The Witch and the King

A Card Captor Sakura/Yu-Gi-Oh crossover

Episode 1: Dangerous Games.

By Razor Knight

Last update: April 17, 2009

She didn't know where she was, or how she had ended there, but she could see cards floating around her, circling her. Some of those cards were familiar to her, but others weren't. Some were her own cards, while the rest were... Different. She was in the dark, but not an enclosed darkness. A tall building rose in front of her, and as she looked up, she saw a man standing on top of it. She could see his figure, but not his face, as the full moon was right behind him.

"You've got something I want, Kinomoto, and I will soon have it."

"Wait, who are you?"

The man vanished without answering, and she was left standing there, wondering what he had meant, and who he was.

She sat on her bed and looked around. A dream, and just like when she was younger, she could guess it was a premonition. "Kero, are you awake?"

Kero floated up from the drawer he had been using as a bed for years now. "Sakura, you're up earlier than usual. What's wrong?"

"I had a strange dream."

"Been a while," Kero said, turning around as Sakura started changing. "What was it about?"

"There was a tall building, and I had cards floating around me... Some of them were my cards, but there were others I didn't recognize. And there was also a man there, he said I had something he wanted, and that he would have it soon."

"Sounds like a new enemy is coming," Kero admitted.

Sakura was, by now, done dressing up for school. "Whatever that man wants, I'm not going to let him have it."

Kero smiled at that. Sakura had grown stronger in the last few years, much stronger than when she faced Eriol, or even the Void card. And she had grown a lot too, physically. Not surprising, since she was sixteen now. "I'll go check what's for breakfast."

"Go right ahead," Sakura said with a smile. She picked her cards and smiled. She had a guess on what that man could want, and if that was the case, then she would make sure nothing happened to any of her friends.

As she walked into the kitchen, she could see Touya and Kero were glaring at each other. "Okay, what's wrong this time?"

"Your stuffed toy tried to eat off my share again," Touya noted.


"That's not true," Kero said, trying to look as innocent as he could.

Fujitaka smiled at the scene as he brought two more dishes to the table. "Here's your share, Kerberos. Good morning, Sakura."

Sakura smiled at her father. "Good morning."

It had been only a matter of time before her father found out about her secret, and he had found out a few years ago, when she had to save him from some strange monsters. He hadn't been too shocked to find out what his daughter could do, maybe because, Sakura guessed, he had known something was up all along.

Her thoughts returned to her dream. What worried her wasn't that man's words, but those cards, the cards she had seen circling her. She couldn't remember how any of them looked, only that they weren't her cards. And yet, there was something strangely familiar about them.

"Hey, isn't the brat coming to pick you up?"

Sakura gave Touya a glare. "I've told you not to call Syaoran that. "

"Old habits," Touya countered, then noticed Kero smiling at that. "Anyway, I'm off to work."

Sakura watched her brother leave and frowned. What was this, the hundredth job she'd seen him take? She had heard about that store at school, apparently some of the games sold there were quite popular nowadays. Specially something called duel monsters or something like that.

The doorbell took her out of her line of thought. She had already finished eating her breakfast, so she stood up and opened the door. "Hi Syaoran."

"Hi." Syaoran smiled at her, then nodded at Fujitaka as he walked in. "Good morning, Mr. Kinomoto."

"Morning. Are you leaving for school already?"

"Yes," Sakura said, "we'll be going now."

"Take care out there," Fujitaka said, keeping his smile as Sakura and Syaoran walked out of the house. He then looked at Kero and turned serious. "Something's upsetting her."

It wasn't a question, and Kero knew it. "Yes, she had a dream about a new enemy last night."

"Shouldn't you be keeping an eye on her, then, Kerberos?"

Kero shook his head at that. "She's grown strong. I trust she'll be able to take care of herself." That sounded nice, yes, but Kero had a strange feeling, as if the new enemy was closer than they thought.

"Good morning, Sakura. And you too, Syaoran."

Sakura smiled. "Hi Tomoyo." She looked at the classroom and frowned. "What's going on?"

"Yamazaki's having a duel," Tomoyo said.

"Duel?" Sakura looked at Yamazaki, who was playing cards with some other classmate. "Oh, that game."

"I activate Premature Burial, bringing my Red Eyes Skull Dragon back, then attack your Gaia."

The other boy sighed. "You win again, Yamazaki."

"He seems to be rather good at that game," Tomoyo commented.

"This isn't just a game," Yamazaki said, turning to them with his patented 'I'm going to tell you something that probably isn't true' pose. "See, they used this game in ancient Egypt to decide the outcome of wars. Only they didn't use cards, but large stone tablets where real monsters were kept, and also..."

"That's enough, Yamazaki," Chiharu said as she covered the guy's mouth with her hands. "I thought you were out of that phase."

"I heard that story elsewhere," the boy Yamazaki had just defeated noted.

"Oh please. Monsters coming out of cards? Who would believe such a dumb story?" Chiharu said.

Sakura, Syaoran and Tomoyo looked at each other, and they knew they were all thinking the same. Maybe there was, for a change, some true in Yamazaki's story?

"Anyhow, put those cards away, the teacher's going to be here any minute now."

Syaoran looked around. "You can feel it, can't you?"

Sakura nodded. "There's magic, and nearby. Maybe it's got to do with my dream."

She had told him about her dream on their way to school, and Syaoran knew that it meant trouble for them. But he was ready to protect her against whatever danger she would face.

Hours later, the three were walking back home. Sakura and Tomoyo were chatting as they walked, but Sakura's mind was only half into their conversation. She could feel someone was following them, and whoever it was, wasn't apprently leaving on its own.

Tomoyo was surprised to see Sakura stop suddenly, but then noticed the look she was giving Syaoran. "Oh my... There's trouble, right?"

Sakura turned around and looked straight to a tree. "Show yourself, I know you're there. I can feel your magic."

A woman walked out from behind the tree, smiling. "I see it's true, you're quite good, Kinomoto."

"Who are you?"

"Name's Seraph, and I'm here to invite you to our group."

"Your group," Sakura repeated, "I'm not joining it."

"Then let me challenge you," Seraph said, "let's fight, and if you win, then I'll leave you alone. If you lose, you'll join us."

"I don't like those terms," Sakura said.

"Well, here's the thing... If you don't accept my challenge, then I will have to hurt someone you care about. So, do you accept?"

Sakura sighed and looked at Tomoyo before turning to the woman. "I suppose I will have to defeat you, then."

"Sakura..." Tomoyo was worried, she didn't want her friend to be hurt because of her, but what could she do to stop this? Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do.

"Good," Seraph said and reached out, a handful of cards appearing in her hand. "Let the battle begin."

"Cards?" Tomoyo asked.

"They look like those duel cards," Syaoran noted. "But these ones have magic in them. Be careful, Sakura."

Sakura nodded. The magic they had felt wasn't from the woman herself, since this Seraph person was weaker than she had been when she started collecting the Clow cards. The cards, however, had powerful magic.

Suddenly, several lines of light appeared between them. The ground was turned in a sort of field, with twenty small, identical rectangles. "A duel monster field?" Tomoyo pondered as she recognized the field.

"What, you mean it's that game?" Sakura asked. "But I have none of those cards!"

'We will fight for you, Sakura.'

She smiled and reached out her hand, her Sakura cards appearing in it. "I understand."

"Anytime you're ready," Seraph noted.

"You go first," Sakura said, "since I don't really know the rules. "

The woman drew five cards out of her deck, then a sixth one, and smiled. Yes, she could use this strategy to defeat the newbie easily. "Right, so I'll put a face-down card and a face-down monster on the field, and end my turn."

Sakura smiled. She had seen people playing that game, but she hadn't paid much attention to it. She regretted that now, since she would have to learn how to play by watching this woman's movements. As the woman had played her cards, magical copies of them had appeared on the field, face down.

"I see, so I can put a monster like that, and you won't know what it is until you attack it."

Seraph nodded. "Easy to play, huh? But there's another reason for me not to place that monster in attack position, and it's because whoever goes first can't attack on their first turn. But enough Duel 101, let's see what you've got."

Sakura looked at her hand. Mist, Bubble, Fire, Wood and Mirror. She listened to the cards and nodded, already realizing they were quite a good hand to have. Well, 'listening' was just a figure of speech, but the cards told her all she needed to know right now. She drew another card. Arrow. If she played these cards right, then she could have a chance to win the fight.

But there was something she didn't know yet. "How do we decide the winner?"

Seraph smiled. "We fight until one of us runs out of cards, or our life points reach zero."

"Hoe? Life points?" Sakura was confused, but then saw something besides her. "Four thousands..." She looked at her cards. She could see some numbers over their name now, which she knew were the value of their attack and defense. "So, we attack each other until one of us has zero points. I get it."

"Good, so what are you going to do?"

"I'll set this card," Sakura said, and picked up Mirror. As she did, her card turned into a far larger version of itself, and moved to the first square to her left. "And since I won't be able to attack unless I get that monster out of the way, I'll summon Bubbles in attack position and attack your face-down monster."

Seraph smiled as Bubbles attacked and her Mystic Elf was flipped. "Too bad, your card only has one point four thousand attack, but my Mystic Elf has two thousand defense points. You get six hundred points of damage for your gamble."

Sakura winced as she felt a sharp pain run through her body. "What... Damn, that hurt."

"Yes, unlike the childish games played by others, our duels have a risk. As you take damage to your life points, you'll take damage yourself. It's a way our leader has to motivate us to improve our skills."

"Wait, if her points go down to zero..." Syaoran guessed.

Seraph laughed at that. "Oh, I can see your worry, but no. If she died, then my whole mission would be a failure. My leader needs her alive."

"And your leader is..." Sakura asked, still a bit numb from the pain.

"My leader is someone who doesn't like his name revealed to those not in our ranks," Seraph said. "Now, shall we continue?"

"I end my turn," Sakura said. It was kind of silly to voice out things she was about to do, but she was just imitating the woman's actions thus far, and trying to figure out what she could do to make her victory certain.

'Sometimes, attacking isn't the only way.'

She smiled. Yes, her cards were right. She didn't need to be on the offense all the time, in fact she had already set something that would make her foe hurt herself if she attacked.

Seraph drew another card and smiled. "Good, this one will help me. But first, I activate Jar of Greed. This card allows me to draw one more card." She did just that, and nodded. "Okay, now I summon my Axe Raider and attack your bubbly girl."

Sakura smiled. "Not yet. I activate Mirror. This card reflects your attack back, destroying your monster, and dealing its attack points as damage to you." She was, so far, just repeating what her cards 'told' her, but for some reason, the cards seemed to know a lot about the game. It was quite strange, and she would have to ask Kero about it later, after she was done with this 'fight.'

Seraph flinched as she was hit by an unseen force. "You're a fast learner, kid. Okay then, I set two cards down, and that's it for my turn." Those two cards would make any attempt from her foe to attack her a failure, so she knew she only had to draw a good card next turn to win.

Sakura drew a card as her turn started. Shot, a card that was just what she needed to get the advantage. But first off, she had to get rid of those two cards which were surely meant to stop her attacks. "I play Mist, a spell which destroys any trap or spell on your side of the field."

Seraph cursed under her breath. "Nice, but still... Do you have any monster strong enough to get through my Elf?"

"I suppose I don't, but I do have this."

Seraph looked at the card Sakura was showing. "Shot?"

"Yes, it lets me destroy one of your monsters. And, of course, I will destroy your Mystic Elf."

"Oh, isn't that nice..." Seraph growled.

"But that's not all I can do. I'll summon one of my strongest cards, Fire!"

Fire had two thousand attack points, and Seraph knew that meant her own monster was gone.

"I attack your Axe Raide with Fire."

Fire attacked Seraph card with an all-too-real wave of flames, and the Axe Raider vanished, leaving her to be hit by the flames.

"Are you alright?" Sakura asked as Seraph staggered back.

Seraph glared at her. "I told you we train for this, kid, so don't give me your pity. You still have one more creature to use, don't you?"

Sakura nodded. "Right. Bubbles, hit her!"

Despite the attack being only bubbles, Seraph still winced as they exploded around her. "Damn it, I'm not done for yet, kid!" True, she had six hundred life points left, and she was confident she could turn the duel around next turn. She had the right card for that, actually.

"I guess it's your turn now," Sakura said.

"These battles look like they're fun," Tomoyo noted.

"But they're not fighting just for fun," Syaoran said, "I have to admit, though, that I cannot understand how Sakura's cards can be used in a duel."

"That's because Clow knew about these duels."

Syaoran and Tomoyo both turned to see Yue and Kerberos flying to them. "You two are late."

"I couldn't find a place to change to my true form," Yue explained. "But I'm glad to see Sakura has everything under control."

Seraph frowned. "Okay, it's time for me to show you what a real strategy looks like. First off, I activate Raigeki, which sends all your monsters to the graveyard."

"That doesn't look good," Kerberos noted.

"Think I should get that woman?"

"Don't," Yue said, giving Syaoran a meaningful stare. "If any outsider interrupts a duel, then whoever they are allied with loses. "

"That's right," Seraph said, "you can only watch, so be quiet." She turned to Sakura and smiled. "I'll summon my Beaver Warrior and attack you directly, to return the favor."

Sakura fell to her knees as the creature stabbed her. It didn't hurt as much as a real sword stab would, but it was still quite painful. "This is..."

"If it's too much for you, you can give up," Seraph said.

"I'm not going to give up when I can still win," Sakura countered, slowly standing up.

"Hmph, I'll end my turn, then. Let's see what you can do now."

Sakura looked at her hand. Shield was useless right now, and Wood was not enough to defeat Seraph. It all came down to the card she was about to draw. As she drew it and looked at it, however, she smiled. "I don't have a strategy to win, since I barely know the rules of this game," she said, "but what I do have is luck, and luck isn't something you should ignore. I'll play Return, which will cost me a thousand life points."

Seraph chuckled. "Girl, are you so desperate to lose?"

"You didn't let me finish my explanation. Return lets me summon up to five monsters from my graveyard. And I summon Fire and Bubbles, and put another monster face-down just in case."

Just in case? Seraph growled at her. "Go ahead."

"Are you sure? You'll get hurt." Sakura asked.

"Stop that!" Seraph snapped. "I may have failed, but it would be worse for me if I gave up before the duel was over."

Sakura sighed. "Right, then... Fire, destroy her warrior. Bubbles, attack her directly."

After the attacks ended, the field wavered and vanished, as did the monsters on the field. Seraph fell to her knees and growled. "I failed. You win this one, Kinomoto, but there will be others like me, and we won't stop until you're one of us."

Sakura was about to say something, but Seraph simply vanished. "There will be others like her..." she repeated.

"Then we should learn how to fight back," Syaoran said.

"We?" Sakura asked.

"Of course," Syaoran said, "If I can't protect you with my magic, then I'll just get cards like those and learn how to play."

"I've heard that a very famous duelist lives in that new shop..."

"You mean the game shop?" Sakura asked. "My brother works there."

Syaoran nodded. "If that man is good at this game, then he could teach us."

"I guess we could try that," Sakura said. Though she knew she couldn't tell that man why she wanted to learn, since he wouldn't believe it easily.

Yugi Motou wasn't the average duelist, and he was used to be challenged in the middle of the street, since everyone wanted to test their skills against the current world champion. And he didn't mind accepting duels, either, since he liked the game, and gave his best even against the most unskilled opponents.

But it had been a while since he was last challenged to a duel like this, a duel against someone who wasn't just an average duelist, either, but someone with an evil intent.

"So, you said your name was Orion, right?" Yugi asked. "I suppose you do know that I'm not an easy target."

"Yes, I know about your reputation," Orion noted. He looked at the field and added, "and I can see it wasn't just an urban legend."

Yugi wasn't too worried about this duel, it was pretty obvious from the start that this man had strategies based mainly around traps and spells, and Yugi knew how to minimize their damage. Also, this Orion treated his cards just as tools for his mission, that much was evident from the way he played. And such a person would never be able to defeat the King of Duels himself.

He smiled to himself. If the Pharaoh was still here, he would lecture him on not growing overconfident and letting his guard down. And he would be right, Yugi realized. He couldn't let his guard down, he could lose, too, and he knew it. But he would make sure that didn't happen against this one opponent.

A/N: For those who already read Summoner Wars, this story is a different take on that plot. The main difference is that this one will be set after both shows' ending, unlike the previous version, which was set right after Waking the Dragons for Yu-Gi-Oh.

As for what other differences it will have, well, it wouldn't be good if I ruined the surprise.

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