Hey Everybody what's up! This is my second fan fiction so far (my first one I removed because the story was going into a different direction and got messed up so I took it down) and I hope that I can follow through with this one instead of giving up in the first few chapters.

Mabinogi: Destiny

Chapter 1 : Travel


It was burning hot, the wooden pillars that supported the manor were set ablaze and would soon collapse around the 2 men in the small bedroom.

On one end, a young boy, barely older than 14 stared from a barely standing doorway past the burning furniture and books at another figure, also no older than 14, who stood, with a bloody sword and the corpse of a young girl cut from the shoulder towards the waist. The 2 people stared at each other, one with a horrified look and the other with a cold expressionless scowl.

"Why?…" was all that the boy at the door said before the flames engulfed his vision.


"Haaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" was all the young yawned as he woke up from a very long and relaxing rest. "Wonder what brought that up?" he said out loud. He was a young 18-year-old man, with an average build, slightly pale skin, ghostly white hair, blue eyes, with a plane black shirt and blue cloth pants. He wore no armor except for some steel pads that extended from his wrist and up to the elbow and armored boots that reached up to his knees. At his side was a katana with a red sheath and a black blade hidden within. He stood up, pulling of the black robe he was using as a blanket and looked around.(yes I know that most of everything about this guy is described with the word black! Deal with it).

He was surrounded by trees, the sunlight peered through the leaves creating a beautiful mix of shadow and light on the short grass. Next to his feet was a bag filled with several traveling supplies including a map sticking out of the opening. "Perfect!" the young man said as he pulled the map from his bag. "The next town should be just down this trail." he thought as he trailed his finger across a road until it came to a name written across an X which read "TIR CHONAIL." As he read the name he rolled up the map, threw on his cloak, gathered his things and went down the road.


"Name?" said a guard clad in all black leather armor with a helmet obscuring all his facial features except his mouth. "Name!?" the guard said slightly louder when he realized the man he was speaking to wasn't quite paying attention. " Huh? Oh! Sorry!" the man bowed his head and, as he came up, pulled of his hood, revealing his white hair. "My name is Sol. Sol Invictus." The young man said smiling. "and you are?" Sol asked the guard. "I'm Trefor, the captain of the guard in Tir Chonail." The man known as Trefor proudly proclaimed.

Sol looked around and closely inspected the town from the view of the hill that he and Trefor were standing on, not seeing anyone in any particular uniform or even a guard station. "Looks like the only guard would be more accurate." "Urk!" Trefor settled down after hearing this and hung his head. "Uh…I mean.. um.. So, Captain of the Guard!, what's that like?" Sol said awkwardly, trying in vain to console him. "Here…" trefor said while handing a small piece of Paper to Sol. "It's a map of the village, it's free." trefor said in a melancholy tone. "Uh.. Thanks." Sol said as he hurried towards town hoping to get away from the large aura of awkwardness that he unwittingly created.


"Somehow I imagined a more lively place." Sol thought as he looked around town. There weren't that many people outside and the ones that were, were a bit panicky and in a rush when he tried to talk to someone. He could've sworn one guy crapped his pants mid-conversation before he ran off. Eventually he walked down a hill and came to a very tall building. "according to the map this should be the Inn." Before Sol even moved a body came crashing right through the door. When he looked inside he could see 2 others staring back out probably at their friend and some huge guy with his 2 armed buddies next to him sitting in the back.

"What's the matter? You 3 were talking so big before." the large one yelled at the 2 people who, by this time were literally shaking in their boots. "HEY CUT IT OUT!" A young brown haired girl yelled while throwing a frying pan at the larger man. She had a furious look in her eye and was breathing heavily was next to her was an older man who was trying to calm her down. "What the-!?" the larger man exclaimed as he pulled his axe from it's holder on his back and raised it up. "You little-" before the man could finish his sentence, he was struck by something else in the back of the head, this time a rock. "Now who's throwing crap at me!?" the man said swinging around furiously. everyone backed away revealing Sol smiling while walking towards the man.

"And what do you think you're doing you little bastard." the man said looking down on Sol who was only a few feet away. "Just checking out a dumb gorilla and 2 chimpanzees." Sol said. The larger man snapped at this point and tried to bring his axe down on Sol only to feel an immense pain in between his thighs. The man's axe fell from his hand as he clutched his groin in pain. Sol looked and realized that one of the gous friends was missing and soon he heard a voice from behind. "You sonofa-!" before he could finish Sol jammed his still sheathed sword into the gut of the guy who tried to jump him and as the second friend tried to rush him Sol pulled out his sword hard and jammed the bottom end of the handle into the gut of the next guy as he did so. "You still wanna go?" Sol said with the larger man's throat mere centimeters away from his swords black blade. Without a word the larger man grabbed his 2 buddies and ran out of the inn. "I wanted some excitement but that was a bit much." Sol said while turning towards the 2 people behind the counter. "Now then I'd like to rent a room." Sol said smiling.


"My name is Piaras and this young lady is my niece Nora." The innkeeper said introducing himself. "Pleased to meet you, and thanks for helping out earlier." Nora said. "Niece? Not daughter?" Sol asked. "Her parents were killed when the bandits first came here a few years ago." Piaras said with a solemn look in his eye. Nora herself look away for a brief moment. "I see… sorry to bring up bad memories." Sol said. "It's all because of them!" Nora said bitterly through gritted teeth. "Them?" Sol questioned without thinking. "Their gang! Their leader is the one who killed them! He's some kind of mage or something!" Nora yelled. "Nora calm down!" Piaras said. "I'm sorry about that, allow me to explain. Those three you chased out of here are members of a gang that has been causing trouble around here for a while now. Recently though they have been getting more bold because their leader apparently found something in Alby Dungeon that gave him strange powers. Now anybody who tries to go up into the mountain ends up dead." Piaras said. "That probably explains why Trefor is the only guard here." Sol commented. "No it's always been like that." Nora said. "Why?" Sol said. " We never really needed more than one until now." Nora responded. "That's enough talk of that for now. Why don't you both rest it's starting to get late." Piaras said referring to the setting sun in the distance. "you're probably right." Sol responded as he walked upstairs towards his room.


"B-boss! We've got a problem!" a huge man and his cronies came running into the main hall of their hideout and eventually bursting through a small door in the very back of the room with their leader looking over various texts and scrolls. Although his features were mostly hidden, he had grey hair and yellow eyes and was in hislate 20's or early 30's. "What is it now?" a man with a dark robe with strange markings drawn on it in red turned to face his cronies. "And don't say it was because of that Nora girl again." the leader said with an exasperated tone. "Well it isn't, … not exactly, anyway." one of the shorter men said. "there's some new guy there dressed all in black with white hair and black sword with these weird markings on the blade." he continued " We have to do something!" The larger man demanded. "Deal with it yourself, I have no time for such trivial matters." the leader said half-heartedly. Upon hearing this the largest man began to grow irritated. "Uurrgh!.. Dammit boss! Ever since you found that stupid stone at the bottom of this place all you ever do is just sit here and read. If you don't do something our reputation is going to go down the drain." the man finished. The leader suddenly stopped shifting through all the papers in thought. " I suppose I have been inactive recently… hold on!" The leader turned towards the three men in his room. "You said his sword had strange markings on it correct?" he asked quickly. "Uh… Y-yeah!" the man who made the earlier statement stuttered. "Hmm… probably an enchanted weapon. That would be very useful for my research into immortality." He thought. "You three! Bring this sword to me by any means necessary! It is vital for my plan." the leader ordered his 3 subordinates. "Uh… Y-yesir!" they all shouted in unison and rushed out. "Soon… soon I will become a god!!" the leader thought to himself.


The next day

Sol examined his blade closely as he sat at his bed, running his finger across the side and feeling the several small cuts and crevices made by the runes that were cut into the blade itself. In his mind several images flashed before him. Memories of a large walled manor in the middle of a forest, of several men and women in armor laughing and smiling around him, of a young girl with long black hair and a white dress.

"Luna…" Sol said in his mind.

"Hey!" a voice yelled from outside the door to Sol's room. Sol immediately sheathed his sword and answered "It's open." As the door opened, Nora came in with a tray of food and a cup with smoke rising from it. "My uncle said to bring this up. It's our show of thanks for helping out yesterday." Nora said placing the tray on the small table next to the bed. Sol said nothing other than a thank you and merely stared at his sword for a little while. "So how long have you been traveling?" Nora asked wanting to break the silence. "Not too long." Sol replied still with a slightly serious face. "Any place in particular you are heading to?" Nora said taking a seat next to the sole guest in the Inn. "Nope.. Just killing time. There's something I have to do but the time is not quite right." Sol said his look growing even more grim. "Um… anyway I have a few errands to run so I'll just be going." Nora said, feeling like she may have brought up something she shouldn't have. But before she could rush out Sol called after her. "Wait! Do you need any help? I've got nothing else to do right now." Sol said with his usual smile. "I suppose it wouldn't hurt." Nora said as they both decided to leave the inn and headed for the center of town.

"Malcolm!" Nora called from the doorway of the General shop. "N-Nora!? I didn't expect you this early." A young man stepped out from behind a pile of boxes precariously stacked next to an open closet door, he had a pale complexion, yellow hair and eyes and was wearing a sturdy leather apron. "I thought I might get an early jump on things. Besides, I have a guest who wanted me to show him around town." Nora said with a smile. "A guest?" Malcolm questioned as he saw no one else around. "Hey! Hurry Up!" Nora called out. Sol quickly came running up and apologized for lagging behind.


"Is that him?" the leader asked through a small crystal ball that he had given his 3 subordinates. "Yeah. Should we get him now?" one of them asked. "Not just yet. Based on what you've told me, if you rushed in now you'd probably get slaughtered." the leader pointed out while wondering why he kept such incompetent people in his gang. "For now just wait and watch. I will handle the rest."


"My God!" Sol gasped out as he was carrying a boatload of several boxes and bags. "I thought… we were supposed… to get… only a few things." Sol squeaked out as he waddled across the trail leading to the inn. "I'm sorry for making you carry everything but there is one last place I want to go." Nora said.

The graveyard was quiet and lifeless(big surprise there) and many of the tombstones were broken or were about to crumble apart. "Wow… what happened here?" Sol said. "More work of the bandits, this was usually their favorite hangout." Nora said as she knelt down in front of 2 graves. As Sol looked at the graves he saw that the names were almost unreadable. "these must be her parents." He thought. Eventually Nora got up and turned to face Sol. "Sol, there's something I want to ask you." Nora said with a more serious look on her face. "No." Sol said before she could even ask. "What.?" "I said no. I won't kill the bandits for your own desire for revenge and don't say "it will benefit everyone" you know its because of what you want." Sol said with a cold look on his face. "But-!" Before Nora could finish Sol spoke again. "It's getting late, we should hurry back soon." Sol said turning away. Nora didn't say a word and followed along silently back towards the inn.


Nora laid awake in her bed still a little put off by Sol's surprisingly cold response. "I guess It was for my own sake." she said aloud. "Maybe I should-" Nora… "What the?" Nora heard a voice Nora… It called out again this in a more distinguishable tone, a woman's voice. "Mo… Mother?" was all Nora said before she completely blacked out.


Sol woke up and lazily got out of bed. He remembered the incident the night before and wondered if he should apologize. When he got dressed he heard a lot of yelling and talking downstairs. "I wonder if it's those bandits coming for some payback." As Sol started out the door he saw that Nora's room was open. "Uh-oh… that can't be good." As Sol rushed downstairs he saw a huge crowd of people gathering outside the inn two of them he recognized as Piaras and Malcolm. "Hey what's going on!?" Sol asked Piaras who had a distressed look on his face. "Nora hasn't come back yet! She left sometime in the middle of the night and now no one knows where she is now!." Piaras said as he wrung his hands through his hair. "I'll bet it's those damn bandits. Well I won't stand for it!! I'm going to get Nora back if it kills me!" Malcolm said with fury in his eyes and immediately started for Alby before being blocked by Trefor and another older man. "don't be ridiculous! You barely even know how to use a sword!" the older man scolded. "But Ranald, I-" Malcolm started but was cut off . "I'll go find Nora." Sol declared. "What!? Do you even have any idea where she is?" an even older man asked. "You said the bandit hideout in Alby dungeon right? I'll just start there." Sol said as if it were perfectly normal. "But you'll be slaughtered!" Piaras exclaimed "every single person we've ever sent up there was either killed or was dying when he made it back." "You have any better ideas?" Sol asked challengingly. The entire crowd was silent and unwilling to step up. Taking the silence as all the answer he needed Sol headed off for alby dungeon. "Just…" Malcolm started "Just bring her back… Please." Sol Simply smiled and walked forward.


"Ngh!" Nora awoke in a very dark room. "Nora…" the same voice that called to her last night rang out. Nora turned around to see her mother off in the distance. "Mother!" Nora ran towards her mother as fast as she could with tears in her eyes. As they both embraced Nora felt a sudden pain in her chest and a slicing sound. She looked down and saw her mothers hand thrust deep within her. He looked up "Mo…ther?" The smiling face of her mother soon melted away to reveal the skull underneath. "Die" was what it spoke to her.

"Gyah!" Nora immediately sat up in a dark cell and started looking around. "where am I?" Nora stood up and walked to the bars and looked at the room outside. Across from her were 5 cells in a row, she guessed it was the same on her side as well. And on her right there was a staircase leading up. On her left there was a small little dead end with a table and strange runes drawn into the wall. "I think I recognize those symbols." Nora thought to herself. She also saw what appeared to be a human body on the table, mangled and torn beyond recognition. "Is this what they do down here!?"

"Correct!" A loud voice boomed from the staircase. "let me guess you're the bandit leader." Nora said in an irritated voice. "Yes and you are in my research room my dear. It is hear where I continuously search for the secret to God's Power." The leader said with a manic look in his eye. "So what do you need me for?" Nora asked with a defiant expression. "You are a bargaining chip and later a guinea pig." the leader said as he stepped towards the table in the farthest end of the room. "Nora looked closely at all the cells. They all had at leas 1 body in them, some of them mangled and others where still in a human appearance. "Is this what happens to everyone who comes here? Just research projects?" Nora asked. "What do you think?" he said as he sliced into the body on the table.


As Sol approached the entrance to Alby dungeon he stopped. "you can come out now!" Sol called out to a bush in a slightly frustrated tone. "If you're going to stalk someone at least do it well." When the stalkers refused to come out Sol sliced the area where he sensed them. The bush exploded into leaves and branches. "Hiyah!!" Three people appeared in the air each with their weapons drawn As they descended, to Sol everything seemed to slow down. He drew his blade and as he wrapped both hands around the handle he moved with inhuman speed slashing upward, diagonally, sideways and any other direction in between and sped off towards the entrance to Alby dungeon. As the Bandits finally crashed to the ground the larger one looked as Sol rushed off. "what's the matter you sca-" Before he could finish his body collapsed into several sliced and diced body parts and his axe blade sunk into the ground. And soon the other two figures collapsed into a puddle of blood


When Sol reached the inner chamber there were only 6 guards in the center. "I expected a little more." as he stared at the empty room. Almost immediately after he stepped in 6 more people leaped down form the ceiling, spears in hand. Sol leaped up and as the 6 assailants landed on the ground he spun in the air and sliced off the heads of the bandits that tried to skewer him. 6 bodies tumbled around him as more doors opened up and dozens of bandits poured out and some windows opened in the upper wall to reveal archers. "Well that's moor like it." as Sol gripped his blade he pressed a small button in the handle and the blade split down the middle and now there were 2 blades in each hand. He primed his battle stance and rushed into the horde.

His mind was blank, nothing but instinct and training was left. As Sol slashed through several bodies he would occasionally stop to either dodge or slash away arrows. One man tried to drive another spear into his back but Sol dodged and the only thing the man hit was one of his comrades who was standing to close. As he tried to pull his spear loose he was cut down by Sol's dual swords. "sloppy" He thought as he cut through 2 more enemies. "there's no organization in this attack, everyone is just gunning for their own personal glory. It's almost insulting." Sol continued the one sided massacre as one person fell after another. The arrows that were constantly following him were also starting to annoy him. As he cut the last one he snapped. "THAT'S IT!!" His blades started to glow and he immediately slashed in the direction of one of the archers sniping posts. A huge wave of dark energy escaped from the blade and destroyed the sniping post and the archer. He repeated this process as well with the remaining nine in the room. "That solves my arrow problem." Sol said as he turned to face everyone else.


"Sir! Sir!" one of the henchmen burst through the door as the leader turned to face him. "He's killing everyone, he'll probably arrive before-Aaagghh!" The man screamed as 2 black blades suddenly burst through his chest. "So this is where you've been hiding." Sol said as he shoved the body away. "Sol!" Nora yelled from her cell. "Looks like I ended up taking your revenge after all." Sol said in an oddly cheerful tone. He then faced the leader. "those robes…You study Fomor magic don't you?" Sol said accusingly. "Fomors!? that's where I recognized those runes from! I read about it a long time ago" Nora realized as several history lessons came back to her. "Yes! With this research and the artifact I've found I will be able to harness the power of the Great Fomor God Cichol!" The leader proclaimed. "That seems a little… clichéd." Sol said with a bored look. Nora giggled slightly. "Grrr! Quit mocking me!!" The Leader immediately blasted a fire ball toward Sol who then tried to block with his swords. The fireball exploded upon impact. "Hah!" Sol immediately ran through the smoke and was mere inches away from The former gang leader and sliced him in half. As he stood up Sol relaxed a bit but still seemed tense. "You Beat him!" Nora exclaimed! "Heh heh heh heh!" The corpse laughed . "And of course it's not that simple." Sol said exhausted. He immediately turned and blocked an attack from a clawed hand. As he examined the new body of his enemy he saw that his lower body was similar to the trunk of a gnarled tree while his arms were like black demon claws and although his upper torso was more or less human there was a crystal in his chest that was glowing green. "So that's the artifact that you found." Sol said. "Yes and with this I'll be able to-" "You wouldn't be able to kill a golem with that let alone become a god!" Sol began to laugh uncontrollably as he broke away from their stalemate. "Uuurrgh! You little-Augh!" The leader stopped dead in his tracks as he looked downward. Sol's blades were jammed directly into his jewel. "And another thing… don't leave your weak spot so exposed." Sol grinned as he pulled his blades out. The former leader yelled in agony as his body shattered along with the jewel.

"Well now that that's done why don't we head out?" Sol said as he slashed open the cage. "Uh… Y-yeah…" Nora said still a little dazed by what she just saw.


The following night was one of celebration. When Nora came home everyone decided to celebrate at the inn and eventually partied themselves out. Piaras thanked Sol dozens of times (Malcolm probably hundreds). Eventually though everyone left or fell asleep in the inn.

The next day

"You're leaving already?" Nora asked as Sol packed his things. "Yup, that's what travelers do." He replied. "Well have a safe trip. And if you ever come by again there'll be a reservation right here at the inn." Piaras said. "Thanks" as Sol turned to leave. He noticed a crowd gathered to see him off. He waved goodbye and headed straight for the forest across the field.


Well there it is. Chapter 1, Hope you liked it.

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The next 4 or 5 chapters are going to introduce other main characters and also put a little insight into Sol's past.

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