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I jumped as I noticed a shiny Volvo waiting for me outside, and hurried to grab my purse and jacket. Scrambling down the stairs, I tripped and spilled the contents of my bag onto the floor.

"Gah--- stupid clumsiness. Why did Charlie have to curse me with his accident-prone genes!?" I grumbled, scraping my belongings back in.

I yanked open the front door and locked the deadbolt, and then I was off. This was going to be my first date with Edward Cullen, a mysterious boy who sat next to me in Biology at school. I was really looking forward to learning more about Edward, because it was sort of all of a sudden that he asked me out. I had hardly spoken to him, and he just came out with it one day in Biology.


"…And that's how to tell the difference between a plant cell and an animal cell. Any questions? No? Well, then let's move on…" Mr. Banner ranted. I'd already learned about cells in school in Phoenix, but I tried to pay attention to avoid gazing over at my glorious lab partner.

"Bella?" a musical voice asked suddenly from next to me.

"Yes, Edward?"

"Would you care to join me for dinner on Friday night?"

"Er… uh…" I stammered, taken by surprise. "S-sure, Edward. I would like that."

"Fantastic. Shall I pick you up at seven, then?"

"That'd be great."

***End Flashback***

There was something about this boy, and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Jacob Black had planted a seed in my mind though--- Quileuete legends suggested that Edward and the rest of the Cullens were vampires. But that couldn't be it, could it? I mean, I knew that Edward was certainly not your average teenage boy, but a vampire? Aren't they not even supposed to be out during the daytime? Well, I suppose I'd just have to find out.

"Hi, Edward," I said as I climbed into the shiny silver Volvo.

"Hello, Bella. You look lovely," he complimented, flashing a crooked smile that took my breath away.

"Thanks," I replied once my head stopped spinning.

He started the car and sped away. I wondered where we were going.

"So, what are you in the mood for?" he asked, glancing in my direction, "Mexican, Italian, Chinese…" he drifted off.

"Uhm, whatever you'd like is fine with me," I murmured shyly.

"Something tells me you wouldn't like the kind of food I eat," he chuckled, smiling at some inside joke, "How's Italian sound? Your name is Bella, after all."

"Sure. Italian's fine."

We sat in silence for a while then. It felt awkward, but I didn't really know what to say to strike up a conversation. So, instead I just stared out the window at the trees speeding by. Whoa, they were passing us fast. I wonder… I glanced over at the speedometer and gasped.

"Holy crow, Edward!" I shrieked, "You're going way too fast!"

"Relax, Bella, I always drive this way," he assured me with a chuckle. "I have very good reflexes."

"Nobody's reflexes are this good!"

"Bella, we're not going to crash. Calm down," he said, rolling his eyes.

"Edward, please. You're giving me a heart attack over here," I pleaded. "Charlie needs me… who would cook his dinner if I didn't come home?"

"If you don't make it home, it won't be because of my driving," he mumbled.

"What?" Did I hear him right?

"Nothing, nothing. Anyways, we're here," he said, shutting down the Volvo.

I stepped out of the car and shut the door behind me, taking in the scene. The restaurant had a wooden deck in the front, where hundreds of twinkling lights glimmered in the night. There were a few tables to the sides of the entrance, with people eating and chatting occupying them.

"Ready?" Edward asked and started walking toward the entrance slowly, waiting for me.

"Yeah, sure," I responded, walking through the door as he held it open for me.

To be continued…

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