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Summary: Thrown out of pub,meeting a stranger,starting over. Seems like fun right?

Meeting Carlisle

Have you every been so pissed or angry that you what to kill someone or just had a bad day and someone just wants to fuck with you to make you more pissed than you already are and you start to plot how to kill that person for fucking with you? Well if you don't have that urge or feeling then your life is prefect, but my life is way more complicated, because of one small freaking reason. Do you what to that reason is? I can tell you this it isn't such a happy reason. I'll tell you the reason why my life is complicated it's because of what I am, what just happens to be a vampire.

My name is Bella and this is my story, and no it doesn't have a happy-ever- after. I was born on April 10, 1553. I was transformed into a vampire on April 26,1577 my creator, whose name was Carlisle. He found me in an alley way beside the local pub. I was drinking that night because I had recently learned that the one I loved and cherished, Erik Storm, had been murder. I went to the local pub to drown my sorrows in the tanker I was drinking out of. I had gotten to loud and the owner kick me out into the alleyway which was where Carlisle had found me. I thought he was crazy at first because I knew how horrible I smelled but, yet he just kept walking to me. He squatted so that he could see my eyes, then he asked in a voice that was so low that I almost didn't hear him.

"Do you want to come with me".

I stared back into his eyes. They had a murky brown color to them. I then moved my eyes from his eyes and look at his face, I gasp. It was beautiful.

His skin was very white, almost like a ghost, his nose was at a perfect point, his lips were the color of the lightest pink, but perfect nevertheless, his hair looked like brown waves that moved with the wind, I could see little streaks of blonde in them. I felt a twang of jealously, because I was beautiful, but I couldn't compete with him. I noticed he was waiting for any answer to a question he had asked.

"What did you say" I asked stupidly.

"Do you want to come with me" he repeated.

"Why do you want me to come with you" I asked.

"I can provide shelter, clothing and food for you" he said warmly.

"Fine I'll come with you" I finally said. I got up and followed him, he had a carriage waiting to take us were he wanted us to go.

I got in the carriage and he got in after me. He sat across me and just stared at me the whole entire trip, not move a muscle, not blinking and it looked like he wasn't breathing either.

I knew right then and there that who ever he was he was not human.