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Warning: This story will deal with some dark subjects in later chapters that may not be comfortable for all audiences.

Chapter 1 – Early Imprint

Quil's POV

When I woke up this morning, I never expected anything out of the ordinary to happen. I thought it would be just your average day of turning into a wolf to hunt some vampires. You know, your typical day at the office.

I had just joined the pack a month before. The weeks leading up to that life changing event had been dismal as my two best friends suddenly dropped me and wouldn't have anything to do with me. It wasn't until I became a wolf myself that I realized that Jacob and Embry had actually been trying to protect me by staying away.

We were meeting at our Alpha leader Sam's house for lunch before patrolling. A bloodsucker had been hunting in the area and we were having trouble getting her. We had nicknamed her the elusive vampire.

Jacob, Embry, and I had walked into Sam's house to find Emily in the kitchen preparing lunch. We offered to help, but she preferred people to stay out of her way when she was cooking. She told us the only thing she wanted was some help carrying a tray of food into the living room. Embry offered to help with that chore which was fine by me.

As soon as I had gotten to Sam's house, I had felt an anxious urge to go into his living room. It was kind of baffling really, because it was just another meeting before hunting for the leech. No reason to have this strange pulling feeling. I felt as though it had become essential to my life to get into that room.

"Jacob, Quil, these are my nieces, Cora and Claire," I heard Sam say as we walked into the room.

I saw a little girl sitting on Leah's lap and I smiled in her direction as she half-heartedly waved back. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw a little figure move from behind Sam's legs where she had been hiding and walked straight in my direction.

She was no more than two-years-old. She looked at me with her hand proffered for me to shake. She had light brown hair that reached her shoulders and a smile that showed she still had some teeth that hadn't grown in yet. But it was when I looked into her dark brown eyes that everything changed.

My world shifted and I felt that weird pull suddenly latch around both myself and this little girl like a vice. Everything that was important to me…my love for my parents and sister, the love I felt for Jacob and Embry and the rest of the pack…all of it faded into the background as I stared at Claire. My whole world suddenly seemed to begin and end with her. Nothing else mattered or existed.

I bent down to shake her hand. What I really wanted to do was pick her up and hold her close so that nothing could ever harm her. Nothing would ever harm her. I would kill anyone who tried to hurt Claire with my bare hands.

I heard Paul mutter something that sounded like "ew" but I couldn't be too sure. I heard Embry say something, but it was also muffled. Their voices seemed be coming from far away. Almost as though they were coming out of a transistor radio that had staticky reception.

Before I knew it, Claire was ripped away from me by Sam. He put her into Emily's arms. I didn't understand their reaction, but I didn't dwell on it as my attention stayed firmly on Claire. She was like a beacon of light in the middle of a storm.

"You. Outside. Now." I heard Sam say although I could barely make out the words as I continued to stare at Claire. She had begun to squirm in her aunt's arms as she called out for me.

"Qwil," Claire cried.

I wanted desperately to go to her and take away her pain. It tore at my heart, but all of a sudden I felt a shove. Before I knew it, I was outside. I blinked in surprise. I thought I heard Sam say something about phasing, but I was too focused on Claire who I could hear crying inside the house.

I felt something smash into my face with surprising force. I fell backwards under the impact and ended up staring up at the sky. I was surprised to find myself in this position. Since turning into a wolf, very little could have knocked me on my ass, but that was exactly what had happened. My cheek throbbed painfully as I stared up at Sam who was standing over me trembling, his hand still in a fist. What the hell?

Before I could ask why he had punched me, I heard Claire's crying reach a hysterical level. Was she hurt? I panicked at the idea and tried to get back to her, but Sam wouldn't let me. Instead, he pushed me towards the forest. I began to shake hard. What was his problem? I managed to take off my clothes a couple of seconds before I phased. I felt Sam phase soon after.

"What the hell did you punch me for?" I yelled, fury driving the heat up and down my spine.

"Show me what just happened," Sam commanded using his Alpha voice.

I felt the weight of his order hit me forcefully, making me drop to the ground. I immediately showed him what happened from the moment I got to the house and felt the strange pull, to when I looked into Claire's eyes and knew I would die before letting her come to any harm. I could feel his relief as he realized there was nothing romantic in what I felt for his two-year-old niece. The idea made me sick to my stomach.

"Of course there wasn't anything romantic, what the hell kind of fucking pervert do you think I am?" I shouted. "I just want to protect her, keep her safe. I'm not in love with a two-year-old. That's just sick."

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry. And I'm sorry I punched you," Sam told me. "I just needed to see what was going on. I've never heard of someone imprinting on someone that young before."

We phased back and put our clothes back on. As soon as we walked into the house, I knew that Claire was in the kitchen. For one thing, I could hear her crying still…god, how that sound pained me. For another thing, I could feel the connection between us. I knew that I'd be able to find her anywhere.

As much as I wanted to see Claire and reassure myself that she was all right, I finally glanced around and noticed for the first time that my pack brothers wouldn't look at me. They were busy eating sandwiches and didn't even acknowledge my presence. Great, so now everyone thought I was some freaking pedophile. It hurt that my pack could think me capable of something like that. I couldn't even picture the day I'd see Claire all grown up and would want to marry her. All I could see was a sweet little kid who I wanted to shelter and protect.

"Cool it guys. Quil's not looking to run off with Claire or anything," Sam told them and went on to explain what I had shown him when I imprinted. As Sam continued his explanation, I saw the pack visibly relax.

"So that happened, huh?" Embry snickered, coming over to me to elbow me in the ribs.

"Dude, I thought we were going to have to haul your ass off to jail or something," Jared laughed. I tried to smile, but I could hear Claire's crying getting worse. I couldn't focus on anything other than that.

Sam, noticing my distraction, sighed and said, "Come on Quil, I think we need to reassure some freaked out females."

When we walked into the kitchen, I saw Cora drawing in a coloring book on the kitchen table. She kept looking at her sister, whose cries were getting heartbreakingly louder. As soon as I came into view, Claire went from hysterics to soft whimpers.

"Qwil, I want Qwil," Claire called out. The longing to just hold her and comfort her, overwhelmed me. I couldn't believe the pain I felt because she was in pain too.

"Em, Leah, its okay," Sam said and explained again what I had shown him. "Leah, why don't you go and eat before the guys finish off all the sandwiches. We have a long afternoon ahead of us."

"Are you sure?" Leah asked. She continued to glare at me. I almost snorted. She could go ahead and try to keep me away from Claire. It wasn't happening.

"Yeah, it's fine," Sam promised. Leah nodded stiffly and left the kitchen.

Sam walked over to Emily and kissed her cheek before leaning over to pat Claire on the head. Claire was still softly whimpering, her eyes pleading for me to take her.

"Em, why don't you let Quil take Claire for awhile? I'm sure she'll calm down once he holds her." Sam implored then whispered something into her ear.

I probably would have been able understand what he was telling her, but I had lost focus when Claire started reaching out for me again. Whatever he said to Emily worked because she walked over and handed Claire to me. Claire jumped into my open arms and began to laugh.

"Why don't you and I get something to eat…unless our family made pigs of themselves and ate everything already," I told her.

Claire smiled and started making snorting noises and saying, "piggies!" As we left the room, I heard Cora skip behind us. When we walked into the living room, I grabbed the two sandwiches that were left on the tray and sat with Claire on my lap as I ate hungrily. Cora sat next to Embry on the floor eating the other sandwich.

"Bread please," Claire pleaded and I ripped off a tiny piece of my sandwich for her to eat. I couldn't deny her anything.

I couldn't believe how much my life had changed in such a short time. Over a month ago, I thought I had lost my two best friends and I had never felt so alone. Now I was surrounded by my brothers and sister.

Claire wrapped her tiny arms around my neck and buried her face against my throat where she promptly fell asleep. I held her closer, feeling grateful for this day. Out of all the miraculous changes that had happened to me in the span of a few months, Claire was the most important. It was hard for me to fathom that this little girl would grow up someday and would be the woman I was meant to be with forever. If she chose to be with me that is.

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