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"Sasuke, what are you doing!?"

"I haven't been able to touch you in over two weeks, what does it look like I'm doing!" in a desperate atempt to get her in the mood for what he wanted, Sasuke had picked up his wife and placed her on the kitchen counter.

"What if someone comes in here! You know Naruto will be looking for you for your report."

"I'll give it to him later, it's not like he's going to read it anyway; now stop talking!"

"Sasuke be quiet you'll wake the kids."

"It won't matter in a few minutes when I have you screaming my."


"Now who's going to wake them up?"

"No, that's not what I meant... we have a peeping tom."

Anger filled his entire being, hearing that someone dare spy on him while he was with his wife... in his own home! If it was Naruto, Sasuke was going to make sure he could never reproduce again; anyone else was just going to be killed... he was really frustrated damn it! But when he saw just who was spying on them, his anger quickly faded seeing his one year daughter sitting on the floor between the kitchen and the sitting area.

"I think she missed you too, and wanted to see her daddy." Sakura smiled hopping off the counter to get back to making lunch for the children.

Sasuke walked over and picked the child up, completely forgetting his frustation and taking her into the other room to play.

'Thank the gods she's got him wrapped around her finger other wise I'd have about six other mouths to feed right now instead of three.'

Note: Another one-shot, again random... I'm slowly running out of ideas, but when I get one I'll put it up so don't expect them as fast as they were coming before.

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