The Witch and the King
A Card Captor Sakura/Yu-Gi-Oh crossover
Episode 4: Suzaku cards.
By Razor Knight
Last update: June 4, 2009

Syaoran was as surprised as the others, he didn't expect to see Mei Ling in Japan. Sure, the girl had gotten over him choosing Sakura instead of her, but she had rarely been in Japan, so they didn't see much of her. As far as he knew, she had been training to become a better fighter, even though she wasn't a bad fighter back when they were kids.

He returned his thoughts to the present as the girl walked in, wearing a suit like the one she had used years ago, which she filled a lot better than before, and smiled at him.

"Uhm, Mei Ling, what are you doing here?"

"Helping," Mei Ling said, then looked at Sakura. "Been a while, Sakura. Is Li being nice to you?"

"Yes," Sakura said.

"Good, because if he wasn't..." Mei Ling stared at Syaoran in a way that told them what she wasn't saying.

"Why did you knock that woman out?"

"She turned two of my friends back home against us, so it was just payback." She muttered something under her breath as she looked out the window. "But I should have tied her up."

Yugi looked out the window and nodded. "She's gone."

"I suppose an introduction is needed. Guys, this is Mei Ling Li, Syaoran's cousin. These are Yugi Motou and Jounoichi Katsuya."

"Nice to meet you," the two guys said.

"Likewise," Mei Ling noted. "So, this is the famous card shop... What are you guys doing here, playing games while the enemy's out there?"

"The enemy's using this card game to fight us," Yugi explained, "though if what I heard from Fang and Fei is correct, then we could also be..."

"From what our sources could gather," Fei interrupted, "Suzaku's magic works better inside these card duels than outside. Maybe he's aware of that, and thus only attacks duelist via duels."

"Then why did that woman Seraph challenge me that way?" Sakura pondered.

"Because he must have observed you, he must know of your powers, and he knows they're more limited within duels," Fang guessed.

"I suppose you're right," Sakura said, "any idea where he is?"

"We haven't been able to locate his lair," Fang admitted, "but we're working on that."

"Good, then we should..."

Anzu walked in right then, and noticed the new faces. "I'll worry about the new people later. Yugi, I was targeted today, by some girl calling herself Aphrodite."

"And you won?" Jou asked.

"You don't have to look so surprised," Anzu muttered. "Think any of our friends were targeted already?"

Jou blinked at that. "Gee, I hope Mai's okay. I would hate having to kick her back to her senses," he stopped then added with a small smile, "again."

"We should all keep our guards up," Yugi noted, "until we know where their boss is."

"Kinomoto seems to be a worthy descendant of Clow."

"She's just a brat, she doesn't deserve all that power."

"Maybe you're right, and that's why I'm testing her. If my soldiers can defeat her, then she's not fit to use the Clow Cards. If she proves her worth, I'm going to bring her to our side myself."

"Master Suzaku!"

The two first figures turned to the man who had walked in, and he could feel the twin glares from his two leaders. "What is it, Poseidon?" Suzaku finally asked.

"Dryad was defeated by the Chinese fightress. From what the scouts saw, she's friends with Kinomoto."

"If that's the case, she could be trouble. Send someone to deal with her."

The other figure smiled. "I think Minos would love the chance to stretch his legs, right?"

Suzaku nodded at that. "True. Send him along with our other soldier, if that Li girl is around, he should be able to defeat her."

"And pencils were actually as tall as a tree back then, and the paper they used was..."

Sakura shook her head as Yamazaki was once again silenced by Chiharu. It was good to see that at least her school seemed to be as 'normal' as ever.

Mei Ling walked in and looked around. "I see a lot of familiar faces here."

"Hey, who are you?" Yamazaki asked.

"Don't remember her? She's Mei Ling," Sakura said.

"Eeh? This cute girl here's Li's cousin? I don't remember her being any cute at all."

Mei Ling shook her head at that. "I'm not sure if I should take that as a compliment, or an insult."

Chiharu smiled. "Welcome back, it's been years since we last saw you around."

"Yeah." Mei Ling looked at Sakura, who shook her head, guessing what the other girl was wondering. "I'll be staying here for a while, mother wanted me to keep an eye on Syaoran."

Syaoran frowned. "That's not..."

Tomoyo giggled at that. "Syaoran's quite the gentleman, I don't think you have any reason to worry."

Mei Ling nodded. "I know, sometimes he can be too nice, and that's what I'm worried about."

Syaoran was now blushing furiously. "Hey now..."

Mei Ling smiled and whispered to his ear, so nobody would hear her. "It's just a lie four your classmates, you know why I'm really here. " Syaoran nodded at her. Mei Ling was still the same, no matter how many years had passed since last time he saw her.

He noticed Sakura was looking out the window, and he knew why. There was someone close to the school building, and they were watching Sakura. He couldn't tell exactly where their stalker was, but from the way Sakura was acting, he could guess she did, even if she couldn't see them with her eyes.

And whoever it was, it had followed them since they left school. Syaoran didn't even need to ask Sakura if she saw their follower. Even Tomoyo had noticed 'that face' Sakura had when she sensed danger.

Sakura wasn't really in the mood for stalkers, so she decided to call them out. "I know you're there. Come out and face me."

The two who walked out from an alley were tall, yes, but there was one substantial difference. The man to the left was thin to the point where the shape of his bones was noticeable even through his suit, and his pale skin was almost white. The other man, however, was muscular, he seemed strong enough to be a wrestler. "Why did it take you so long to notice us, young one?" the thin one asked.

"I knew you were there from the start, I just wanted to drag you away from the school."

"Hmph, it's fine with me, I'll defeat you no matter what you do."

"What's with that musclehead?" Mei Ling asked.

"I'm just his bodyguard. I'm here in case any of you tries something before the duel starts."

"Too late!" Mei Ling snapped before rushing in. Her speed was amazing, and she was next to the enemy in a split second. However, the muscular man was ready for it, and punched her in the gut, sending her skipping back. "Ugh, what the hell..."

The man chuckled as Mei Ling staggered up. "I'm not just strong, I'm fast too, little girl." He turned to his partner and nodded. "Hades, go ahead."

Hades smiled creepily. "Of course, Minos." He then turned to Sakura. "I challenge you to a duel, young one."

Sakura gave a confident smile as her cards appeared floating next to her, Kerberos and Yue included. "I accept the challenge."

Mei Ling sighed. "I was hoping to stop that creep before he said that." She run to Minos, who got ready to block what he thought would be a high kick. Mei Ling, however, dropped right before reaching him, sweeping her legs out and knocking him down to the ground. "I think I'll keep myself busy here, you guys go ahead and play."

"Need help?" Syaoran asked.

"No, I can beat this one easily," Mei Ling said. "Good luck, Sakura. "

"You too," Sakura said, then turned to Hades. "So, are you ready?"

"Ladies first."

Sakura drew her cards as the duel field appeared between them. Windy, Fly, Hope, Woody, Lock, and the one she drew was Thunder. She had been lucky at drawing Hope so early, she could use it whenever she wanted, but she wanted to see what this man's strategy was. And she knew just what card to use to make him play for real. "I'll set a monster down and end my turn. It was Lock, which was a 'plain' monster, but with a very special detail.

Hades snorted. "I see what I heard was right, you're playing defense. Too bad, because when facing me, defense isn't the best offense. I set two cards down and then summon Zombyra The Dark. His attack is quite high for a four stars, as you can see. The drawback is, it goes down each time he attacks. Not that it will make a difference to you. Zombyra, attack her face-down card!" As the card flipped, however, Hades' smile faded. "Lock?"

"Yes, the lock, and as you can see," Sakura said as Zombyra reeled back after attacking it, "it's much stronger than your monster."

Three thousand defense points. From what Syaoran knew of the card game (mostly what he had picked from what Yugi taught Sakura,) such a card was almost a cheat, considering it didn't require any summon. Still, Sakura had only one card like that, which made it drawing it a difficult thing.

Hades' life points went down to three thousands, one hundred, and he muttered something under his breath before checking on his partner. Things didn't look good for Minos right now, that Li girl was using him as a punching bag. He turned his attention back to the duel and nodded. "Your turn." Sakura drew a card, and almost jumped up in joy. Kerberos, a card she hadn't used in a 'real' duel yet. But summoning it directly would be too risky, so she needed to buy time. And she knew exactly how to do that. "I activate Hope, which lets me fuse with some of my cards. Hence, I'll use Fly and Thunder to become..." She walked into the field, standing next to her Lock, and her suit changed to a white witch cloak, which had clouds and lightning drawn around her waist, and her wand appeared, lightning arching across it. "The Stormcaster."

"She looks so cute..." Tomoyo said, mostly to herself.

"I'm not going to activate Hope's effect this time around, so I'll just end my turn."

Why hadn't Sakura used Hope's effect? If Zombyra attacked, then her Stormcaster was gone, unless... Syaoran smiled at the thought. Yes, Sakura surely had a plan, and her fusion was just the bait.

"Wow, they're not done yet with their duel?" Mei Ling walked back to where Syaoran was, panting. Her hair was a mess, and she had a few bruises, but looking at Minos' prone form meters away, Syaoran could tell she was quite a better fighter than he remembered.

Hades frowned. "Young one, I can tell you're trying to lure me in. But since I'm having fun, I'll humor you. Before I attack, however, I'll have to call a few friends of mine. First off, I activate the card I set a while back, Suzaku's Circle!"

Sakura saw the card was a magic circle, but with a phoenix drawn inside. "Hoe? A Suzaku card?"

"Our great leader entrusted us with these cards. Unlike you, he's made many copies of the original Suzaku cards, so that we mere underlings could share his might. And now, see what this power can do. Circle allows me to special summon a monster to the field from my hand."

"Just like that?" Syaoran asked.

"Yes, just like that, no price to pay for it. Now, come forth, Suzaku's Priestess!"

"Two thousand attack points," Tomoyo noted, "it's a bit stronger than Sakura's form."

"The Suzaku monsters all share one effect, they gain some attack for each Suzaku monster on the field... Including themselves. Priestess gains three hundred attack points for each Suzaku monster." As he said that, the Priestess' attack went up to two thousands, three hundred. "And that's not all, I also can do a normal summon, so I'll bring forth Suzaku's Druid. He also gains three hundred points for each Suzaku monster in play."

Both cards improved in attack, the Druid reaching two point four thousand attack, while the Priestess' attack went up to two point six.

Tomoyo saw Sakura was smiling, and realized what was going on. "He fell for it, I suppose?"

Hades laughed. "Now I'll attack you with my Priestess!"

"That's not possible," Sakura noted. "I'll discard one card from my hand," she said as she put Woody in the graveyard, "to activate Stormcaster's effect. I can end your turn right away."

Hades sighed. "Still playing defense, young one? That's not going to get you anywhere."

Sakura took a look at the card she had just drawn and shook her head. "I suppose you're right, maybe it's time to start my own attack. I play Twin, which lets me copy a monster card each turn, for five hundred life points."

Hades snorted. "Even if it's two of your Stormcaster, it will make no difference."

"And that's why I'm copying Lock instead," Sakura said as her life points decreased to three point five thousands. "And next up, I'll sacrifice my two Locks to bring forth Kerberos!"

The Lock and its copy vanished, and Kerberos appeared right next to Sakura. "Finally, a chance to show off my power."

"I'll switch my Stormcaster to defense," Sakura said, and a thin veil of fog appeared in front of her, "and since you asked for it, I'll attack your Priestess with Kerberos!"

Kerberos shot a fireball that turned the Priestess into a pile of ashes. "The only good Suzaku card is a toasted Suzaku card."

"So, I'll end my turn," Sakura said.

Hades looked at the battlefield and frowned. He could fool her the same way she had fooled him before, but for that he needed... Just the card he had drawn. "I'll offer my Druid and Zombyra to call forth Suzaku's Archon!" The new monster had three thousand attack points, which rose five hundred points as it appeared.

"Hmm, that's not enough to get Kerberos," Mei Ling noted. She was almost enjoying this stupid duel. The monsters looked tough, too, specially this Archon. It looked like a knight in black armor, but had a magic staff instead of a sword.

"But it's more than enough to get Sakura herself," Tomoyo said.

Hades smiled, that was exactly what he was planning, but he was also ready for that Kerberos creature. "I activate Suzaku's Bond, and equip it to my Archon. I'll leave discovering its effect to you. I'll also activate this," he said as he picked a card from his hand, "Suzaku's Potion, which gives me two thousand life points. And last but not least, I attack the Stormcaster with Archon!"

Sakura was tackled out of the field by the Archon, and her suit reverted to normal as she stood up. Of course, that meant she had one less monster to attack with, but Kerberos was more than enough destroy his Archon.

"I'll end my turn, young one."

Unless that was exactly what he wanted. Sakura drew another card and nodded. Yue, who had almost as much defense as Kerberos had attack. It was a good card to summon, and she could summon it right away, but it had a drawback she wasn't sure she wanted to have in this duel right now.

'If you attack him, there's a chance Kerberos will be defeated. Having me as a shield would be a good strategy'

Sakura listened to what Yue said in her mind, and then looked at the field. Yes, he was right, it was obvious Hades wanted to leave her defenseless.

Mei Ling yawned. "Are you going to defeat that creep already?"

"It may take me a few more turns," Sakura said. "In any case, I'll special summon Yue, in face-up defense position."

"No way, that monster's an eight stars one!" Hades exclaimed as Yue appeared, looking as cold as ever.

"Yes, but that's his effect. I can summon him directly, given I don't have any monster in my side of the field, not counting Kerberos or a fusion. The bad part is, I can't normal summon any monster for the next two turns. That would also apply to Kerberos, by the way."

"Oh, that's nice. So I'll just have to eliminate that lion and the angel, and you'll be defenseless."

"Of course, both Yue and Kerberos have other effects, but I think it'll be better if I don't mention them." She looked at Kerberos. "Get that Archon, Kerberos!"

"My pleasure," Kerberos said, and shot a fire blast at the enemy monster.

"Fell for it," Hades said, "I'll activate Bond's effect. When the monster this card's equipped to is destroyed, its attacker suffers the same fate."

Sakura should have looked worried when Kerberos vanished, but she was smiling. "And you think my turn ends now, right? I'm sorry, but you just activated Kerberos' second effect. When he's defeated, I can special summon another monster with the Pyro attribute to the field. And I have only one of those, so here's Fire!"

Hades glared at her. "I see you can battle way better than we thought."

"Fire, attack him directly." Hades' life point dropped to one point two thousands. "And now, I end my turn."

Mei Ling noticed something and sighed. "I thought you were out."

Minos was walking to her, his face showing he wasn't happy about his earlier defeat. "I'm going to punch that pretty face of yours in, girlie."

Mei Ling saw he was holding a knife and shook her head. "So much for fighting fair."

Minos rushed in, but Mei Ling dodged the initial swipe. He tried to slash down at her, but she dropped to the ground, kicking the knife away, then kicked out between his legs.

Tomoyo cringed as Minos fell to the ground in a heap. "That was... "

"He should have stayed down first time around," Mei Ling noted, "but I don't think he'll be standing up again before the duel ends."

Hades had meanwhile drawn another card, and looked at the field. "I guess this duel won't last much longer. I play Monster Reborn, and call back my Archon!"

"That's bad," Syaoran commented, "that thing's strong, and it can become stronger easily."

Hades snorted. "That's right, brat. I'll play another Druid, so my Archon goes up to four thousand attack points. Now, I'll have my Archon destroy your Fire."

"Huh? Why didn't he destroy Yue instead?" Tomoyo asked as Fire vanished.

"Because he's trying to intimidate her," Syaoran explained.

"And because he's scared of finding out what Yue's other effect might be," Sakura added. Her points were down to one point five thousands, but she wasn't afraid of that Archon. Yugi had told her once that the most important thing in a duel was trusting your cards, and she knew exactly what that meant.

"I'll set one card down and end my turn," Hades said, ignoring Sakura's words. "Let's see how you get out of this one, young one. "

Sakura drew another card, then sighed. "I suppose it's time to end this duel." She showed the card she had just drawn, The Arrow. "And this will help me do just that."

Syaoran chuckled. "I've seen what that card does, she used it once when training with Yugi."

Sakura saw Hades wasn't phased by the new card. "I suppose you want to know what this card does. Okay then. Arrow, strike that Archon!"

Hades smiled as his monster was destroyed again. "So you beat my Archon... I'll just have to bring something else next turn."

"There won't be a next turn. Arrow is a card that destroys monsters, and deals as much damage to its owner as attack points that creature had."

Hades staggered back as if hit by something, then sighed as the field vanished. "You fight well, Kinomoto, but you're still no match for Suzaku."

As impossible as it might have seemed, Hades picked Minos up effortlessly, and walked away. Mei Ling looked around and finally noticed something. "I wonder why Fei and Fang didn't help?"

"Because they were intercepted a few blocks north of here," Sakura said calmly, "but the enemy's retreating from there too."

Syaoran blinked in shock. "So the enemy didn't want any interferences."

Sakura smiled. "It's better this way, these duels are fun."

"But if you lost one of these duels..." Mei Ling started.

"Even if that happens, I know I have friends I can count on to bring me back."

Syaoran wasn't so sure about that. All he was able to do while she fought, was watch. If Sakura was in danger, he wanted to be able to help her, and he knew just who to ask if he wanted to have what he needed to protect Sakura.

"Well, well, I suppose this means you're not taking me along for the ride, Astra?"

Astra looked at her foe as the duel field vanished. "Don't let your guard down yet, Mr. Crawford."

Pegasus laughed softly. "Oh, rest assured I am not letting my guard down. Whatever your boss wants, if it has to do with my duel cards, then I'm not going to let him get it. Please tell him that next time you see him."

A/N: Mei Ling had a somewhat minor role in the old version, as did a lot of the other characters, but this time around I'm trying to bring them closer to the spotlight.

And yes, Kerberos and Yue both had a little modification from their stats in Summoner Wars, making summoning either harder, to balance the power they both have. They used to be five stars monsters, but now they're eight stars.

Ning Jun: Can Kaiba get more arrogant? That's something that will be answered soon. As for Jou, I blame it on being around Yugi/Atemu so much.