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One day, Arukenimon decided that she wanted some ice cream. So, she went to the ice cream shop with some of the other villains, including Mummymon.

As soon as they entered the ice cream shop, however, Mummymon instantly caught sight of a girl.

She was perfect in every way, from her long blonde hair, her shiny blue eyes, and her graceful movements to her sparkling dress and the matching high heels.

"What's wrong, bandage breath?" Arukenimon asked Mummymon, who was staring at the girl.

Mummymon didn't have to say anything in response, for his nose began bleeding. A few seconds later, he rushed over to the girl.

"Please marry me I love you so much and I want you in my life and..." Mummymon shouted. He barely understood his own words.

Arukenimon was absolutely horrified.

"Mummymon...loves someone...other than me?!" Arukenimon cried, beginning to panic. "It's the apocalypse!"

"Oh, no!" Oikawa screamed. "To the bomb shelter!"

"You heard the man!" the Kaiser yelled, running away with the others. "Move, move, move, move!"

No one noticed the cliff up ahead, so they all fell off the cliff before they had a chance to save themselves.


Biyomon suddenly woke up from her extremely odd dream. She looked at Hawkmon, who was cuddled up next to her.

"Hawkmon?" she asked out loud, causing the other bird to wake up.

"Something wrong, Biyo?" Hawkmon asked.

"I had the weirdest dream!" Biyomon announced. "Mummymon fell in love with a Mary Sue!"

"That's just ridiculous," Hawkmon stated. "Arukenimon will always be the only object of Mummymon's affection."

"Yep, that's right," Biyomon replied. "I'm going back to sleep. Oh, and Hawkmon?"


"Please don't call me B.O."

A/N: If a character causes Mummymon to instantly prefer them over Arukenimon, then they must be a Mary Sue.