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Death's Sweet Touch


"Mom, I can't do this anymore," I said as I threw yet another bundle of clothing into my ancient suitcase. "I hate myself, I hate my life. I need to leave."

"Bella please," my mother sobbed as she attempted to pry the clothing from my hands. "Please just think about what you're saying. You cannot just run away from this." How could she say that to me? Was it not her that ran away from my father the minute their marriage began to crumble? Was it not her who dragged me into this horrid existence with her? Why should I have to pay for her mistakes?

"I'm leaving Mother," I informed her as I wiped away yet another tear from my eye. "I don't deserve this!" It felt so strange to stand up to her. Usually I would never consider being so selfish, usually I would just brush off the incident that just occurred and try to move on, but no, not this time. Never again would I subject myself to that kind of pain.

"Call Charlie," I told my mom as I packed away the remainder of my belongings. "I'm going to catch the first available plane to Washington." Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself. I should probably tell you why I'm leaving the blazing heat of Scottsdale, Arizona for the frigid temperatures of Forks, Washington.

I used to have a normal life, a happy life. I had two parents that adored me and each other. We all lived together in a small house that my father Charlie and mother Renée bought together during the early days of their marriage.

Life was blissful and I couldn't ask for anything more. I had amazing friends and family that lived close by. Forks may not have been the ideal place to live, but it was the place that I called home. To me everything there seemed beautiful and perfect. Everywhere you looked you could see the emerald green mosses of the woods, or the majestic hills of the mountains. Forks was my safe haven, the place that held every person I had ever loved. It was exactly three years ago that my world turned upside down.

My Grandpa Swan had died from a long battle with cancer. Charlie was devastated and so was I. My Grandfather was my best friend. He was the person that I always went to for advice. When he died a piece of me died along with him. I didn't know how I would function again. The only reason I even got out of bed was take care of my grieving father. Renée was no help to me. All she could do was sit around and cry. I felt as if I had become the parent in the family.

Shortly after my Grandfather's death my parents began to fight. This seemed so strange to me, they never fought, at least not in front of me. They would argue over everything even if the problem was miniscule and pathetic.

"Bella baby," my father called after me one day, "would you please come downstairs for a moment." I dried my tear stricken eyes and put laid down the picture of my Grandfather beside my bed. The moment I entered the room where my parents sat I knew something was wrong.

"What is it," I asked trying to hide my face. Charlie was dealing with enough. He didn't need to worry about me; he didn't need to see me cry.

"Come here baby," my mother said patting the seat beside her. I sat down and starred at my her in confusion. She grasped my hand tightly and stroked the top of my head. I turned my head to face my father who had a grim expression on his face.

"We have something to tell you Bella," he said with a sullen tone, "Your mother and I have decided to…We are contemplating... Renée, I can't do this. You can tell her." He then rose from the couch quickly and rushed out the door. It looked as if he had been about to cry. My father never let me see him cry.

"Sweetheart," my mother said regaining my attention, "your father and I have decided to split up." I felt my heart cease at her incredulous words. She said it so casually as if it were nothing. This could not be true, we were a family. We couldn't split up, we couldn't be apart. "We are leaving at the end of the week.

"Mom please," I begged her, "please don't do this to me. I can't leave. I have friends, I have a life. Forks is my home. I couldn't be happy anywhere else." She pulled me into her chest and patted my quivering hands that remained in my lap.

"This is for the best," she said softly. "Leaving is the best thing that we can do Bella. We deserve more than this. There is more to life than this ridiculous small town. We will both be happy in Arizona." I pushed myself away from her and took on a dark expression.

"Arizona," I said with disgrace, "Arizona? NO! I won't go! I won't let you take me away from my father! I want to stay here. Charlie needs me!"
"You have no choice Bella," Renée said with a firm tone. "You need to be with someone who can take care of you. We are leaving at the end of the week, end of discussion." That Saturday my mother packed away everything we had ever owned in the back of Saturn before peeling out of the driveway with me in tow. I turned around one last time and starred at the solemn figure that only resembled the man I knew to be my father.

It took three days to get to Scottsdale and I spent every minute in agony. I refused to talk to Renée even though this infuriated her. I couldn't help but despise her after what she had just done to our family.

"You can't hate me forever," she had told me on my first day of school. "This has to stop eventually Bella. It's time to start our new lives."

"I had a life," I said between clenched teeth. "You took that away from me, for that I will never forgive you." It may have sounded rather melodramatic but I meant it. To me Arizona was nothing less than Hell, a prison I just couldn't escape.

"Look at that girl," I heard several students whisper. "She's so pale. Who let that freak in?" They also made fun of my clothes. Since I had lived in Seattle all I knew was cold, unpredictable weather. "Hey baby," a preppy looking boy crooned, "ever heard of a tan?" He then continued to cackle along with his weasely dimwitted friends. This was my life now, a life that I couldn't escape.

Three years later I could no longer take the pain of their words. I had no friends and no life. Renée and I barely spoke. We were now strangers, we had always been so close but now we couldn't be more distant.

I had become known as "it" to everyone at school. To these people I had no name and I meant nothing. To them I had no feelings or emotions. I wore black and never spoke. I was dead inside and I knew it. The day I left Forks was the day I died.

Even the teacher's despised me. I was once an A student but now I was lucky to pull a C average. It didn't help that every educator in that school system were no older than twenty four. They wanted to be cool teachers, teacher's that every student liked. Therefore, they usually joined in on the ridicule. Sophomore year when I studied Italian, my teacher Signoria Brancaccio called me no Bella which meant no beauty in Italian.

I could no longer take the pain that came with living in Arizona. I no longer enjoyed life. It seemed whenever something good happened something sadistic and evil followed. I was doomed to be miserable.

The day my mother informed me of her plans to marry a man named Phil, I informed her of my plans to move back home. That is why we were arguing as I stuffed my every possession into my rickety suitcase. My mother was calling Charlie as I came downstairs. I had been planning my escape for years. I even had a sock filled with over five hundred dollars. I had been saving every penny I received since the day I left.

"She wants to be with you," I heard Renée say with a bitter tone. "I have no idea why she wants to go back there but she does. She says that she's getting on the first plane to Washington." I know it seemed harsh and cruel to just leave my mother but I knew she would be okay. She had Phil now. He would make sure there was a roof over her head, and that the bills were paid. He loved my mother, and I loved him for allowing me to get away from this hell hole.

"Bella," my mother said closing her cell phone. "Your father said that he… that he would be happy if you came to live with him. He said that he would enroll you into Forks High School as soon as possible and he's going to help you find a car." For the first time in years I felt myself breathe a sigh of relief. I was finally going home.

"Thank you Mom," I said as I crossed the room. I took sobbing woman into my arms and hugged her tightly. I inhaled the familiar scent of her perfume and held her tightly. "Thank you."

The day I left my mother and Phil took me to the airport. I felt a spasm of panic as I stared into my mother's wide child like eyes. She looked so helpless, so frail. I knew she didn't want me to leave but I also knew that I couldn't stay. She had a life of her own, now it was time for me to start my life.

"I'll see you soon," she insisted. "You can come home whenever you want-As soon as you need me I'll come and get you." I took my loving, erratic, harebrained mother into my arms one last time.

"I love you mom," I told her truthfully. "I'm sorry that things ended this way. Please understand that I need to do this." She sobbed into my shoulder and kissed my cheek.

"I love you too baby," she said as she pulled away from me, "never forget that Bella. You will always be my baby and you can always come back." Phil gave me an awkward one armed hug before handing me a twenty dollar bill and a CD.

"The money is in case you need anything and the CD is for when you get bored," he said uneasily as he shuffled his feet against the ground. "Just call us if you need anything else okay."

"Take care of her Phil," I said gesturing towards my mom. "I'm counting on you."

"I know Bella," he said wrapping his arm around my mom. "I'll take care of her, don't worry." An announcement came on stating that my flight was now boarding. For some reason unknown to me tears began to fill my eyes. I had hated this place for so long. I wanted to leave but I still scared. What if my life only became worse? What if the real mistake was leaving my mother?

"This is the last call for flight 421," a woman on a loud speaker said. I hugged my mom one last time and rushed toward the boarding gates. I was the last one to board the plane.

It was a four-hour flight from Phoenix to Seattle. Then I spent another hour on a plane to Port Angeles. When I arrived at the air port Charlie was waiting for me. He was smiling; this was something I hadn't seen him do in years.

"Welcome home Bella," he greeted me as he took my luggage. I smiled in return. This action seemed so foreign to me. I was never happy so naturally I never smiled; there was no point to doing so.

"Thanks Dad," I told him. We moved through the sea of people until we were finally outside. Charlie placed my luggage in the trunk of the cruiser. My father was known as Chief Swan to the good people of Forks. He had been a cop since I was two.

Charlie and I hardly spoke as we drove home. This wasn't awkward, it was inevitable. My father and I were very alike in the fact that we kept to ourselves. We were both extremely shy and it was hard for us to express any kind of emotion.

The green scenery of Forks soon passed before my eyes. My stomach was filled with butterflies. I was elated to finally be coming home. Once we arrived home, Charlie placed my luggage in my childhood bedroom which still hadn't changed, and quietly exited my room to give me some privacy.

I took a deep breath and began to unpack. Tomorrow I would once again become a student at Forks High School. I hoped and prayed that nothing would go wrong. I hoped that nothing had changed and that I could just pick up where I left off.


Life in Forks was nothing less than dreadful. The only reason my family and I even lived here was because the town existed under a near-constant cover of clouds. The myth that vampires were burned by the son was completely false, but our skin did sparkle under the sun light. If the humans saw this then they would know we were different. No one knew our secret and that's how it would stay.

For the time being Forks, Washington was our home. We had lived several places before this but Forks was where it all began.

After Carlisle transformed me and his wife Esme we decided to move here. Back then the land was even less populated. The only people that lived here were a few Native American Tribes. They soon discovered our secrets but we made a treaty that if we never entered their land we could stay.

Soon after this while on a hunting expedition, we discovered Rosalie. She had been left for dead by her inhumane fiancée. She had been beaten to the point of death, but before she was able to leave this world Carlisle saved her. She was meant to be with me but I had no interest in her.

I had only ever loved one woman in my life. I had met her shortly before I was transformed. She was a nurse in the hospital during the Influenza Epidemic in 1918.

She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I never learned her name or her history but I loved her. She had dark mahogany colored hair that flowed down to the middle of her back. Her eyes were a radiant shade of chocolate brown and her skin was the color of ivory. She never saw her beauty, but I did. She thought of herself as ordinary but I knew she was much more than extraordinary.

The reason we knew so little about each other was because she had made me promise her that we wouldn't fall in love. We both knew I had only a little time left. The last thing I remembered from my human life was the sweet kiss she had given me during our last day together. After that we never saw each other again.

Once the transformation was finished I tried to find her. I knew we couldn't be together seeing as I was a monster but I needed to know that she was alive and that she was safe. Though I tried for years I could never find her. I went back to the hospital in Chicago and tried to find her record but because I never learned her name she was impossible to track.

Losing her was my greatest regret. I never fully recovered from the broken heart she had instilled upon me. I only wished she had allowed me to tell her how I felt.

By now I knew she was no longer living. If I wasn't already dead this thought would have killed me. It seemed impossible to me that I could live in a world where she didn't exist.

"Edward," my sister Alice said as she paused by my door. Alice and her husband Jasper had come to live with us soon after Rosalie's husband Emmett came to live with us. Emmett had been a victim of a bear attack and Rosalie had saved him. Together we formed one big family, nothing could tear us apart.

"What is it Alice," I inquired as I silenced my stereo. She danced across the room with a smile on her face and threw her arms around me.

"It is going to be a wonderful day," she practically sang. "I can see it now. We even have a new student. Her name is Bella Swan, she's the chiefs daughter."
"And I would care about this because," I probed. My sister glared at me and stuck her tongue out.

"This is going to be a good day Edward," she said almost sounding severe. "Now hurry up. You're driving today and we have to be at school in five minutes." After Alice pranced out of the room I sighed in defeat and grabbed my beige leather jacket that was completely unnecessary.

When we arrived at the school all the students were in frenzy. Their thoughts were racing. All they could think about was Bella Swan. Why did these people have to become so damned excited about everything?

"I can't believe she's here," Jessica Stanley said enthusiastically. "This just changes everything!" I couldn't help but laugh. These people really didn't have lives of their own. They lived vicariously through one another even though every other person was just as pathetic.

"Why will it change everything Jess," Angela Weber inquired shyly.

"What if she tries to steal Mike," Jessica whined. She was so shallow. I had no idea why I was even listening to this conversation, but for some reason I was fascinated.

"Bella doesn't have feelings for Mike," Angela assured her friend. "She never did. Even when we were in junior high and he asked her out at least seven times. He's just not her type." Wait, this Bella girl used to go to this school? Why in the hell would she come back? This was Forks for crying out loud. No one wanted to live here!

"Your right," Jessica said as she tousled her hair. "I'm being stupid. Mike's like obsessed with me anyway." I rolled my eyes and quickly moved past her. It was time for first period, Biology. This class was a piece of cake for me. I had taken it at least twenty times over the years.

I entered the classroom and silently crossed the room to my desk where I sat alone. One by one the students followed behind me. I pulled out the book I had been reading and began to scan the pages when I heard Mr. Banner announce that a new student would be joining our class.

I lifted my eyes to meet the girls gaze and gasped. It….it couldn't be….It isn't' possible, I thought to myself. She no longer exists. She's dead; she's supposed to be dead. But it was her. There standing before me was the woman I had been searching for since the day I became a vampire.

I wanted to leap from my seat and take her into my arms. I wanted to tell her that I loved her and that I waited for her. I wanted her beside me this instant. I slowly lifted myself from the desk but before I was able to move towards her I heard, "Edward NO." That voice belonged to Alice.

"Mr. Banner," she said quickly. "Can I please see my brother?" I shook my head and glared at her. The love of my life finally began to stare back at me. The moment our eyes met her cheeks enflamed with her sweet blood.

Edward, Alice thought. Edward don't. Please don't do this. Don't touch her.

"Alice what is going on," I spoke quickly, too quickly for the human's to hear. "It's her…I have to be near her. I have to touch her.

Edward no, Alice spoke through her mind. Listen to me, you can't touch her. If you touch her you will kill her.

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