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He walked in carrying the manilla folders that signaled yet another case. His trademark black shoes, shiny as usual, hardly making a sound on the grated floor. With the blue lights illuminating his pants and allowing the reflection of the desks to show on his polished shoes.

Cody looked up from the computer he seemed to be permanently attached to. Jake and Alex turned in their chairs, making an effort to sit up straighter. Monica even stopped her pacing to take a seat-albeit it was on a desk.

Seeing he had his team's attention, Donovan started handing out the folders "Last night a disk was stolen from the F.B.I.'s main office. On it is a list of undercover agents. 45 in total and all of them currently active. The disk is complete with addresses, photos, alias' used-including their current ones. The cameras at the office were alternately covered and shut down so we have no idea who the culprit is. But we have a list of possible suspects who had the means and the motive to pull this off."

Alex looked up from her folder to the list that had materialized on the screen "So if it's already gone, why are we even bothering. I mean whoever took it has probably copied it or at the very least looked through it.

Donovan looked at Cody, prompting him to answer "It's encrypted. It'll take whoever took it a week to access the information-give or take a few hours. Copying it is impossible until they get past the encryption."

"Makes sense, but Donovan, if the agents are in danger why aren't they just pulled out?"

"Jake these agents have been under for at least three months, infiltrating various drug, mafia, weapons smuggling, and child pornography rings. Gaining their trust to set up the take downs."

"If they're revealed they'll be killed, if they pull out it's another three months at least to get a new set of agents in there. Either way something could go wrong and drive the groups further underground. Taking up more time, allowing these groups to reek more havoc-possibly to never be caught again."

Jake nodded his understanding "So what do we do?"

"You and Alex will go under with an encrypted disk of your own, which Cody will take care of. The people that stole the first disk will more than like ly be eager to add to their collection of information. Monica will give you both your identities as well as the fake agents that will go onto the disk-just incase they can get past the encryption before we'd like."

"Okay, Jake and I go under with this disk, that's fine, but how will these thieves even know about the second disk. From what your saying it sounds as if these people knew what they were getting and where to get it. For all we know that's all they want."

"We've already put out the word about the 'theft' of the second disk. If these thieves are as smart as they think, they'll have their eyes and ears out, waiting for you two to surface. And when you do only agree to a partnership. Hopefully that will give you enough of an opportunity to swipe it or switch it. Just get the disk back. 45 members of our family are counting on us. Trusting us with their lives."

Leaving them to their jobs, Donovan silently prayed that the disk would be retrieved in time. If not, well he didn't want to entertain that thought.