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Background Information:

Talent Terrace is a summer camp for teenage prodigies. No matter what your talent is playing an instrument, singing, technology, art, playing sports, acting, dancing, writing, etc. Talent Terrace has it all but only the best of the best are allowed in. Including the teachers who are brilliant in the subject at hand. Many of the teachers have a career in the subject and are well known throughout the particular country. In fact most teachers attended the camp themselves at age sixteen.

Scouts are positioned all over the world and are highly knowledgeable upon the subject that they are scouting child prodigies for. These scouts search prestigious school, competitions, well know families' children, and occasionally will hold interview on a special request looking for child prodigies.

This highly respected camp's name is a common household name but remains very exclusive. The public knows little about the camp but everyone knows that if you are accepted to this camp you are guaranteed a place in that career when you grow up. Colleges almost immediately accept the students who have attended this camp, as seen on their resume, as these children are destined to do great things. This camps location is a secret to all but those who enter the camp. Once there the teens must take an oath and sign a contract stating that they will keep the whereabouts a secret. Who knows what could happen to the kids if people knew where the most brilliant minds in the country were?

In order to enter this camp you must be brilliant in your certain position. Sixteen is the minimum age to enter this camp. Whether you are dirt poor or filthy rich Talent Terrace will find you if you are gifted in a particular field. The government is closely connected with these camps so if the child cannot pay their fees it is covered. There is at least one or more Talent Terrace summer camps located in each major country of the world. So throughout the world scouts are stationed looking for the people who make society what it is today, the people who will go down in history.

The Talent Terrace in America had just accepted Rosalie Hale, Jasper Hale, Edward Masen, Bella Swan, Emmett McCarty, and Alice Brandon into their camp. They were all sixteen, all brilliant in their own ways, and all passionate about their gift but they were about to learn that there was more to life then work.