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An Epilogue: It's a Cloudy Night Sky

The full moon peered through the thick clouds; the air was warm in the middle of the summer. Riza was sitting on the couch in the reception room, watching the clouds pass by as it slowly covers the moon. She returned from the future just as she disappeared; it was odd since it hasn't been a day that gone by since she left for the future. No one had looked for her; it was as if she never left at all. Everything was normal, but nothing will ever be normal to Riza as the knowledge of the future weighed heavily on her shoulders.

She couldn't help but worry about the well being of her friends fighting against a powerful man she feared that might defeat them. But really, what's there to fear? She believes Tsuna and the others would safely return and everything will be back to normal, right? Maybe.

Riza sighed; the room was getting cold from the chilly air outside. She hugged her knees tightly against her chest to keep warm. Her mind started to wander off, she thought of Hibari; she wondered when she'll be seeing him again. She wondered if he's still going to be the same Hibari she to love. Of course he'll be the same. Even if he experienced his future, she knew that Hibari will be the same, but stronger and fiercer.

She sighed heavily. She probably won't be seeing him for a while, so why is she in the reception room?

"Really? Why the hell am I here? I just got back myself so why am I expecting him to return right at this moment when the final battle hasn't even started yet?" she laughed.

She laughed and yet tears were rolling down her cheeks.

"Wha—I'm being silly." She then got up; she didn't even realize that the whole room was already dark. She was so in deep thought that she had forgotten to turn the lights on.

"Oh! I should probably go and check on Nana-san. I'm sure she's worried about Tsuna-san."

Riza then gathered her belongings, she cleared the bed and placed all the sheets in the corner if the room. She won't need them. She plans to return to Italy when everyone is back and safe.

She walked out of the room, stopping before exiting the door, only to steal another glance of the room. She pictured Hibari sitting on the couch, reading his favorite book. He looked so calm that Riza miss him after she leaves.


The sky slowly cleared up, the Sawada household looked lively and it was unexpected. Twelve o'clock, she figured Nana would be asleep but the household was full of chatter and laughter. Riza's face lit up as she realized who they were. She rushed up to the door, didn't even bother to knock as she just barged in the house. She followed the voices; her senses took her in the dining room where she was immediately greeted by the sweet delicious aroma of Nana's home cooked meals.

"Riza-chan!" everyone greeted her. Riza's eyes were immediately filled with tears of joy.

"Y-You guys…"she trailed off as tears wouldn't stop form flowing.

"Oi devil-woman! Don't cry! You're spoiling the fun!" Gokudera greeted with a forceful smile.

"Hello to you too Gokudera." Riza smirked brushing her tears away. She joined her friends and sat on the available chair which was right next to Yamamoto. The room fell immediately silent. Riza, who was about to reach for a piece of fried chicken, stopped halfway, she looked at them then at Yamamoto.

"What?" then as if they had planned it; the room was immediately filled with laughter.

"Did I miss something?" she asked Yamamoto. He smiled then shrugged, because he too didn't have any clue as to what had occurred.

"You guys are weird… speaking of weird, how did you guys got back here so fast? I just got back myself here early this morning."

"Shoichi-san and Spanner-san had set the time back on when we first left." Riza nodded.

"Is that so…?" she smiled then took a bite of her food.

"Ano…Ri-chan, you look different." Kyoko said, Riza smiled then brushed her hair with her fingers. Haru appeared next to Kyoko carrying a new batch of fried chicken and baked meatball.

"Yeah Riza-chan…the short shaggy look is really nice. Sporty and spunky…it suits you." Haru smiled.

"Yeah? Dino-nii gave me a haircut, my fight in the future left it very uneven." She said, Gokudera scoffed then laughed.

"Your hair was already uneven in the first place!" he retorted.

"Well it was called a layered hairstyle! Now why do you care anyway?" Riza then faked a gasp. "Could it be that you liked me with long hair? OMG! Gokudera likes me!" Riza laughed with sarcasm still lingering in her voice.

"Oh can it devil woman!" everyone laughed, everything continued with happiness and Riza's heart was almost cured but there was still a bigger part in her that wasn't quite healed yet. She knew she can't continue on like this, half empty and all. She wants to return to Italy with the knowledge that she's welcome in his arms she comes back.

His arms; Hibari's cold yet tender touches. Riza immediately jumped to her feet surprising everyone in the room. She looked at them with sweetness and bowed, bidding herself farewell and ran outside.

The rest didn't get the chance to say anything, she had already left.

The moon was rising higher up above her, illuminating the street with its enchanted silver glow. Riza ran as fast as she could, a wide smile plastered on her face. She wanted to see him badly. Talk to him as he had promised. She reached the school grounds, the gates were closed but that didn't stop her. She jumped over the fence but barely made it as her previous wounds still hasn't healed.

Still staggering, she made her way into the building not knowing what she will find. Her guts led her back to Nami middle, she doesn't know whether HE will be in the building but there was something I her telling her everything will be okay and that he will be there.

Riza skidded to a stop in front of the reception room, she hesitated but after a short pep talk, she pushed the door open. It creaked as it slowly swung open, the room was dark and there was no sighs of any life in it.

She sighed; everything was the same as she had left it a while ago. Nothing changed, there was no Hibari sitting on the couch waiting for her. Then she realized it.

Sadness soon followed.

"Now why would Hibari wait here?" Riza entered the room; it was chilly as the wind blew the curtains up, bringing in the summer scent.

Riza took in the smell and sat down on her bare bed. It squeaked as her weight weighed down on it. The night sky was slowly turning colors; light was peering over the horizon. Riza couldn't help but think about Hibari's whereabouts, as she watches the sun slowly rising.

"I should have waited, then maybe…just maybe I—" she sighed.

"Wao…I didn't expect to see your ugly mug this early." It was the voice that Riza wanted to hear, though the harsh words she could live without.

"Hibari!" Riza jumped to her feet and ran towards Hibari without thinking it through, but then as she was halfway to him she stopped. Hibari merely stared at her. Riza couldn't tell whether he was going or just staring.

She smiled.

"So…how have you been?" She asked; she wanted to hit herself for that question; she then mentally scolded herself for being idiotic. Of course Hibari wasn't fine; he looked like he was just mulled by a horde of elephants, with his bandaged body and tired eyes-though he tries not to show any signs of it.

"Uh…" she trailed off.

"If you have nothing else to say then its best if you leave." Hibari turned around and was about to leave when Riza's hand caught his sleeve.

"W-Wait…" she stuttered.

"Hmm?" Hibari's lips formed a smirk. Riza's heart started to pound that she could hear it bounce against her chest.

"Don't go, do you mind if I ask you to stay here…with me?" she looked at Hibari, locking her eyes with his cerulean orbs.

"As a matter of fact…I do mind." He said flatly and coldly. Riza chuckled; she approached him, wrapping her arms around his firm body. Hibari flinched as she made contact; she laid her head against his chest listening to the beat of his heart.

"No…stay here anyway." She sighed.

"Then what was the point of asking me…" his voice fierce but Riza was unfazed with hid attempts of pushing her away. She chuckled and pulled away from him, turning around and walking towards the window. The light outside was almost peeking through the glass.

"Well…you promised me, remember? That we'll finally talk once we return." Hibari looked finally relaxed. She sighed in relief but what came after was an uncomfortable silence.

All Hibari could do was stare and it was making Riza uncomfortable.

"Stop staring…" she muttered.

"You cut your hair." He flatly said, "…it suits you." He finished. Riza stared in awe, surprised at the words that came out of the cold and fierce head prefect.

"D-Did you just compliment me?" Riza tried to keep a cool composure; she couldn't help but be excited. It was the very first time Hibari ever complimented her. It was nice but coming from him, it sounded very strange to her ears.

Hibari on the other hand just stared; they kept a distance from each other. Riza could still feel that invisible wall separating the two of them. They stayed that way for a while and she hated it.

"Ne…why is it always like this? You know between us." Riza finally broke the silence, at the same time attempting to break that wall. Hibari just looked at her; she was starting to feel that Hibari didn't want to be in that room any longer.

"Why is it that every time I attempt to close in the distance, you always pull away?" Riza was now determined to get an answer, one way or another, Hibari stayed silent, it was starting to irritate her.

"ANSWER ME!" she cried out. Tears were slowly swelling in the corners of her eyes. She couldn't do anything to stop her feelings from coming out. And yet Hibari was still silent, not even a single word or a smirk from him.

"Fine…if this is how you want things like this, so be it. I'll leave you to yourself." Riza sighed heavily. She'll return to Italy with a broken heart if things continue to go the way they are now. She took one last glance at Hibari before leaving the room.

Hibari was then left alone with Riza's voice ringing in his head. "Stay…with me."

He doesn't know how to respond to her, he doesn't know how to approach her when she had practically laid herself bare to him. Yet he acted indifferently, pushing her much further. He wore her out; her feelings for him could only go so far.

He doesn't know what to say when she wanted to talk; it was something he couldn't help. There was nothing he could talk about; it wasn't like him to do so. He only knows how to inflict pain to others, he never liked anyone. He pushes them away and yet this one girl had insisted to stay by his side, and yet he did nothing but drive her away.

Don't you leave me… is something he can never say, neither does I love you. They're only words and yet he had let himself be defeated by mere words.

Words can be powerful.

Overwhelming yet they are just words,

Hibari turned around to find Riza; he had found a better way to express his feelings. No, not through violence but with something much more. He's going to do it his way.

Riza reached the school gates, her eyes red and swollen from crying. Well so much for talking, the simple conversation she was craving for turned into a disaster. She didn't want to hold her feeling any longer than she already had.

She used the stone fence as support, her legs had weakened, her broken arm throbbing in pain as she had clenched them as hard as she could.

When she was about to bolt into another run, she heard footsteps behind her. She turned to see the unexpected.

"Riza…" Hibari called out.

She took a step back; she can't face him anymore not after what happened. She took another step to sprint when with a sudden swoosh; she saw an object flash before her. She stopped. Her eyes widened to see one of Hibari's tonfa stuck to the stone fence.

"Make another move and the other one will hit you…" he fiercely yet calmly threatened. "And if you run away…I'll break your legs."

Riza scoffed.

"Is that a threat?" she asked with a little attitude.

Riza turned around to pull the tonfa out of the wall, but before she could toss them back to Hibari, he was already in front of her, pinning her against the wall.

"I don't know what it was you saw in me, but you made a mistake falling for some like me. You are nothing but a herbivore to me and I will bite you to death if you continue to pursue cupid's arrow." He whispered in her ears, his warm breath brushed against her skin, making the hair on the back of her neck stood on ends,

"You see, I'll make you life a living hell…if this is still what you want." Riza tried to push him away but having only one available arm made it impossible to do so.

"Get off me Hibari, you already showed be how you really feel so there's no need for you tell me what it is I should pursue and you defi-" she was cut off by Hibari's lips against hers. He pulled her into a rough yet passionate kiss. They pulled away; Riza was in tears and was silent.

She couldn't express how she was feeling anymore.

"H-Hibari-kun?" she stuttered.

"Payment…received." He smirked.


"Oh, don't tell me you have forgotten?" he calmly muttered. Riza immediately thought of Italy, of when she had first kissed him and the time at the reception room when Hibari attempted to claim the so-called payment.

Riza smiled. "Oh that… Well how about I add a little extra?" she then pulled him to another kiss but this time it was quick.

"The rest shall be given to you in full once I return from Italy. And that's a promise."

Hibari smirked, it was getting hard for him to be near Riza but he didn't mind as long as he could get to bite her to death later, this moment between him and her, it will all be worth it then.

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