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Summary: 17-year-old Bella Swan witnesses a murder while living in the town of Forks, Washington with her dad. Her best friend Jacob Black relocates her to Chicago, Illinois, where she meets a handsome young man. Is she now safe from the wrath of the sadistic killer? Or is she still in grave danger?

"I'd never given much thought to how I would die. But dying in the place of someone I loved seemed like a good way to go."


He was standing before me now. The cold-blooded man who I had seen take an innocent life long ago. I couldn't remember how long ago. Time hadn't mattered to me for a while. All that mattered was making the most of it while I could, with my own personal angel. So why am I standing here?, I questioned myself. A voice in the back of my mind told me to go back to him, but another voice argued that I had a reason to be here. There had been a perfectly good reason…but I couldn't recall it.

The man took one step forward, a smile slowly turning his lips up. That smile made my stomach turn. I swallowed back the bile that had risen in my throat. I longed to see the smile of my angel one last time, or at least the smile of my best friend. But instead, here I stood, having to see death smile at me before I, well…died. Thinking of my angel and my best friend, the reason I had for being here came back to me. "I will find every single person that you love. Every last one of them, and I will kill them. So please don't make this hard, for you or for me. It will be much easier if it was only you who had to die." It was what he had said to me over the phone a few days ago.

God, I was stupid. Exactly how was he supposed to accomplish that? He didn't know my mom. It was only by coincidence that we had ended up in Phoenix. I was pretty sure he knew my dad. But Charlie was a cop. Cops carry guns. He could've taken care of himself, had the need ever come up. He didn't know all of my friends--only Jacob. Did he know my angel? Or my angel's family? That, I wasn't sure of…another step taken by the murderer brought me back to the present. He no longer had a pleasant smile on his face. His face was now set in an expression of anger. No more smiles, no more dark humor. I was surely going to die now.

I guess this was one of those things that people think will never happen to them. Not even in my worst nightmares could I have imagined this happening.

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