which being water my mother brought him earlier that day he picked one of them up and chucked it at the growing heated fire only to grow and turn in my direction, the fire had reached my face and I was paralyzed as it grew nearer to me I could hear the screams of my father telling me to move but I couldn't it was if the fire was making me a statue I looked at the flames of the fire and I t was almost as if they were smiling at me, taunting me knowing they were about to harm me" I opened my eyes and looked at a blurry Bella, her face sympathetic "The fire exploded around me, I barley had chance to come to my senses and run, I remember luckily my father telling me to roll on the floor or something. But the pain from my face, neck and the back of my shoulder was causing me to cry out in pain, my father had put something over my burns and told me to hold it there. I was crying and wishing to god to make the pain go away" Bella held my hand and I entwined our hands "When my father had managed to take me to the hospital he called my mother to tell her of the news" I shook my head feeling a tear escaping me

"Edward, it's fine you don't have to tell me" she stroked my hair and I leaned my head down so it rested on her shoulder, her scent making me relaxed so the tears stopped and my breathing eased

"I'm sorry for showing you that side of myself, the weaker, scared side"

"We all feel that Edward some time or another"

I sighed in relief; she didn't think I was an idiot for doing that in front of her

Bella's POV

What Edward had just told me made me shake nearly, he was eight years old and that happened to him, I wonder if that's why he doesn't talk about his parents, something happened. Edward's sobs were muffled by my shoulder and i could feel the tears start to sneak it's way through the material

"When i was 10" i began "My mother, Esme, had decided we should all have a nice day out in the cottage we have in Ireland, my father, Carlisle Cullen, had take the whole weeks off to spend time with us because he was working harder than ever" i closed my eyes and stroked Edward's neck and he breathed in and out, he moved so he was in the crook of my neck i felt his eyelashes move up and down with his eyes and they opened and closed. his breathing was steady now so i knew he had calmed down "Everything was set, Esme had told the school we were going away for a week and i was so excited" i dazed out and remembered that day "The sun was looking down on us, freshly cut grass entered into my scenes and everything was perfect" i said in a bitterly tone "We didn't know what would happen when we were on the motorway" my breathing picked up and Edward's arms wrapped around me i felt relaxed, tired, giddy, upset as Edward's comfort gave me feeling si have been ignoring because of the mixed emotions he stroke dup and down my back and didn't say anything "We were traveling down the motorway" i gulped "And then we heard the screeching of a car beside us as he raced forward but there must have been something on the road because the next thing we knew that car skidded it's way towards us and crashed into us making us go in the opposite way and down a hill, i heard the panic of my parents, i still remember the pain and horror of their eyes as they looked at me. it was almost as they were saying we love you and we're sorry" i sobbed and Edward leaned up to whisper in my ear

"Shhh, it's fine Bella" i hugged him tighter, bringing my hands to his back to pull him towards me, he embraced it and pulled us back onto his bed we were more comfortable like this so our backs didn't hurt

"The next day i woke up and my auntie Renee, Esme's sister, was sitting beside me crying. i knew then my parents didn't survive the crash and i could only hope they were now in a happy place together, i think of Renee and Charlie, her husband, as my second parents. these are the ones i tell you about because the memory of my biological parents only remind me of pain of what i saw last of them" i whimpered on to his chest and held on tight. Neither of us wanted to spoil this moment of both of us being quiet i heard Edward breath steady and i looked up and saw his eyes were closed and i knew he was asleep. i unraveled myself out of his grip but then i felt his hand around my wrist. i looked ta him and i saw his tired eyes look at me through his lashes

"Please...stay with me"

"Are you sure?" i questioned, wanting to stay with him too, he nodded and i smiled. i curled into him and rested my head on his chest, my head rising and falling with his breathing, this was what sent me to sleep, well, that and having his loving arms wrapped around me.

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