Title: Love from the House of the Golden Flower

Rating: M

Warnings: Sexual situations.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. They belong to J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien, respectively.

Summary: HP/LoTR Crossover. Slash. Glorfindel/Harry. Glorfindel of Gondolin, Lord of the House of the Golden Flower, has fallen in love with the youngest child of Lord Elrond of Rivendell. Harry is completely oblivious.

Author's Note: Elrond and Celebrian had three children in canon LoTR. Elrohir and Elladan were born T.A. 130; Arwen was born T.A. 241. Harry is their youngest child in this, born T.A. 550. This means he is 55 years old. Keep in mind that Glorfindel is thousands of years old, though he died in the First Age and was reincarnated in Valinor. He returned to Middle Earth around Second Age 1600.

Elvish life cycle: Elves may hit puberty anywhere from 50 to 100 years old, though they gain their full height at 50.


Chapter 1: Target Practice

Rivendell, T.A. 605

Harry strung his bow quickly, then let the arrow fly.

It hit a little left of the bulls-eye.

The green-eyed Elf frowned and reached back to pluck another arrow from his quiver.

"You are improving," a musical voice called from behind him.

Harry jumped.

"Glorfindel!" the smaller Elf reprimanded. "You scared me."

"I am sorry for startling you, but you should be more aware of your surroundings," the golden-haired elf-lord replied.

Harry pouted adorably, knowing that Glorfindel was right.

Glorfindel averted his grey eyes from those full lips, refusing to torture himself with thoughts of what he could not have.

"Will you help me?" Harry asked. "I keep hitting left of where I aim."

The older Elf nodded.

"Show me," he requested.

Harry smiled brightly, glad to spend some time with his friend. Glorfindel had not be around much of late. Though the green-eyed Elfling knew the elf-lord was always very busy, reassuring himself of that did not make the hurt or loneliness go away.

So he turned to face the target once again, stringing the bow quickly.

"Your right arm is too tense," Glorfindel commented. "Relax a bit. The bow is not going anywhere."

Harry tried to follow instructions, finding it hard to relax with grey eyes gazing upon him so intently.

Glorfindel was so perfect at everything, it was hard for Harry to train in his presence.

"Harry," Glorfindel sighed as the lithe form only grew tenser.

"I am sorry," the Elf whispered. "I…you are watching me."

"And others will be watching you in battle," the blonde pointed out. "You need to keep a clear mind."

Harry's face fell.

"I am not too good at that," he admitted. "If I know someone is looking, it makes me nervous."

"Let me try something?" Glorfindel requested.

Harry nodded, willing to try anything to get over his nervousness. He wished to help defend Rivendell alongside his older brothers. Elladan and Elrohir were so brave and strong, it was impossible not to look up to them.

But he wanted to start help protecting, rather than be protected all the time.

Glorfindel stepped behind him and wrapped his arms around Harry's slim waist. The Elfling immediately relaxed into the warm embrace.

"Mm, not that I am complaining, but how are hugs going to help?" Harry asked curiously.

"You are relaxed now, are you not?" Glorfindel murmured softly in silky black hair, discreetly inhaling the sweet scent.

"But if you are in battle with me, you will be too busy making sure I am not fighting to hug me," the Elfling teased, all to aware of the elf-lord's overprotectiveness where he is concerned.

Glorfindel huffed in response, just holding that slim waist tighter.

"Aim and fire," he instructed softly.

Harry straightened, and did as his friend bid.

The arrow struck true.

The Elfling bounced up and down on his heels in excitement, innocently rubbing against Glorfindel.

The blonde quickly stepped back, and Harry turned to throw his arms around the broad chest.

"You always help me," he murmured softly. "Thank you! I have been practicing all morning, and that was the first time I hit the bulls-eye."

Glorfindel reached up a hand to lightly stroke through that silky hair, while his other rested gently upon that slim back.

"Now you just have to practice some more until you always shoot with the same accuracy," the blonde stated.

Harry groaned, nuzzling his face into the hard chest.

"I shall never be as good as you," he told his friend confidently. "Not if I practice every day for a thousand years."

"I am more than a thousand years older than you," Glorfindel pointed out, inwardly cursing that fact.

Big green eyes gazed up at him innocently.

"Not in three thousand years, then," Harry persisted.

Glorfindel just smiled fondly at the Elfing.

"You have much time yet, my petite," the blonde stated.

Harry just pouted.

"They do not wish for me to fight," he confided. "Ada and naneth, I mean. And Elladan and Elrohir. Even Arwen. They treat me like a baby."

"You are very young," Glorfindel said.

He constantly reminded himself of that fact; why not remind Harry as well?

"I am fully grown," Harry contradicted.

"In height only," the blonde stated. "You still have quite a bit of growing up to do otherwise, my petite."

That full lower lip stuck out in an innocently delicious pout.

"I am not that little," the green-eyed sprite sulked.

Glorfindel resisted the urge to capture that lip between his own.

"Your family does not agree with you," the Lord of the House of the Golden Flower pointed out.

Harry sighed, releasing Glorfindel from his friendly embrace.

The taller Elf missed his warmth immediately.

"Well, then I better practice to become a better warrior so they begin to see just how grown up I really am," Harry said determinedly, letting another arrow fly.

It went a smidge left of the bulls-eye.

Harry pouted.

Glorfindel laughed, leaving his little Elfling to his practice.


Author's Note: All right, so instead of making this a really long oneshot, it will have a couple chapters of about 1,000 words each, I think. Let me know what you think about my innocent Harry and guiltily attracted Glorfindel…