I recently discovered that I got X-men OnDemand and I loved the show when I was a kid so I thought I'd watch a few episodes. I fell in love all over again! I saw like all the episodes when I was little but I only remember a few and the ones I saw this morning, so bear with me if this is a little off.

"You wanted to see us, Professor?" Scott asked, coming in with Jean Grey, Rogue, Kitty, and Nightcrawler, still in his human disguise. The professor turned to them from looking at a hooded figure in the corner.

"Ah, yes. I wanted you all to meet our newest student here. Her name is Terra Kensington, and her mutant name is Shield. Terra, this is Scott. He has the ability to shoot highly concentrated beams of destruction from his eyes." The hooded figure didn't move. The professor moved on. "This is Jean Grey. She is telekinetic and can read minds. Rogue can harness another mutant's abilities, Kitty, or Shadowcat, can phase through things, and Kurt, or Nightcrawler, can teleport. This is your new family, my dear. Say hello."

The hooded figure didn't speak, just turned towards them. They were shocked that they couldn't see a face--or a head for that matter.

"Oh, yes, Terra has the ability to turn invisible. Along with that comes forcefields and the many things you can do with those." A vase on the other side of the room shattered unexpectadly, and the whole group turned on their heels, ready to fight. The professor laughed. "At ease, it was just Terra. She does that when she gets nervous. By expanding her forcefields from inside an object, she can destroy it. Exciting, isn't it?"

"So, can she be visible or what?" Nightcrawler asked. Kitty slapped his arm dissapprovingly. "What? I wanna know."

"Yes, indeed she can." Professor Xavier answered. "She's just a little shy and would prefer to stay invisible for now. She has promised to keep the cloak on so you know where she is."

"So can she turn her clothes invisible to or is she--" Nightcrawler stop, realizing his own question. His face flushed as he looked at the hooded figure.

"Currently she is wearing her X-men suit, created specially to dissappear with her. She is not naked." He gave Nightcrawler a look before continuing. "I want you all to make her feel welcome and help her adjust. Kitty, Rogue, she'll be staying with you. See to it she finds her room."

"Sure thing, Professor!" Kitty said enthusiastically. Rogue looked annoyed at the news. Everyone turned and left the room, the Cloak seemingly floating after them. Everyone kind of branched off as Rogue and Kitty went to show their new roommate to their room. Everyone except Nightcrawler, that is.

"Um, Ms. Kensington? I am very sorry about before. It was a stupid question." He said, not really expecting an answer.

"Not at all." Came a quiet voice from the cloak. "You were simply curious is all." With that, she glided after Rogue and Kitty into their room. After a few seconds, the hood popped out again. "Oh, and call me Terra." Then she was gone again, leaving Nightcrawler curious as to what face could be behind that voice.


Three Days Later


"When do you think it'll stop this time?" Rogue asked. She and Kitty were standing outside their room, well away from Terra's nervous breakdown. By now they were used to it, and understanding. She was still getting used to everything.

"Hopefully before she runs out of her own things and she moves on to my porcelain dolls," Kitty said.

"Ready for school?" They looked up and saw Bobby, Scott, Kurt, and Jean. Scott looked at the door.

"What's going on in there?" He asked.

"She's a little nervous about school," said Kitty. "Probably because it means she has to show herself. Or it it could just be first day jitters."

"Well, I can cure those!" Kurt teleported with a poof.

"He's just excited to finally see her face," Bobby explained.

"We all are," Jean added. "She hasn't been visible since she got here."

"Not even when she's sleeping," Kitty added. "I'm curious, too. Knowing him, he's probably dying to find out what she looks like."

Kurt landed with a thump on the floor, having been thrown off his original destination by her forcefield. She didn't have her cloak on, but she was wrapped in a sheet on the bed so he knew where she was.

"Oh, hey, Kurt." The explosions stopped. She felt oddly calm around the boy. He stood up and brushed off his jacket, surveying the damage to the room. It wasn't bad, she had learned after Rogue's last freakout how to keep it on her side of the room.

"You are getting better, Terra." He went and plopped down next to her now that the forcefield was gone. "Are you just nnervous for school?"

There was a silence, then she laughed. He looked in the general direction of the noise.

"I'm sorry, I just tried to nod but you totally couldn't see it!" He smiled.

"School isn't that bad, but you are going to have to show yourself. I promise, you'll be fine. There are plenty of us here. And if you ever need to talk during the day, you can come get me. Fifth period Calculus might be a good time for you to need to talk."

She laughed, then sighed. "Okay, I guess I have to show myself then...would you please leave the room?"

"But why?" He asked.

"Because this time I really am naked," She said. He flushed, then poofed away.

When he materialized outside the room, He was met with questions.

"Well?" Scott asked.

"Is she coming?"

"Can we see her?"

"Did you see her?"

"Um....yes She is coming, yes, we can see her and no, I have not seen her yet. She--" He heard the door open behind him and turned swiftly to see what she looked like...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Cliffhanger! Ok so I admit this chapter wasn't my best work but you try working with an invisible teenager. LOL just kidding. Anyway, the whole Kurt/Nightcrawler thing is so confusing. But I'm gonna roll with it. Sometimes I'll call him Kurt and sometimes I'll call him Nightcrawler. Kitty is always Kitty and Rogue is always Rogue, though, because it sounds better. With Scott I'll call him Cyclops during battle, but Scott otherwise.

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