Title: Love from the House of the Golden Flower

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. They belong to J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien, respectively.


Chapter 8: Time Jump

Fifteen years later… (T.A. 620)

"Mmm…Glorfindel…" Harry moaned, waking with a start to sticky sheets. His face flushed red in embarrassment – that was the third time in so many days that he had dreamed of the powerful elf-lord.

"Harry!" Elladan and Elrohir shouted, barging into his room. "Time to welcome the new day! We are having an archery competition today – and Prince Legolas of Mirkwood is coming to visit. You wouldn't want to miss all the excitement, would you?

Harry scrambled in his bed sheets, trying to hide the evidence of his dream. It was too early to deal with his brothers – they always took to finishing each other's sentences and trying to confuse him.

"Go away! I need to bathe, and then I'll help greet the prince," Harry grumbled, pulling the blanket up to his chin. If his brothers saw his nightclothes…

Elladan and Elrohir looked at his suspiciously, then sighed.

"Just do us a favor and don't greet him too enthusiastically, all right?" Elladan told him. "We don't want Glorfindel to start a war by ripping the prince's head off or anything."

Harry flushed darkly, wishing he could sink into the floor to escape his brothers.

"I will be polite, and nothing more," he promised. "Now get out!"

The twins laughed as they left his room, muttering all the while about how Harry had Glorfindel by "the short and curlies" – whatever that meant.

Harry huffed, getting up from bed and glaring down at his sticky clothes. He hated having to leave his nightclothes out for the servants to wash – surely they laughed among themselves at the evidence of his dreams?

But best not to think of it, he supposed. He quickly stripped and stepped into his personal bath chambers. He needed to be clean and presentable – Harry knew he had a long day of diplomacy ahead of him…And he wanted to compete in the archery competition, though he knew he really didn't have a chance.

Not if Glorfindel competed…


A few hours later…

Harry practically flew, he was running so fast. He was late. By the Valar, was he late. Ada was going to be so upset with him…How could he fall asleep in the bath? That was so irresponsible of him…

"Oomph," Harry groaned as he ran around the corner – and headfirst into a brick wall.

A brick wall that had arms, apparently – as they quickly wrapped around him and prevented him from falling onto his behind.

"Good morning, Harry," Glorfindel greeted fondly. "Lord Elrond just sent me to fetch you. We were starting to worry that you fell asleep in the bath and drowned."

Harry blushed brightly at the gentle teasing, hiding his face in Glorfindel's strong shoulder. He hated it when he acted like a baby around the blonde – he wanted Glorfindel to see him as an adult.

"So you did fall asleep in the bath?" Glorfindel prompted, reading Harry's body language and embarrassment.

Harry nodded reluctantly, unable to lie.

"Do we have to tell ada?" he whined lightly, pouting up at the elf-lord and batting his eyelashes.

Glorfindel crumpled at that look – he never could resist Harry.

"Of course not, my lovely. He will be very busy today – I'm sure this will slip his mind," Glorfindel assured him, knowing a lie or two would be worth it, just to feel Harry's body pressed against him and those thin arms around his waist.

"You are the very best," Harry replied, hugging Glorfindel tighter before stepping back and grabbing his hand – they really needed to join the rest of the elves by the archery range.


"Harry, if you took any longer we were going to come after you. After all, as your elder brothers it is our job to make sure Glorfindel does not pull you into any dark corners. Well, at least until you are married," Elladan whispered with a smirk as Glorfindel and Harry entered the clearing where the archery competition was to be held.

Harry flushed dark red, shooting a glance towards his parents to make sure they did not hear his brother's filthy whisper. Why, oh why did he have to be the youngest?

"I highly recommend that you cease calling the prince's virtue into question," Glorfindel retorted levelly, coldly glaring at his love's twin brothers.

Elladan and Elrohir cowered a bit under the elf-lord's gaze, looking desperately around them for an excuse to escape. Their eyes latched onto Arwen…

"Oh, I think our dearest sister would welcome our company, brother," Elrohir suggested, grabbing Elladan by the arm and pulling him away from Glorfindel and Harry.

Harry could not help but giggle at his brothers' retreat. Sometimes it was amazing, having a legendary warrior at his side. Or well, in front of him, most of the time. But Harry was determined that one day he would be strong enough to stand strong at Glorfindel's side, rather than behind him.

"Thank you," Harry whispered, reaching forward to give Glorfindel another quick hug around his waist.

"Think nothing of it, my love," Glorfindel responded, running a hand through the silky black hair beneath his nose.

"And who is this pretty little thing, Lord Glorfindel?" a velvety voice asked from behind Harry.

"Prince Legolas," Glorfindel greeted, and Harry could feel every muscle in his body tense. "Let me introduce you to Prince Hadrian, the youngest child of Lord Elrond."

"Harry, please," the younger elf requested, rolling his eyes as Glorfindel as he turned to face the prince from Mirkwood.

"I see the rumors of your beauty have not been exaggerated," Prince Legolas purred with a smirk, bowing his head in a sign of greeting.

"I know nothing of such rumors," Harry responded, quelling the urge to roll his eyes once again as he also bowed.

"You will have to take my word for it then, my prince," Legolas assured him. Harry thought he heard Glorfindel growl behind him.

"Are you prepared for the competition, Prince Legolas?" Glorfindel questioned, stepping forward to be even with Harry.

"Of course," the blonde prince responded with a smirk. "And I shall not bother to ask you the same, for I know that you are. I hold very little confidence in winning, with the legendary Glorfindel of Gondolin as my fellow competitor."

Glorfindel stared back at him, grey eyes cold.

"I am not competing," he informed him evenly.

Harry turned, disbelieving.

"What? But Glorfindel – you will win for sure! How can you not compete?" he questioned, reaching forward to tug on Glorfindel's arm for emphasis.

Glorfindel looked down at the smaller elf, features softening.

"And that is exactly why I am not competing. I have much more experience than the other competitors, and as such I have decided to give the next generation a chance. Besides, perhaps I would not win, with you as my competition," Glorfindel whispered the last bit in Harry's ear, causing the raven-haired elf to blush.

"Glorfindel…if you are not competing because of me…" he trailed off, unsure what to say.

"Just win, my love, and we can have a competition between the two of us later. But for once, I shall simply be a spectator," Glorfindel informed him, before turning to the foreign prince.

"I trust that you will not be disappointed in my decision not to compete?" the elder blonde more stated than questioned.

Prince Legolas of Mirkwood stared him in the eye, grey boring into grey, before darting a quick glance to the small elf at Lord Glorfindel's side.

"Of course not, Lord Glorfindel. I only hope that our skills do not disappoint," the younger blonde responded, bowing once more before moving on to speak with the next group of elves – which just happened to include Harry's siblings.

"Well…he was…pleasant," Harry stated hesitantly, unsure as to why Glorfindel was still standing so stiffly.

"He was devouring you with his eyes," Glorfindel responded tersely.

Harry just blinked, not quite sure how to handle a jealous elf lord.

"I do not believe…even if he was…" Harry just sighed, exasperated with his inability to get his point across. "Just…do not worry about it. I trust myself only to you."

Glorfindel's stiff posture relaxed, and he bent down to press a chaste kiss to Harry's forehead.

"And I trust you, my love. It is everyone else that I worry about," the elder assured him.

Harry just giggled, shaking his head and reaching forward to embrace Glorfindel once more.

"As I said, you have no reason to worry. I would not touch another of my own will – and no other would touch me against my will, not with you as my protector," Harry informed him, linking their fingers together and pulling Glorfindel towards Erestor and some other advisors.

Glorfindel just marveled at Harry's confidence in him, allowing himself to be tugged along. He silently swore to himself that he would never do anything to break such trust…


Author's Note: All right, time jump!