A/N - When, as a writer, you take characters on a journey, you may never actually reach a final destination. After 'As Long As We Both Shall Live' ended, I thought I was through. But then - this little vignette of Sookie's thoughts came to me out of the blue. I wrote it down, and Sookie's Blog began. I have a tiny plot in mind, but I may never get there. For now, I am just offering my interpretation of the day to day life of Mr. and Mrs. Eric Northman. (There is more coming) This story is a sequel to ALAWBSL; please read that one if you haven't already. I'm happy with it.

Of course we all know that these characters were created by Charlaine Harris. She is the inspiration for our fantasies.

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Sookie's Blog

Thursday May 28

I was glad that Tara had her baby first, because I learned a lot from her, and then I was able to adapt everything to our own lifestyle. No books had been written on the subject of human/vampire marriages, let alone those that produced a baby. I was actually thinking about writing one, since as of now, every state except Utah and Idaho had passed the Vampire Rights Amendment. That meant there would be a lot of vampire/human marriages and inevitably, children would be adopted or born into these marriages (via in vitro using donor sperm if the husband was the vamp, or via surrogate if the wife was the vamp). Like with the advent of the PC, lives were changing so fast, our culture could not keep pace. I kind of felt as if Eric and I were at the forefront of this new world, and I might have some insights to share. But even at that, our situation will always be unique. Most vampire/human marriages will produce 100% human children since vamps can't reproduce. In our case, my Fae great-grandfather Niall told us on our wedding day that he had blessed us with the gift of Magick, allowing Aleksander to be conceived with DNA from both of us. There may be other children born of similar Magick from other sources, but they'll be few and far between. Anyway, we're not sure what this means for Alek, i.e. – is he vamp or human? Dr. Ludwig thinks it may take a while before we know. No matter – what will be, will be. We'll prepare him for anything. I've been keeping a journal and I'm thinking of turning it into a short book if it looks like people would benefit from our experience.

Our approach has been to have our precious Aleksander adapt to our lifestyle. Anything else would have given him no time with his Daddy. Babies sleep a lot. We just adapted Alek's awake time to coincide as much as possible with Eric's. We make adjustments for the seasonal changes of daylight hours. On most days, Eric would get up around 7 PM, give or take an hour. So Alek starts his day at about 10 AM, has breakfast, spends time with Mommy, has lunch mid-afternoon and then naps. He has his afternoon play time (Baby Einstein time) and then Alek and Mommy snuggle in bed with Daddy until he wakes up. We all have dinner together and family time until 10 or so. Then Alek goes to bed and Mommy and Daddy go to Fangtasia or work on Kingdom business. This works well for us now but Alek is only fifteen months old. We've come to the realization that as Alek's needs change, we'll have to be flexible. But isn't that true of every parent? Because of our unique positions as King and Queen of Louisiana, we're fortunate to have a live-in nanny – we couldn't function properly without Shannon's help. And eventually, we've decided that Alek will be home-schooled. But he won't be isolated – there are getting to be enough kids around here, what with all the Kingdom staff we now have, that we'll be able to have our own little school right here on the premises. What's important to us is that Alek experience the daytime world as well as the nighttime world. So his schedule spans both.

He's an adorable little boy with straight blonde hair and of course the most gorgeous blue eyes. He's always smiling. Alek loves his Daddy. And Daddy is over the moon about Alek. Sometimes Eric will bundle Aleksander up and the two of them will go off on a flying adventure. Really, they'll just be flying around the property here but I'm sure to Alek it's like a world tour. I'll hear his giggles and coos the entire time. Lucky boy. Now that the weather is getting warmer we've started taking Alek into the pool for some nighttime swims – he loves that. Well, he loves anything he does as long as he's doing it with Daddy.

Me too.

Monday June 1

Auntie Pam came over for a visit before we all went over to Fangtasia for the Area meeting. When Alek heard her at the door he ran over to her (well, he toddled over) and she scooped him up.

"Hey Buddy!"

Auntie Pam smothered him with kisses.

Who would ever have guessed?

Alek laughed and laughed.

And then the games began. It's so silly, but every parent does it. Why do we put the little ones through their paces, prompting them to show everything they've learned and everything they can do as if they were trained dogs? Well, that's a rhetorical question – I know the answer. It's because they're so damn cute.

When Auntie Pam finally put Alek down, Eric walked over to his son.

"Aleksander, show Auntie Pam how you bow to your King."

Alek turned to face Eric, bent deeply at his little waist and made the most perfect and very quick little bow.

We three adults glowed with pride.

Daddy said, "Good job, my son." And then he made a fist of his right hand and touched it to his heart.

Alek returned the gesture, Oh My God how cute is he? and said, "Thank you, my father." Well, I'm sure that's what he said although it sounded more like "Tinks you my fair."

Eric scooped Alek up and took him for a run around the house……..


Since the final death of King Felipe de Castro, (an ill-conceived coup attempt by Victor Madden resulted in both of their deaths) and the reshuffling of the states of Felipe's domain, Eric was now, thankfully, King of Louisiana. The seat of his realm was of course, still New Orleans, which was as it should be. But with the installation of his trusted subject Bill Compton as Sheriff of the New Orleans area, Eric was able to manage his realm from our home in Shreveport.

Pam was now Sheriff of Area 5, and she also bought Eric out and ran Fangtasia now. She enlarged it by adding a second floor which housed a huge space for another bar, bands and dancing. The first floor still had the store and original bar area, but was now used more for parties. We ran a long wall down one side of the dance space and took the booths out – this space then contained a long hallway accessing Pam's new office, nicer rest rooms, and bar storage.

In the back, the entire space was now devoted to Eric's enlarged second office - his 'casual' office. (The kingdom rented the space from Pam.) We had a decorator come in and completely re-vamp (I know – I'm laughing too) the space. Now he had gorgeous oak office furniture, soft leather couches, and state of the art computer technology. He had art on the walls done by very talented vampire artists – a huge improvement over the beer and boobs posters he used to have in his man-cave office. Now it was befitting the married man and King that he was. He didn't use the office for official royal business. Even though Eric was King now, his style of management hadn't changed, and he was still surprisingly engaged in day to day activities of the vampires in his realm. He easily could have delegated this stuff to others, but he preferred to keep his hands in, and Fangtasia was still THE central location for vamps in this state. I thought this was brilliant of him. He didn't want to lose sight of what was going on around him. It was his world, and he could only manage it if he knew what was really going on.

What was going on tonight was the usual Monday meeting to deal with Area 3, 4 and 5 grievances. (Areas 1 & 2 were handled in N.O. by Bill) Fangtasia was closed. Pam had final say as Sheriff of A-5. She was fair, but very tough.

I could no longer sit idly by and tolerate barbaric behavior. I vowed that I would not see another vampire being flogged with a silver whip, or have his fangs forcibly removed, or be subjected to any number of other heinous punishments that they all seemed to accept. I tried to keep my mouth shut, but I am what I am. I cautiously chose my moment – after everyone was gone, sitting with Eric in his Fangtasia office, on his lap, after having softened him with gentle kisses…………

"Eric, all I'm trying to do is point out that the reason you have survived as a vampire for over a thousand years is because you understand the need to adapt. And also because over time you have certainly come to fully understand human nature."

"Sookie, your kind nature notwithstanding, I am trying to point out to YOU that some things will never change. The ways of the vampire have existed for thousands of years, and our rules guarantee that we will continue to exist. When one of us breaks the rules, the consequences are well known. To deviate from these consequences will undermine our society."

"OK, Lord knows I do understand that, having been part of your world for years now. But what I just said about adapting – your society is now part of our society. When you all came out of the coffins, that was a revolutionary change. I've been thinking about this a lot, but I can't really settle on any one way to approach this situation. If we could work this out between the two of us, maybe we can come up with some new protocols for vampire behavior, and new consequences for deviation from those behaviors. Eric, you are a strong leader…." I gave his face a gentle caress and locked eyes with him. At least he was still listening to me. "Surely you can see the need for adaptation in the face of the new reality. Now that your society is out in the open, more and more humans are becoming aware of how you do things. The violent nature of how vampires operate is frightening to humans, and will only serve to keep the two societies separated. I know you all think you can exist on the synthetic supplements, but let's be real – you all still prefer and actually can only thrive on the real thing. Since you all depend upon us for your eternal lives, isn't it apparent that it's preferable for our two societies to be fully integrated? One set of laws? One standard of conduct for behavior?"

"Lover, if I am to be totally honest here, and my darling you are the only one with whom I can be, I will admit that I too have had these thoughts. But I keep pushing them to the back of my mind because for the death of me, I can't come up with any alternatives to the way we have always done things. Like it or not, we ARE different. We have a lust for blood which dictates how we do things. We've had to be possessive of our humans for our own survival. Our strength and our other abilities will always hold us apart from humans."

"OK, given. I wouldn't want to change any of that. I think we should all acknowledge and celebrate the differences between us."

"Lover right now I would love to celebrate the differences between US."

His hands started sneaking up under my shirt, seeking the treasure of the twin peaks, and at the same time he started nibbling behind my ear and moving down to my neck. I was quickly losing my concentration.

"Eric hold on a sec – when is the next summit meeting?"

"Lover it's scheduled for next month in Orlando. What do you have in mind?"

"Well, what do you think about putting this on the agenda? We could initiate an open discussion on this subject and perhaps form a committee of some sort to look into maybe creating a new vampire code – one that is respectful of all individuals, and has an awareness of how vampires conduct themselves in this brave new world of ours."

"I have no idea what kind of response we'll get, but as you have pointed out frequently, the older vampires understand the need to adapt and they may see merit in having an exchange of ideas on the new situation we're all in. There's no better place to exchange ideas than the summit. I'll put it on the agenda. And Lover?"

"Yes Your Majesty?"

Eric wrapped his arms around me tightly and moved in closely. I felt his cool lips barely touching mine, as he placed a finger under my chin and raised my face up so that our eyes met. He paused a moment and I felt his love wash over me through our shared bond. He said, "Tonight I will say a prayer of thanks to Odin and Freyja for the blessing of you, my bonded, my lover, my wife, my life. You are the other half of my soul. You are my Valkyrie. I knew, from the moment I first saw you walk into this very place that you would be my mate, and would bring me to life. And I also knew that through you, and with you, I would do great things. I will thank the gods, because I believe you are my destiny, sent by them to me, and perhaps they intend for us together to affect change for the good of all."

By now I had gotten used to the softer side of Eric Northman, the side which only I ever got to see. But still, once in a while, he managed to surprise me. I mean, what could I say to this? Words failed. I just fell into his sapphire eyes and caressed his face with both of my hands. My desire for him surged through me – I pulled him to my lips for a searing kiss, pouring all of my love and passion into his mouth and stirring it with my tongue.

"Let's go home."