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For a few moments, Eighteen was immobilized with fear and confusion as Seventeen attempted to deepen the kiss. However, she quickly regained her sense and roughly wrenched her lips away from his.

Seventeen seemed confused and upset at her actions. "Why Eighteen? Why are you resisting me? Why won't you accept my love?"

"I can't accept that kind of love from you Seventeen. We're siblings, so we can't have that kind of relationship. It might seem confusing to you, but I can't comprehend a relationship like that between us. It seems wrong on different levels."

"Yet you'd accept the same kind of love from Gohan?"

"That's different. He's not a relative."

"Bah! Such ideas and norms are for humans!" He gave her a sly grin. "We, dear sister, need not bend to such rules."

"You're wrong Seventeen! This was my view even before Gohan and I got together. Twins can't have a sexual or romantic relationship. It's not something my mind accepts."

"Is that the only reason you're not accepting me? Is it only because I'm you're brother. What is it about Gohan that made you choose him, out of all the other men that are out there? Why him Eighteen? Why'd you have to choose the bane of my existence?"

"He wasn't the bane of your existence until he started loving me. Unlike you, he didn't force anything onto me. Sure…it seemed odd to fall for the person we had been trying to destroy, but I soon came to rediscover my humanity. Why don't you give it a chance brother? You're human to-"

"I AM NOT HUMAN! I refuse to accept that part of me! Humanity is the past. We are the future."

"But it's our past that shapes our future!"

Seventeen slowly rolled off Eighteen, and then began forcibly caressing her cheek. "You used to be mine! It was you and me against everyone else! What changed? What did Gohan do to you?"

"He showed me my humanity, and helped me appreciated the world we live in. Have you ever once asked me how I felt?"

Seventeen flinched at her upset tone. What kind of person has she become? It'll take years for me to scrub Gohan's filth out of her!

"I…I've never cried when I'm around you. You've always looked down on our human emotions. At least Gohan cared enough to let me express how I truly felt. No one else, not even you, dear brother, has accepted the true pain that I felt when Dr. Gero turned us into androids. You simply ignored it and moved on to killing people, and getting revenge for it. It is because he listened, that Gohan understands me in a way you never could!"

Seventeen's eyes widened in shock. "That…that's the last straw!" He got up, and picked her up by the collar of her shirt. "You ungrateful bitch!" He sent her flying with a punch to the face. "I killed Gero! I got us out of that horrible laboratory, and I killed the biggest threat to our existence, Vegeta!"

"You've been a good brother Seventeen," said Eighteen as she got up, wiping the blood from her cheek "But I have the right to find a lover, and get married and have children." Tears began flowing from her eyes. "I don't want to fight against you. Why can't you just accept this?"

Seventeen's eyes were wide as he watched his sister crying. No! Eighteen doesn't cry! She's not supposed to be weak! Gohan made her weak! How could he? She's my sister! He had no right to do this to her! She's become a disgrace, so I'll have to beat some sense back into her!

Eighteen fell back down as Seventeen's fist connected with her cheek. "Stop crying!" said the enraged android. He began slapping her cheeks. His rage was evident, he was furious with her. "Why…won't…you…stop…CRYING?" He then grabbed her by the collar and began shaking her violently. "You're being weak Eighteen! BE STRONG! BE STRONG!"

Gohan's eyes fluttered up and his ears picked up the sound of yelling, in addition to another sound. Someone was crying. He recognized the voice…it was Eighteen! Anger, welled up inside of him as he felt his power surge. After many long years, he was finally going to realize his true potential.

He slowly stood up as a golden aura flared around him, his hair spiking as he stood at his full height. His eyes turned turquoise, but the transformation didn't stop there. His eyes spied Seventeen, and a sobbing Eighteen. How could he? He's hurting his own sister! He's hurting the one I love! I won't let him hurt her! HE WON'T HURT HER!

Seventeen stopped his assault on his sister and turned to see the source of the yelling. At the center of a swirling, golden aura, stood the bane of his existence. Gohan's eyes lacked any pupils now and lightning crackled throughout his aura, giving it the appearance of a raging storm.

After a few seconds, Gohan's aura stabilized and his eyes reappeared as he reigned in his new power. "Seventeen! Leave her alone!"

Calling on his previous experience with super saiyans, Seventeen showed no fear. He wasn't one to be intimidated by someone's appearance, and simply smirked at Gohan's new form. He lacked energy sensors and didn't realize how powerful Gohan had become.

"You don't scare me with your fancy light shows, but if you want to die early, I'll be happy to oblige." Seventeen rushed headlong into Gohan, but was swatted away by the mere flick of his wrist. His eyes widened and he raised his arms to block an attack, but to his surprise, there was none.

Gohan had only wanted to get Seventeen away from Eighteen. Once that was accomplished, he was right by her side, checking to make sure she was okay. "There, there, I'm here for you."

Eighteen was shaking as she looked up into his eyes. "G-Gohan…"

"Ssh. You don't need to explain anything. I've got you." Picking her up, he cradled her in his arms. "I'm not going to let him hurt you. I'll protect you."

Reaching up, she caressed his cheek with her hand, smiling as she stared into his turquoise eyes. "You're at full power now. "

"I am…Will you be okay?"

"I will, and how about you. Does it hurt? Can your body handle the power?"

"I'm fine." He wiped the tear trails off her cheeks, still holding her against him with one arm. "You look beautiful. Too beautiful to have to cry like that."

As Seventeen watched the loving exchange, he was filled with a mixture of jealousy and disgust. His fists were clenched so tightly that blood had started leaking out of his palms. His glare had absolutely no effect on the lovers, who were more focused on each other than anything around them. That…bastard! He's stealing her away from me!

Gohan's sharp senses detected the oncoming ki blast and he put up an energy shield. He kept it up as Seventeen launched a relentless assault of punches and kicks. "Stop it Seventeen! I don't want to fight you. If you apologize to your sister, and agree to stop killing, I'll forgive you."

"Please listen Seventeen," pleaded Eighteen.

"Listen? You want me to listen to him? After all those years of destroying cities together, you want me to throw it all away and forget about my undying hatred of mankind?"

"Let it go Seventeen. It's all in the past. You don't have to be a slave to your hatred. Even if the people of this planet don't forgive you, we can always go to namek and use the dragonballs there to help out."

Seventeen shook his head and began to laugh. "You act as if you've already won. Did you forget whom you were dealing with? I am Android Seventeen! I can defeat any Z-Fighter, including you Gohan."

Gohan raised an eyebrow. "I have you outmatched in both speed and strength. How could ever hope to defeat me?"

A sadistic grin came to his face. "I'll just have to exploit your weaknesses. Or have you forgotten that the other two are defenseless!" At that moment, he fired two ki blasts, one at Capsule Corp. where Bulma was, and the other at the unconscious Trunks.

Gohan was unfazed by this desperate act as he beat one of the blasts to Trunks, scooped the little boy into his arms, and then took him and Eighteen to where Bulma was before blocking the other ki blast with a shield. "Like I said, you have not hope to defeat me." Gohan set Trunks on the ground, but maintained his hold over Eighteen, who was still clinging to him.

Seventeen growled in frustration before letting loose a more powerful ki blast. "Die! I don't care anymore! I want you all dead!" However, he lost his thunder when Gohan simply swatted the attack away. Seventeen was now fearful as he began taking steps back. "You! You turned her against me!"

"You did that on your own Seventeen," replied Eighteen. "But it's not too late to change."

"No! I won't allow this!" Seventeen's paranoia took hold again. "I can't allow it to end like this! If I'm going down, I'll take you all with me!" Seventeen spread his arms and legs out as he began to glow red.

Eighteen was horrified. "He-He's going to self-detonate! We can't stay here, we'll all end up dying!"

Seventeen began laughing, and with his body heating up and vibrating rapidly, the sound was distorted and was more demonic. "What're you going to do now Gohan? Even if you do leave, all those INNOCENT people here will die! Are you sure you'd want them on you conscience?"

Letting go of Eighteen, Gohan maintained a stoic expression. He stepped forward and said, "I'm sorry it has to end this way Seventeen." He extended his hands and formed an energy shield, but this one, shielded Seventeen from the rest of the world.

Seventeen remained unfazed. "You really think that shielding me from everyone will do anything? You'll only end up killing yourself and everyone around you. Seventeen continued to his crazy laugh until he was engulfed and artificial energy. Then there was a big boom, which strained the border of Gohan's shield, however, it held, and when the smoke inside cleared, Seventeen's body was nothing, but a pile of ash.

Gohan stepped back and powered down. He turned to Eighteen who had tears welling up in her eyes.

"My brother…" Latching onto Gohan, she cried into his chest. For all her life, a future without him had been inconceivable, and that included when she was with Gohan. Now he was gone, and without any dragonballs, there was no way to bring him back.

Gohan's eyes softened as he gently stroked her hair. "It'll be okay Eighteen. I'm here for you."

"Gohan…" Her sobs lessened and soon became sniffles, though tears continued to streak down her cheeks. She looked into his eyes and couldn't help but smile slightly, at his loving gaze. "Call me Jackie."

"All right Jackie," replied Gohan with a smile. "Will you be okay if I carry you back to the lookout?" She nodded, while burying her face in his chest and keeping it there. Gohan then turned to Trunks, who was just beginning to stir. "Hey little man."

"H-Hey Gohan." Trunks raised an eyebrow when he saw the cyborg crying in his mentor's arms.

"Get your mother Trunks, we're all going to the lookout. I'll explain everything there, I promise."

"What about Seventeen?"

"He's…" Not wanting to upset Eighteen with the word, 'dead', Gohan simply pointed to the pile of ash where Seventeen had detonated.

Trunks became somber as he began to connect the dots. "Oh…I'll go grab mom."

An Hour Later…

Eighteen had finally calmed down, but was still sitting in Gohan's lap for comfort. Master Roshi, Oolong, Puar, Turtle, Korin, Mr. Popo, Bulma, Trunks, Chichi, and the Ox King were gathered around them, listening to Gohan telling the story. They had all agreed to remain quiet and save the questions until it was over.

Gohan let out a deep sigh as he ended the tale, and turned to Eighteen for confirmation. "I think you got everything," replied Eighteen with a weak smile.

Trunks raised his hand, and Gohan called on him. "Why did you suddenly believe that you could change her? I mean…she's changed now, but how did you know you could do it?"

Gohan's eyes closed as he thought a way to put it. This won't be easy for him. I used his father as an example to convince myself that it could be done.


"Trunks…I'll have to tell you something about your father first before I can answer that." He turned to Bulma, who reluctantly nodded. Turning back to Trunks, with a serious expression, Gohan started telling him about his father's dark past. "Your father was one of us…well, on the way to becoming one of us, when he was killed, but he was originally an enemy who came to Earth to destroy it."

"But what does he have to do with her?"

"Trunks, your father killed…more people than…than the androids ever could." He saw the boy's eyes widening in surprise, but could tell the Trunks was sucking it up and waiting for more. "He caused, what it took Jackie and her brother eight years to do, in a matter of days. If he could change and even start a family, why not her and her brother?"

Trunks felt like he waned to scream, but also thought that his father would think badly of him if he were watching. I…I understand Gohan's reasoning…I'll definitely need to talk to mom about dad in the near future. It makes me wonder how someone like him every got to become my father.

Bulma rubbed her son's back, to comfort him. "I think I get it now. You thought you could change her, just like Piccolo and Vegeta changed. In fact, a lot of our friends were once bad guys too. You had no other choice, so you helped her rediscover her human emotions, and you kept this a secret, because you were afraid of how we would react to it, or you felt that we weren't ready to know."

"Yes…that's all true. I'm sorry for all the lies."

Bulma shook her head. "They were understandable. Besides, that statement you made to Trunks about Vegeta basically negated objections I would've had. Especially after you told us that she was part human and not a full android." She then turned to her son. "I'm sorry you had to find out at such a young age, but everything Gohan said was true." Looking back up at Gohan, she smiled. "Off course, Vegeta was never as open with me about his feelings as you two are with each other."

Gohan smirked, but then became a bit more serious. "We'll have our work cut out for us, cleaning up the damage from the past eight years. It won't be easy, but I think we can do it."

"It'll be a problem for Eight-Jackie," said Chichi. "Everyone knows Eighteen, I mean, Jackie's face. We'll have a problem if she goes into town to help out. Sorry, but I'm still used to calling you Eighteen."

"It's fine. Besides, I can always disguise myself," replied Eighteen. "I don't think anyone will recognize my voice, and I'm using a human name. They shouldn't really suspect anything unless I show them my powers."

Master Roshi got up and stretched. "Well, there's a lot of work to do. We'd better have a game plan soon. For now, I suggest we all go home and rest."

Gohan looked down at Eighteen. She seemed far too comfortable to move at the moment. "Jackie and I will stay here for a little while longer."

Everyone left the room, with a renewed sense of hope. There were no current threats to the earth, and the team of two protectors had turned into three. Gohan had found his love, and there was always the option of going to Namek to fix the damage the androids had wrought. The world was too far-gone for them to bring anyone back, but they knew that there were other useful ways they could use the wishes and it would always be nice to see the Nameks again.

I know it's disapointing that Seventeen didn't join them and become good. I'm not particularly good with closure, so I just decided to try and give a hopeful feeling at the end, and leaving all the options open instead of a 'Happily Ever After' ending. Besides, this isn't meant to be the happiest story, even if the overall ending is happy. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and now I'm going to continue working on the last chapter of 'Odd Affection'(which I haven't even touched in a while). Hopefully I can get it done soon and then move on to the next story on my priority list(I have far too many stories to update!).

Also, about the explanation to Bulma and Trunks, they basically understood that Gohan was on their side when he protected them from Seventeen. All that he would've really needed to do was tell them the truth and explain his reasoning.