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Tomato Cake

Chapter II

The Second Attempt

Princess Aya of Fayel, hands are wrists covered in thick hot mitts, reached into the oven and pulled the second cake out. A cloud of hot air blew across the room as Capell closed it in her wake and she placed it on the cooling rack.

This second cake was now seed and skin free; however, just like its inedible predecessor, was bright red in color. The sight was anything but inviting, but she had to keep reminding herself the variations in the recipe should have been enough to have her going in the right direction…

The smell it produced wasn't exactly pleasant, either. The somewhat sickening smell of baked tomatoes filled the room. The first attempt was in the trash, and taken out by the castle's servants, since neither of them could tolerate smelling its remains.

Nevertheless, she wouldn't be deterred; her time limit was growing ever closer.

After letting it cool and transferring it to a plate, she cut both herself and Capell small pieces. She placed them down on the two smaller plates she'd made him go into the other kitchen to find, staring at disorienting red color.

She inspected them carefully - a habit, as the creator of Hell's Egg Sandwich, she almost never practiced - to ensure there were no blatant defects before turning toward the table and placing the two small plates on either side of the table.

She took her seat opposite Capell, poking at the piece with her fork darkly.


"So you're going to brave a piece of hell too?" Capell asked dryly, also poking at it with his fork. He was far less careful though, for he was merely breaking the bottom up into little pieces that littered the plate.

Aya glared at him less than subtly, recognizing it as a tactic to spread the piece out and make it look smaller. "It should be sweeter this time, I added more sugar."

"Yeah, but it's red. Like the fires of hell."

"Eat the darn cake," Aya said impatiently.

"Why don't you try some first?" Capell suggested innocently. "You're its creator, after all."

"Let's not get into this again, I need to start the next cake. It's already eleven in the morning and I have a lot more to do once I get a solid recipe. Besides, do I have to remind you who helped make this one?" she accused, now pointing her fork at him.

He eyed the suddenly sharp looking points and promptly cut off a small chunk of the cake. He tried it, although a little less reluctantly than last time, but grimaced immediately. It was still simplyterrible. He chewed on the piece, feeling ill as the overly, unnaturally sweet cake turned to sugary sludge. The granulated sugar hadn't cooked properly; it still bore the same consistency it did when coming out of the original bag.

"Aya, how much sugar did you put in here?" he questioned, trying to force himself to swallow it.

"I double the amount of granulated sugar," she replied reluctantly, looking at her piece with a bit of fear in her expression.

He held this breath (and his nose, for reasons unknown to any halfway sane person observing) and forced himself to eat it instead of spitting it out. Aya watched, looking as though she expected him to become sick instantly.

To her relief, he only gagged.

"Are you sure you just doubled it?" Capell questioned suspiciously, catching his breath after the coughing fit. and pushing the plate far away.

Aya stared at him and didn't reply for a moment before admitting the truth. "I suppose it was closer to quadrupling it. But I didn't think it'd matter because tomatoes are so acidic."

"Well, it would be sweet enough, but it's…grainy…"

Aya blinked. "It's grainy?"

"There's so much granulated sugar in it the cake scrunches between your teeth."

Aya took a small bite of her piece and also grimaced. She winced and coughed, struggling to swallow the second failure. She contemplated spitting it out into a napkin, but as no such amenity was within reach, she was forced to swallow. "Eww. That's disgusting."

"You said it, not me," Capell said, smirking slightly.

"I guess I should have used powered sugar," she said dejectedly, "That would have mixed in and cooked better… Why don't you go to the store and get me a bag?"

"Sure," Capell said, sitting up quickly, almost happy to have a reason not to eat anymore of the cake. Even going out in the blazing heat of the height of the day was better than braving another piece of tomato cake. "Do we have enough Fol or do we need to get more from Eugene?"

"We'll have enough for the sugar, but not more tomatoes if the next cake doesn't work out," Aya explained, pulling a few gold coins out of the pocket of her jacket. "Get a twenty-pound bag," she added as she handed him the coins.

"Right," Capell acknowledged tiredly. Pack mule duty was a tiring one; he didn't want to think of the backaches he'd get in his hold age all in the name of 'helping' Aya…

"And don't take too long!" Aya called as he closed the kitchen door behind him.

Capell trudged down the hall then up a short stair case before reaching the ground floor. The kitchens and surrounding areas where only the employees walked weren't decorated elegantly or carpeted like the normal floors.

But once he was back into the main area of the small castle, plush red carpets covered the runways and large paintings decorated the walls. They were all of old deceased people he wasn't interested in enough to so much as glance at the plaques beneath their portraits. Halfway down the hall, a door suddenly opened and Michelle emerged, arms crossed and expression displeased.

"Capell!" she exclaimed irritably, voice echoing down the cavernous hallway.

"Uh, morning Michelle," he replied, inwardly thinking he had to be careful what he said. If Michelle got wind of their plan the entire Force and the town would know within a matter of minutes.

Her look become even less entertained, were it possible, and she grabbed his wrist and promptly dragged him into the conference room she'd emerged from. To his relief - if it could be called such - it was void of life and decorated lavishly, just like the halls outside. The tables, couches, and chairs were all made with high quality carved wood and adorned with plush cushions.

Though he'd long ago stopped staring at all the money wasted in garnishing the various castles they'd visited since he (reluctantly) joined the Liberation Force, though he couldn't help but feel out of place around the incredibly expensive furnishings.

However, it was Michelle that he had to worry about at that moment. His mind wondered, inwardly thinking of all the things she might say, request, or ask. A rather large variety of possibilities came to mind, but her actual statement caught him completely off guard.

It was the last thing he was expecting. "It's nearly afternoon! You and Aya have been missing all day, and every time you show up, you look sweaty and exhausted! What are you two up to?!"

Capell blinked once in shock. Then twice in embarrassment.

"Ah," he stammered, hoping to Veros that Aya was still in the kitchen and hadn't heard anything. "We were just- I mean, I was just…" he trailed off, wary of the speculative expression that Michelle was now wearing.

"Yes, Capell, do tell," she said sweetly. "Hey, wait, that rhymed," she muttered to herself, oddly distracted.

He edged towards the door, hoping to take advantage of her temporary slip of mind, but Michelle moved to firmly stand in front of him, blocking his escape. She tapped her foot and looked at him suspiciously.

"You're not going anywhere until you tell me what's going on between you and Aya," she ordered, staring at him piercingly. "Hey, wait- Capell, are you blushing?" She examined his face with a mixture of glee and horror. "Wow, Capell, you're red as a tomato!"

You have no idea, he thought wryly, frantically trying to think of a plan to get away before Michelle said something that he really did not need to hear. His attempt was in vain as her imagination continued to fall deeper and deeper into the gutter, quickly reaching the sewer.

"Oh, Veros… Capell!" Michelle gasped. "You weren't… you and Aya…" she trailed off, then gave a squeal that caused Capell to flinch away from her. "Capell! I didn't know you had it in you!"

He squeezed his eyes shut, uncomfortably aware of what Michelle was implying. "Michelle, it's not what you think! We're just baking a cake!" As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he knew he had said the wrong thing.

Michelle's smirk grew wider. "That's what she said…" she drawled suggestively. "I've heard you use that 'out of the oven' expression several times now…"

He groaned in response. How am I going to get out of this…?!

"Michelle, if you don't leave me alone, and never repeat any of this to anybody else, especially Aya, I will never date you. Ever."

Her horrified face was all the answer he needed. He smirked at her, then hurriedly darted away before she could realize the prime blackmail material he had just given her.

Capell trudged past the guards and though the large double doors that lead to the entrance of the castle. I wasn't entirely sure at first…but now I really can see why Eugene left her behind. It was the height of the day and quite hot out; though the castle was a lot cooler, he was sure the temperature in the kitchen would be just as bad as it was outside. She's completely insane!


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