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"Miss Trinity?"

"Mademoiselle Trinity?"

Two different voices reached her ears. After a few moments, the female voice spoke again, "What could have made her faint? Never had she done such a thing when we were back in the old house."

"I fear I haven't the foggiest." The male spoke, both of them having an accent. "I opened the door and she was on the ground, unconscious." The hint of nervousness was hardly noticed.

Trinity's eyes slowly opened to spot the sources: Antoinette and Alfred.

"Mademoiselle! How are you feeling?" The French maid all but jumped to ask, looking worried. Judging from the light sneaking into the room, it was just before dawn. "Can I get you anything?"

Licking her lips with a dry tongue, Trinity managed to croak, "Water." The maid nodded and ran out. Her eyes landed on Alfred as soon as the door was shut. Clearing her throat a couple of times, she found herself lost.

Alfred looked slightly out of place; he looked nervous and almost ashamed. "Where is Bruce?" Trinity asked, and then paused. "Batman…Bruce is the Batman." The statement came out as a shock.

"He is out." Alfred answered. He then sighed. "Miss Trinity, I am begging you, please do not tell Annie or anyone else about this. I was trying to convince him, you realize as you listened, to trust you with the secret…please prove me right on this." Although she hadn't been living with him for so long, she suspected this was the first time in his life that he was begging.

Licking her lips once more, for it was hard to talk, she whispered, "I won't. I won't tell her…I'm still so…shocked."

"I know. It will take a while to adjust. At the moment, he is trying to do damage control for Wayne Industries…he is not Batman, for now." There was a hint of humor in Alfred's tone though he remained grave.

Before the young lady could reply, the maid ran back in with a cold glass of water. "Here. Are you okay?"

After taking a long sip, she nodded and was about to speak…when a noise caught her attention. It was the knocking on a door. "I will get that." Annie spoke before Alfred could, running off. "Make sure she is okay, Alfie!"

"…Alfie?" Trinity's eyes lit up a bit as she slowly stood from her bed, wincing. Her body was sore…of course it didn't help that she was feeling light-headed. "When did that come into play?" Although she was still in shock of the secret she discovered, she was still amused. Still in her nightgown, a simple lace dark blue gown.

"Uh…here, let me help you." To dodge the question, he grabbed her arm gently and helped her out of the room and into the hallway. She was about to laugh at him, to poke fun at him despite feeling a bit out of it still…but a shrill scream from Annie interrupted her.

Instantly both Alfred and Trinity, despite being tired, ran down the stairs. "Annie? What's wrong?"

"Annie!" Alfred exclaimed, his steps faltering as soon as he looked to see what had happened. Trinity did the same a moment after, looking up from the stairs. Both of them felt their hearts skip a beat: the Riddler stood there with Antoinette being held by his henchmen.

A new wave of dizziness and shock, fear even, washed over Trinity; the Riddler stood inside her new home, inside Wayne Manor. And Batman was nowhere near…nor was Bruce, as if there were a difference.

Since they were struck dumb, it took both the butler and the ward a moment to realize they were in the grasp of the henchmen. Trinity felt a shiver of fear travel down her spine…it felt like déjà vu. "Ah, so I see the magnificent Bruce Wayne is not home." There was a hint of arrogance and sarcasm in the Riddler's tone. It made Trinity's heart skip, almost as if she were going to faint again.

Without hesitation, there was a reply. "What do you want?" Alfred demanded, making his presence known.

Perhaps suspecting what had truly happened, Annie was twice as protective of Trinity. "Get out, you are not welcome! I will claw your eyes out, leave!"

The long haired man looked over at Annie and raised his brows. As he let his eyes roam her body, his grin grew slowly. "So the millionaire playboy has a French maid…where's the flattering standard uniform, hm?"

"Release her this instance!" The butler dutifully came to her rescue before the villain could even walk closer. "Now!"

As Edward turned to scowl, he paused and looked at the young female in a blue silk nightie next to the old man. He studied her for a brief few seconds before a new light spread throughout his eyes: recognition. "Trinity…Hariton." The man's slurred voice left as a whisper, his smile almost gentle. "My, my…I heard Wayne had a new girl but I never expected you to be her!" His eyes raked up and down her body slower than previous. The past few weeks had been hell for him; this young lady had plagued him in his sleep, had teased him in his daydreams. And now there she was…a repeat of the past. "He seems to be taking good care of you. Perhaps too good; you look a little chubby."

Trinity's face lit up in humiliation as she glared hatefully. Something in Alfred's look at the last word made her flash back to the conversation she had listened in on. Perhaps she was "chubby" because…

"I came here for money but seeing as I found a treasure…" the man twirled his cane, making the young woman shiver, "…boys, take her to her room and lock her in there. I'll be there shortly." As she fought against the henchmen, she was carried up the stairs.

Though she tried to resist, she let out squeals of frustration and rage. They responded by merely smirking, clearly imagining what was going to happen to her in their minds, and picked her up by her arms so her feet did not touch the ground.

The journey there felt like they were walking a long road. She wondered what was going on downstairs. Was Alfred okay? What about Annie, would she fall victim to Riddler's savage lust just because of her looks?

As soon as she was thrown into her room, which she had left merely minutes ago, the girl looked wildly for something to use as a weapon. The two brutes had thrown her inside and closed the door, staying out to guard it. There was no way she would be able to jump out the window since it was too high…and to reach the vents would be too dangerous; if she stacked things up and the green-suited man walked in…oh she shuddered. Such pain!

There was a muffled voice at the door – how much time had passed, how much time had she spent thinking of how to escape, how to survive? Not knowing, she blindly grabbed a small bust, a small statute of a head (she couldn't recall the person it was of), and ran into her bathroom. There she hid behind the door, her body trembling as soon as the bedroom door opened slowly.

There was a second of silence where she had foolishly hoped it was Bruce or Alfred or Annie…or Batman – yet why would Batman use a door? Her grip on the bust loosened just for a second until she heard a voice. "Tsk, tsk, Trinity…playing childish games? Alright, I can play them and win." It was the Riddler…shockingly enough.

"What is fun for the perpetrator,

Cruel to the victim,

And shouted in large groups?"

She could hear his cane moving through the air swiftly followed by fabric swishing around as well: he had moved the curtains. Then there was silence once more, the kind that made her skin slick with sweat. The small statue shook as did her hands. Where was he?

Her question was answered almost instantly for the softest of shuffles echoed…he just stepped into the bathroom, and the clink of his cane on tile confirmed it. At that moment the answer to the riddle as well snapped into her mind. Braveness, or perhaps stupidity, took over and forced her to slip out from behind the door. Above her head was the bust of Mozart (she suddenly recalled the name at that moment) which flew down towards Edward's head as she screamed the ironically timed answer to the riddle. "Surprise!"

And although the Riddler did indeed look surprised, he recovered just as swiftly. Up his cane went to meet the statue, throwing it and its holder off to the side. Trinity stumbled and barely caught herself on the wall, looking over to see the cane coming down on her now. With a gasp, she pushed herself away and nearly fell over again.

"You shouldn't have done that, girl!" He growled as he swung again, watching her dodge it and attempt to run to the window. Though he was sure she wouldn't jump, he wasn't sure that she might have some sort of secret plan to escape. Tackling her onto the bed, he dropped his cane off to the side on the large bed and wrestled with her arms. Soon she found them pinned above her head and something hard against her thigh. "This was much easier when you were drugged!"

She stopped her movement, staring at him. Drugged? Perhaps that was why she hadn't resisted…why she liked it…no, that wasn't all of the cause. Or was it?

"Wait!" She demanded suddenly, feeling panic flutter in her body. "You can't! I'm…I'm…"