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The battle for the kingdom

That same night, a few hours before dawn, Nerissa and her followers were making their way toward the palace.

"Are they ready Mai?" Nerissa asked.

"Yes mother," Mai replied. "They're ready for battle."

At the palace Irma and Sokka were pacing through the front hall. They had just found out Will was gone.

"I can't believe we lost her again!" Irma cried. "This is the eight thousandth time!"

"We're so dead!" Sokka groaned.

Irma turned on her husband. "I thought you were gonna watch her!"

"Me?" No you were gonna watch her!" Sokka cried.

"No you were gonna watch her!"

"Ah watch this!" Sokka yelled tackling Irma.

"Take that you creepy water tribe guy!" Irma cried punching Sokka.

Zuko walked into the room and saw his best friends wrestling.

"Say it! Say it!" Irma cried, pulling on Sokka's hair.

"It's a ponytail! It's a ponytail! It's a ponytail!" Sokka cried.

"What are two doing?" Zuko asked.

Irma and Sokka immediately stopped wrestling and stood up straight looking at Zuko with nervous smiled.

"That's a good question," Irma said. "Let me ask you one, Zu."

"Hippo-thetically," Sokka said.

"Very hypothetical," Irma corrected. "See there's this guy."

"But he's not a fire bender," Sokka said.

"No, no! He's not a fire bender!" Irma agreed. Zuko smirked at his friends, amused. Irma continued. "He's defiantly not a fire bender and er, his daughter, um, say…vanished," Irma said.

"Will's gone?!" Zuko nearly shouted.

Before he could say anything else, Cornelia ran into the room. "Zuko the outsiders are on the attack. Headed this way! It's war!" She cried.

Zuko acted quickly. "Cornelia go and find Will. We'll assemble the fire benders. Move now!"

As the two groups got ready to face each other, a storm started up. Animals and people ran to their homes in hopes of not being brought into the battle. Zuko, Taranee, Irma, Sokka, and the rest of the good fire benders saw Nerissa and her outsiders advancing quickly toward them.

Will and Jet were running as fast as they could toward the palace.

"I hope everything's alright!" Will cried.

"Me too," Jet nodded, as they ran.

Zuko and Nerissa's groups faced each other in a large field. Irma and Sokka turned around and waggled their behinds as the outsiders.

"Na, nah, nah, nah, nah!" They cried.

"It's over Zuko!" Nerissa cried. "I've dreamed of nothing else for years!"

"Boy does she need a hobby," Sokka muttered.

"Last chance Nerissa. Go home," Zuko ordered.

"I am home!" Nerissa said. Lighting flashed as the woman grinned evilly. "Attack!" She cried.

The two groups ran toward each other sending fire and weapons at each other. Nerissa stood on a high rock calling out orders to her followers. "Go for the eyes! Break his jaw! Hit him low! Get them! Do what you must!"

On a high cliff a distance away, Will and Jet saw the dust of the battle rising. They looked at each other in shock and quickly ran down.

Irma and Sokka were looking on at the battle worriedly. "What do we do? What do we do?" Sokka asked.

"There's only one thing we can do Sokka!" Irma said. "When the going gets tough, the tough get going! That's our motto!"

Sokka looked confused. "I thought our motto was Hakuna Matata."

"Sokka stop living in the past, we need a new motto!" Irma said.

Then she and Sokka ran into the fight with battle cries, trying to look intimidating. They were stopped short when some rouges shot large amounts of fire at them.

"Like I said; Let's get going!" Irma yelled as she and Sokka ran away screaming.

Will and Jet ran down from the cliff through a large river filled with logs. They jumped onto the logs to get to the other side.

"Just like old times!" Will cried with a small smile.

Jet laughed once. Then he slipped on a log, but to safety. As he and Will reached the other side the logs started shifting.

Mai jumped onto a rock and sneered down at Taranee below her. "Where's your pretty daughter, Taranee?" She taunted.

"Mai!" Taranee snapped. Mai jumped down and tackled Taranee and the two began fighting fiercely.

Irma and Sokka were being chased by some female rouges. Soon the couple was cornered against a rock wall. Suddenly Irma and Sokka smirked before pulling out some guns.

"Nobody move! This things are loaded!" Sokka cried.

"We'll let ya have it!" Irma told the rouges.

The girls screamed and took off running. Irma and Sokka smirked and pulled on the triggers. Confetti popped out.

Irma began to laugh hysterically. "Talk about your winds of war!" She cried between her laughter.

Meanwhile, Nerissa chuckled darkly when she saw the odds were turning in her favor. She saw Zuko become weaker with the attacks and leaped down from the rocks two of her followes on her side of her. "Zuko, you're mine!" She snarled.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and watched as Nerissa and Zuko prepared to fight one-on-one. They circled each other for a minute glaring at each other. Then they raised their hands to strike. Suddenly Jet and Will leaped between them and faced their parents.

"Will?" Zuko asked.

"Jet!" Nerissa cried. Jet glared at his mother angrily. "Move!" Nerissa ordered.

"Stand aside!" Zuko told his daughter.

"Dad this has to stop!" Will cried sternly.

Nerissa glared at her son. "You're even weaker than I thought. Get out of the way!"

"You'll never hurt Will or Zuko! Not while I'm here!" Jet told his mother.

"Stay out of this!" Zuko said to his daughter.

Will smiled at her dad. "A wise king once told me we are one. I didn't understand him then. Now I do."

"But…they…" Zuko said looking at the outsiders.

"Them. Us," Will said. "Look at them they are us! What differences do you see?"

Mai got a new look on her face when she heard what the princess said. She looked at herself then at the good fire benders. 'There are no differences," She thought.

The rain stopped and the sun started to shine through the clouds. Will and Zuko smiled and hugged.

Nerissa turned to her daughter. "Mai now!" She cried.

"No mother!" Mai replied. Everyone looked at her shocked. Mai continued. "Will's right." She walked over to her brother and stood by his side. "Enough."

The outsiders looked at each other in surprise. They couldn't believe their leaders daughter would turn against them. Nerissa glared at Mai. "If you will not fight, then you will die as well!" She sneered.

The rouges looked at their leader disgusted. Then one by one they walked over to the good fire benders side.

"What? Where are you going?" Nerissa cried. "Get back here!"

"Let it go Nerissa. It's time to put the past behind us," Zuko said.

"I'll never let it go!" Nerissa snapped. "This is for you Ozai!" She said under her breath.

The woman lunged at Zuko, but Will blocked her and the two of them tumbled down the cliff.

"Will!" Zuko shouted. He, Taranee, Jet, and Mai ran over to the edge of the cliff.

"Will!" Jet cried.

Zuko leapt down after them to rescue his daughter, but Will and Nerissa had already fallen too far for him to reach. As she fell, Will caught hold to a ledge and pulled herself onto it. Nerissa was dangling from the edge by her nails.

"Hold on Will!" Taranee called to her daughter. Then she looked up and saw the river start to flood rapidly into the ravine. "Zuko! Zuko the river!" She cried to her husband.

Zuko turned and saw the water rushing through. He started to go quicker.

Will reached her hand over the edge of the ledge toward Nerissa. "Nerissa, give me your hand." She said.

Nerissa growled and swatted Will's hand away.

"Nerissa come on! I'll help you," Will said.

Nerissa started sliding down the rock. She tried to find a hold, but couldn't climb up. With a scream she fell into the churning river below her. The logs and water dragged her under and the flow of water gradually subsided. On top of the cliff Mai and Jet looked away from the river with their fists clenched. Nerissa may have been evil, but she was their mother after all.

Will sighed. Then she turned around and saw her father. "Dad I tried," She said taking his hand.

A few minutes later Zuko and Will climbed over the cliff to join everyone else.

"Will thanks goodness!" Taranee cried hugging her daughter. Will then walked over to Jet. "Jet."

"Will, you nearly sacred me to death," Jet said, hugging her tightly.

Zuko looked at the couple for a minute before Taranee elbowed him in the ribs and gestured for him to go forward. Zuko smiled slightly and turned to Jet. "Jet I was wrong. You belong here."

Jet smiled at Zuko and Will beamed at her father. Zuko smiled backe. "Let's go home," He said. Then he turned to Mai and other former outsiders. "All of us."

The next day Will and Jet were married and Hay Lin and Aang blessed the new couple. Zuko was smiling and Taranee was tearing up. Mai stood with the now good fire benders and smiled at her brother.

"I love moments like this!" Irma sniffed tearing up.

Cornelia nodded starting to tear up too. "Yeah."

"Love, not like… love!" Both girls said in unison. Then they burst into tears. Sokka standing, next to them, rolled his eyes in annoyance with the two women.

The ceremony was more than just a wedding though. Zuko was going to pass the crown onto Will. Will and Jet walked onto the top balcony with Taranee and Zuko beside them. The entire fire nation was below them as they watched. Hay Lin and Aang both held up the royal diadem and placed it onto Will.

"All Hail Fire Lady Will and Consort Jet!" They cried.

The fire nation cheered for their new queen and Will smiled widely. She turned around and hugged her parents as they stood side by side on the balcony. The wind started blowing around Zuko and he knew it was Iroh.

"Well done my son," Iroh's voice said. Hay Lin and Aang nodded towards the sky and then high fived each other, thrilled they helped with Iroh's plan.

"We are one," Iroh's voice proclaimed.