"Wait, is that a scanner?" asked the pink-haired girl to her companion.

"No, not exactly… Follow me!" exclaimed the blond boy, gently dragging the girl into the booth. The girl chuckled from the short run as her friend fished a couple two euro coins from his pocket.

"So, what is it?" the girl insisted. Her friend slid the coins into a slot.

"It's a kind of machine that takes pictures. See that?" he pointed to a black camera lens poking out of the otherwise cream colored wall, "That's what sees what's going on in this room. And when I click this," the blond indicated a button on the touch screen before them, "a picture is taken." Realization entered the girl's light green eyes. She turned to face him.

"Oh…" Her friend smiled.

"Exactly, this is one of the newer types. It was installed a few months ago, actually." He smiled with pride at knowing such. She smiled back and pushed her friend lightly, touching the button that snapped the picture. "Hey!" he yelped, and a tickle fight ensued. Several prods of the touch screen later, the two reclined on the metal chair inside the booth, trying to regain their breath from laughing so hard. Then, almost unconsciously, the boy lifted his friend's chin, smiling warmly at her. She did likewise. The boy groped for the camera button, making the girl yank him closer. His face grew hot and his eyes flew open, making the girl's smile widen. "Uh…" She chuckled again at her friend's embarrassment.

"Jeremie?" the girl murmured.


"Can we redo that one? With less blushing?" Jeremie promptly blushed.

"Uh… If that's what you want, Aelita…" The girl nodded, taking her friend's face in her hand. He swallowed, and did the same.



"Close your eyes." He did so, and felt her warm lips against his. With a quiet groan, he deepened the kiss, making his friend's shoulders relax. From somewhere outside their temporary residence, "Islands in the Stream" by The Bee Gees softly played. After a minute or so of gentle back-and-forth motion, the two preteens parted. Both their hearts were racing and neither could tear their gaze away from the other. Suddenly, an idea came to Jeremie. He took Aelita's right hand in his, and moved her left onto his shoulder. Confusion entered her eyes. The boy smiled, face light pink and darkening.

"It's how couples dance…" he mumbled. Aelita's face matched her hair color as he said this.

"Couples?" she breathed, pressing her forehead to his, eyes closing halfway.

"Yeah…" The two began to sway with the music, enjoying their moment alone on Aelita's first night on Earth.