A Hated Thing

tag to Kitt v. Karr

Michael had argued with Bonnie about the laser. It was bad enough that he allowed them to install the darn thing to begin with the first time Karr had showed up. He had thought that Bonnie had destroyed it, that Kitt's power packs were there simply because it was too much of a hassle to remove them. Now he knew. The laser was going to be reinstalled, but Michael had been hoping that by stalling like he had he could find another way of destroying Karr without resorting to that.

Now Karr had the laser, and it would be used against his partner.

Just as he had always feared.

Michael brushed the dash with his fingers, feeling the tremors racing through the car. Fear or anticipation, he didn't know. He suspected the former.

But it was his fingers shaking. His fear that threatened to overpower him.

Because in the end, he had failed. He couldn't save Kitt.