You look as if you belong here I said,

But he humbly disagreed,

He'd merely got his destiny intertwined with this town,

And was waiting to be set free.

He took my palm and kissed it,

And charmed me with his smile,

The kind of smile that warmed my heart,

That special smile I hadn't seen in a while.

And that's when I gasped as he knelt to the ground,

And proclaimed I was one of the most interesting characters,

He had ever heard of, dreamt up, or found.

He looked into my eyes with a hardened determination,

And apologized for such a late confrontation,

With a timidity that I could not understand,

Until my very fingerprints recognized the soft feel of his warm and gracious hand.

He was my outrageous wanderer from out of the woods,

The best at making my heart beat like it never ever should,

And he was back to claim me once more,

If only for a brief moment in fickle time,

And yet I knew,


That he was no longer mine.