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Something cold fell onto Kurt's face.


Come to think of it, his back was kinda cold, too.


Kurt opened his eyes slowly. He was flat on his back on a cold concrete floor, looking up at the matching concrete ceiling. His head throbbed slightly as he sat up. He rubbed the back of his head gingerly, wincing at the painful lump that had formed.

" I?" He looked around. The room was small, about 15'x15' with a small room attached that had a toilet and a sink. There was a bed, and one door. It was dark, but he could faintly see a figure on the bed. He got up and staggered over to it in curiosity. "Terra!" He squeaked when he saw her face.

He looked around frantically and found the vein in her wrist. A steady pulsation in it told him she was just sleeping. He sighed.

"Kurt..." He looked over at her. Her eyes had just opened and she was slowly getting up. "What...happened?"

"We were imprisoned, it seems," He said, sitting down next to her. "Ah!" He jumped up, confused.


"My tail! Where is my tail!" He ran around in circles like a dog for a second. "I have five fingers on each hand! I have normal ears! I'm not fuzzy!" He looked, confused, around the room. "And yet, I don't have my watch."

"I can't turn invisible!" Terra squeaked. "Or make a forcefield!"

"And I can't teleport," Kurt said with a realization. "This room must neutralize our powers, and thus, I am normal and you are normal."

"You mean we can't get out." Terra sighed. "I can't even contact Professor Xavier."

"It...It seems that we are stuck..." Kurt said, running his fingers over the scar he'd gotten from the electrocution.

"I wonder what they want from us," Terra thought out loud. "How can we be of use to these people?What're they gonna do to us?"

"I don't know, but I bet it isn't pleasant."

"What do you mean Kurt hasn't come back yet?" Kitty shrieked at Wolverine.

"I mean, he went in and never came out. We looked all over for him but there was no trace of him or Terra." Wolverine answered. "Now sit down and buckle in before I throw you out."

"But we can't just leave without them," Rogue argued. "We came to save Terra, and we can't leave having lost another person!"

"It's too risky," Jean said. "We need backup."

"Backup? Why do we need backup?" Spyke asked. "I can take all those goons with one spike!"

"Jean is right, we have to get the younger Xmen. We'll also need Beast's help for this." Scott said. "Now calm down and be glad that Kurt is the only one missing."

"Are you as bored as I am?" Terra asked. She was lying on the bed, upper body dangling over the side. "It's been four hours since we woke up and nothing has happened. Well, that's not true, you killed a spider about an hour ago. But that's about it."

"I don't suppose you know German, do you?" Kurt asked. He was stretched out on the ground, wondering how people did anything with five fingers.

"No not really."

"That rules out all the word games I know, then..."

They sat in silence for a minute.

"We could play truth or dare. Well, my version anyway." Terra suggested.

"What is your version?" Kurt asked, sitting up.

"You ask a question, and if they don't want to answer they have to do a dare. Although Dares are rather limited in here..."

"There's nothing else to do, now is there? Let's do it."

"Okay, then. What did you do before you came to the academy?" Terra asked. Kurt blinked.

", well I was in a traveling circus. Russia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and once we went to France." He said. "My foster family is still there."

"Really? What's it like being in a circus? I bet it's fun!"

"I think it is my turn to ask a question," Kurt said with a smirk. Terra made a huffy noise.

"Fine. Shoot."

"What did YOU do before you came to the academy?"

"You stole that! Well, I lived in California. It was a small town, only 200 kids in the high school. I worked at the general store with my best friend Erik. After work we'd always go to the Ice Cream shop next door and get an ice cream for the only homeless guy in our town--his name was Buck, he was pretty cool. I always dreamed of a big city life, but always figured I'd stay in my hometown. Of course, that all changed the moment I got my powers."

"Yes, it is hard to leave behind a life like that." Kurt said with a nod.

"Was it hard for you?" Terra asked. Kurt smiled at her.

"Not quite. It was saddening, but I was more forced out than anything. I did something terrible...but that's another story, for another time."

"I wanna--" Terra was interrupted by a sudden burst of light as the door creaked open. Two plates were scooted inside, and then the door slammed shut again.

"Well, They obviously do not want to starve us," Kurt said, gathering the plates and handing her one.

"I wouldn't be so sure," Terra said. "This bread is hard as a rock."

"Yes, well we don't have to eat it..."

"You want to make up a game with them, don't you?"

"Yes. Very much so." Kurt said with a big grin.

"Well, we're otherwise bored to death, so go ahead." He did a little victory dance and took her bread to the corner where he began to brainstorm...

"The boy knows nothing of our...friend?"

"No, sir, he hasn't a clue."

"She is quite the actress, sir."

"Good. She will earn his trust, and then we can do some real damage..."

"Very good, sir."

"Brilliant plan, sir."

"SHUT UP! You're giving me a headache. Bring me advil."

"Yes, sir."

"And find that video I liked so much on Youtube. The one with the guy dressed like a girl who likes shoes."

"Yes, sir."

"Kelly video right away, sir."

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