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Stay for another morning

Study the curves on my face

Stay even when we're unknowing

Stay 'til they tear you away

I don't wanna leave you with perfume and promises

But we'll never know 'til we capture and bottle it

'Cause wouldn't it be such a shame

If all was wasted?

-"Perfume and Promises," Idina Menzel

I stared blankly at the blonde across the table from me. You have got to be kidding me.

"So I was all, like, 'what do you mean I have to wear shorts over the bikini bottom?' And he's like, 'Well, you have some cellulite on your ass that we need to cover.' So I told him to find another model because I refuse to be disrespected, and he told me that I was in breech of my, like, contract. So I told him to go fuck himself and enjoy his talk with my lawyer." Supermodel Jessica Stanley sat back proudly in her chair, crossing her long legs in triumph. How can she be so gorgeous yet so empty-headed?

We were on our first date, and it looked as if it would be our last, too. Of course I would go back to her place and fuck her, because that's what I did, but I didn't think I could take another dinner listening to her absent-minded babble. Funny, but when I met her yesterday, she seemed much more astute.

We had met on an elevator in my building. I was running late for work and she was running late for a meeting with her publicist. We chatted as the elevator made its way to the 35th floor, where my law firm shared the floor with Weber Publicity. By the time we reached the floor, I had her number and a date.

I half-listened through the rest of dinner, nodding when appropriate, never adding my opinion or asking questions. Jessica didn't seem to mind. She was content talking about herself and "stellar" career, as she put it. When the check came, she looked at me expectantly as I pulled my credit card from my wallet and handed it to the waiter. I knew that look. I grinned back at her, praying that the smile reached my eyes, and silently thanked God for the end to her mindless chatter.

We exited the restaurant, making our way to the car I took out only on special occasions. Though I could afford the exorbitant parking expenses that the New York parking garages demanded, I much preferred to ride the subway, where I could people watch and pray that I would one day run into her.

I cursed myself silently as I opened the door for Jessica. Stop thinking about her! I always sabotaged myself by thinking about The One That Got Away, as my best friend Emmett called her. I knew he missed having her around, but he didn't know half of the pain I was feeling at her absence. And in the two years we'd been apart, it hadn't lessened.

I pulled my mind away from images of her, focusing instead on Jessica's hand making its way up my leg. I concentrated on getting to her apartment on Bleeker Street without hitting any of the cars that congested the island of Manhattan as her hand found its way to my crotch and began to massage. By the time we had pulled up in front of her building, her hand had worked its way inside my pants was stroking my cock firmly. I groaned as she expertly moved her hand up and down the my length, alternating her rhythm from fast to slow and back again.

As much as I was enjoying it, I didn't want to cum too quickly, so I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me, crushing my lips against her as I zipped up my pants. She eagerly responded, her collagen lips opening to grant my tongue access.

"Let's go inside," I suggested against her lips. She moaned in agreement and pushed the passenger door open, getting out of the car and motioning for me to follow her. We made it to the doorway of her luxury apartment before her lips were back on mine and she was pushing me backward through the door.

She certainly is eager, isn't she?

Once we were in the apartment, clothes started to come off at a rapid rate. My shirt hit the floor, followed closely by her skirt. My pants were unzipped by the time her blouse was open and her silicone tits sprang free. Within minutes we were both naked, making our way back to the bedroom and the King-sized bed. We collapsed on the bed with her straddling my lap, my dick already hard from her actions in the car. Wasting no time, she plunged herself onto me and grabbed my hands to place on her hips as she rode me.

She kept up her pace for a good 10 minutes before she came, screaming as her orgasm overtook her. Once she was through riding the sensation, she frowned down at me when she realized that not only had I not climaxed, I was also no longer hard.

There was no doubt that Jessica Stanley was gorgeous, but her blond hair and silicone tits were not what I wanted to be seeing. I longed to see a brunette with deep brown eyes and beautiful, natural breasts riding me, love evident in her eyes.

But Jessica was no to be deterred. A wicked smile played on her lips as she climbed off me, settling herself between my legs and taking my dick in her mouth. If I closed my eyes, I could imagine it was Bella.

Allowing myself to think her name brought an onslaught of memories that I pushed into the back of my mind. This was neither the time nor place. But I did remember the way her eyes lit up when she laughed, how perfect she looked in her plaid sweat pants and over-sized t-shirt, her hair in a messy bun and her face clean of make-up.

I felt my dick hardening under the pressure of Jessica's mouth, so I kept my eyes closed and continued with my mental images. Bella's perfect ass facing me as I slammed my dick into her pussy. Bella's perfect breasts bouncing as she rode me. Bella's exuberant expression as she came. It was that thought that undid me, and with a final thrust of my hips, I came in Jessica's mouth, fisting my hands in her hair as she swallowed it all. She looked up at me triumphantly, removing her mouth from my dick and settling into her pillows.

She patted the spot next to her, indicating that she wanted me to lay down. I shook my head, hopping off the bed and searching for my pants. One rule I always followed: Never stay the night.

"Sorry babe, but I have an early day tomorrow." She pouted as I pulled on my pants and shirt, widening her blue eyes and giving me the "sad puppy" face. It was a futile effort; there was no way in Hell I was staying. After slipping on my shoes, I walked to where Jessica lay, kissing her forehead lightly. "I'll call you," I promised, knowing that I never would. She sighed and waved me away half-heartedly; she knew a lie when she heard one. I let myself out, walking quickly back to my car. Once I was safely inside, I closed my eyes and let the memories surround me.


I studied my reflection in the mirror critically. It's not that I cared what I looked like, but I knew Emmett's girlfriend Rosalie would chop off my balls and feed them to me for breakfast if I didn't look presentable tonight. I groaned as I adjusted the collar on my shirt. Why did I let myself get talked into these situations?

Rosalie's friend Bella had just moved to New York to start school at NYU, and she wanted to introduce Bella to people in the City.

Translation: She wanted to fix Bella up, and since I was recently single, I was the perfect candidate.

When I asked for specifics on Bella, Rosalie wouldn't give me much. She just said that she was 21 and a journalism major. That was it. Nothing about her appearance or personality. I was going in blind.

"Bro, let's go!" Emmett appeared at my door, looking every inch the frat boy he was in college. At 25, he was a year older than me, and more successful with women that I could ever dream to be. He seemed to have settled down with Rosalie, and though she and I didn't really get along, he seemed happy, so I did my best to be civil to her.

"I can't believe I let your girlfriend talk me into this," I complained as I grabbed my wallet, checking to make sure I had my Metro Card before sticking it in my pocket.

"Ah, come on, man. You and Lauren broke up months ago. It's time to get back on the saddle, know what I'm saying?" He wiggled his eyebrows at me suggestively. I laughed and followed him out of the apartment. He was right. I desperately needed to get laid. Maybe tonight would be the night for that to happen.

It took 25 minutes on the subway cross town, but we finally made it to Rosalie's apartment. We knocked, and I heard Rosalie shout from inside.

"Bella, can you get that?" Seconds later the door swung open to reveal the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

Her brown hair was pulled back in a low ponytail that swung when she moved her head. She was dressed casually in jeans and a tank top that clung to her curves. Her brown eyes were wide and smiled warmly.

"You must be Emmett and Edward. Come in. Rosalie's just finishing getting ready." I snapped my jaw shut as I followed Emmett inside the apartment. He pulled Bella into a hug, causing her to squeal in surprise.

"It's nice to meet you, Bella. Rosie's told me so much about you." Bella laughed as she extracted herself from his embrace.

"None of it's true, I swear!" Emmett chuckled and waved me forward.

"The mute here is Edward, my roommate and your date for the evening." I saw a blush creep up Bella's neck, and decided that if possible, she looked even more beautiful.

"It's nice to meet you Edward," she said shyly, looking at the ground.

"You too, Bella," I said gruffly, not knowing what else to say. I had never been speechless in the presence of a woman, but hey, there was a first time for everything.

Rosalie chose that moment to make her entrance, dressed in a short skirt and heels that showed off her long legs. Emmett's jaw dropped at the sight of his girlfriend, and if Bella and I hadn't been standing there, I'm pretty sure they never would have made it out of the apartment. As it was, they made out until Bella cleared her throat uncomfortably, forcing them to untangle themselves from each other.

"You guys ready?" Rosalie asked, straightening her shirt. Bella rolled her eyes but didn't answer.

Throughout dinner, I stole glances at Bella, only to discover that she was doing the same. Our eyes met for a brief second before Bella looked downward, a blush on her cheeks.

She was relatively quiet all through dinner, not really contributing to the conversation unless asked a specific question.

After dinner, Rosalie and Emmett wanted to go for drinks, but Bella begged off, saying she had an early morning.

"Do you remember how to get back to apartment?" Rosalie asked her, clearly worried that her friend would get lost.

"I'll take her," I offered, grinning when I saw her eyes light up. Rosalie frowned at me.

"You're sure?" Her tone was doubtful.

"Positive. Besides," I added, "I have an early day, too."

Emmett gave me a subtle thumbs-up while Rosalie's scowl deepened.

"You do anything to hurt her," she threatened in a low voice, "And I will castrate you. Slowly and painfully. Got it?" I nodded, stifling a grin. Rosalie may think she knew me, but as much as I needed to get laid, I had no intention of doing anything like that with Bella tonight. Something about her brought out my protective instincts, and I knew that if some guy did a fuck-and-run with her, I would kill him myself with my bare hands.

We left a jubilant Emmett and a doubtful Rosalie and made our way to the subway in silence.

"Thank you," Bella said suddenly. I looked at her.

"You're welcome." She smiled slightly, the small gesture lighting up her face, and I had a hard time taking my eyes off of her. She was truly the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

The subway ride was quiet, as was the walk back to Rosalie's apartment. Once there, Bella started to play with her keys, looking like she was debating with herself. She finally looked up at me.

"Would you like to come in?" She asked shyly. My mind screamed a resounding "yes!"

"I would love to, but I probably shouldn't," I said quietly, hoping I wouldn't offend the beautiful creature in front of me. Her face fell.


I scrambled for the words to make her feel better. "It's just that I know you said you have an early day tomorrow, and I do too. And I love your company, so if I come in, I won't want to leave." Her eyes widened at my admission, then lit with understanding.

"You're right. If you come in, I won't want you to leave, either." She brazenly took a step closer to me. "I had a great time tonight."

"I did, too," I said, taking a step closer to her. We looked at each other for a long moment before I dipped my head down to hers, placing a soft kiss on her lips. The I felt the electricity between us down to my toes. From the dazed look on her face, I assumed she felt it, too.

"Can I call you sometime?" I asked hesitantly, amazed at myself for my behavior. But I knew I didn't want to do anything to scare this angel off, and I was rewarded with a shy smile and a nod of her head. I smiled in response, leaning in to kiss her cheek softly.

"Good night," I whispered. "I'll call you soon." She nodded as she put her key in the lock and slipped through the door, closing it softly behind her.


I groaned at the memory and started my car. I hadn't seen Bella for two years, yet I could still remember every detail of the night we met five years ago. I remembered what she was wearing, the scent of her strawberry shampoo, the constant blushes that crept up her skin. I remembered her skin smelled of fresh flowers.

I drove in a daze back to my apartment on the Upper West Side, parking my car on the street and hurrying through the lobby to my apartment. I threw my keys on the table, then went to the bathroom and turned on the shower, anxious to get back to my memories.


Bella and I had been dating for three months when she found her own apartment. A small studio a few blocks from NYU, the building was run-down, but Bella was so excited about the prospect of having her own place that I couldn't bring myself to say anything. Besides, if I felt she was unsafe, I would just have to spend more time here with her.

The day she moved was eventful. Though she didn't have much stuff, Rosalie and Emmett insisted on helping, along with Alice, another one of Bella's friends, and Alice's boyfriend Jasper. I liked Alice and Jasper. She was outgoing and full of energy, and when she met me, she hugged me as tightly as her little body would allow.

"I've heard so much about you!" She exclaimed, unknowingly mirroring Emmett's exact words to Bella months earlier.

"None of it's true, I swear," I answered, looking at Bella with a teasing glint in my eye. She grinned as she taped up the final box and mouthed something that looked like "smart ass" at me.

We loaded everything into the small U-Haul Bella had rented, and she and I hopped in the cab while everyone else made their way to the subway. I knew if we drove fast enough, we would have time alone before everyone else got there.

We got to her new place in record time, leaving the U-Haul parked on the curb as we went to open the apartment. She had barely gotten the key in the lock before I had my lips on hers. She pushed the door open with her back, her hands winding themselves around my neck. I kicked the door closed and placed a hand on her lower back to gently lower her to the floor. She moaned into my mouth when she felt my erection against her leg, and wiggled her body so that I was situated between her legs. She tore her lips away from mine, using her hand to bring my neck to her level, and pressed soft kisses on my neck, eliciting a shudder of pleasure from me.

My hand found its way up her shirt, caressing her breast over the material of her bra. She moaned against my neck, pushing her head back so she could lift the shirt over it. I groaned at the sight of her perfect breasts bound only by the thin, lacy material through which I could see her hardened nipples. I leaned down and took on in my mouth, sucking on it through her bra. She gasped, reaching behind her to unhook it, and her breasts sprang free. I swirled my tongue around the exposed nipple, enjoying the feel of her hands fisted in my hair.

She took one hand out of my hair, bringing it to the button on my jeans and deftly undoing it. I kicked the jeans down my legs as she pulled, then flipped us over so she was on top. She smiled wickedly at me before placing hot kisses down my stomach to my boxers, slipping two fingers under the waistband and pulling them off quickly. My erection sprang free, and it wasn't two seconds before Bella's hand was on it, stroking softly up and down.

She looked at me with hooded eyes, lowering her head and touching her tip of her tongue to my head. I gasped at the contact, her tongue tracing little circles around it. I ran my fingers down her cheekbone, enjoying the feel of her soft skin under my hand. She sighed in contentment, then lowered her head further, taking the whole of me into her mouth slowly.

I placed my hands on top of her head gently, encouraging her to go on, and she quickened her pace, alternating licking and sucking, and then Holy shit!

Was that her teeth?

I jumped at the sudden friction but kept my hands on top of her head firmly. She grazed again with her teeth, lightly, and I felt my cock twitch in her mouth. I knew I was close, but I didn't want to cum without giving her pleasure as well. Besides, who knew how much time we had before the others barged in on us?

I lightly probed her head up, pulling her to me and crushing my lips to her, hoping to answer the unasked question in her eyes. She put one leg on either side of my hips so that she was straddling me, and slowly slid down onto me. We gasped in unison at the feeling of being connected.

She started slowly, moving back and forth lazily while my hand tangled in her hair. When I bucked my hips up to meet her, she took it as a sign to go faster. I would lift my pelvis to meet her every time she came down, and my cock would disappear deep into her.

"Edward," she moaned, and the sound of my name coming from those pouty lips almost undid me.

"Bella," I grunted, hoping her name on my lips had the same effect.

It did.

She sped up her movements, bouncing up and down on my cock as she rode me with sheer abandonment, both of us lost in the pleasure of it all. My cock started to twitch inside of her, and I knew I couldn't last much longer when I heard her breathing start to come in rapid bursts.

"Oh, God! Edward!" She shouted as her walls closed around me, triggering my own orgasm. We lay there for several moments, catching out breath, when we heard voices in the hallway. Bella jumped off me and scrambled to get her clothes, disappearing into the bathroom and slamming the door. I had just gotten my jeans buttoned when the door was thrown open to reveal our friends standing on the other side. They looked at me questioningly, and when I shrugged, Alice just rolled her eyes and Emmett flashed me a grin.


I felt the sadness course through me as I thought back to that day. We had all had so much fun, unpacking and arranging Bella's possessions. We had laughed and teased, going out for pizza and beer after everything was finished. After dinner, Bella and I had gone back to the apartment and christened every available surface…

I tore my mind from the memory, not wanting to have to deal with another painful erection, and turned off the shower. Drying myself with a towel, I checked my cell phone, only to see a text message from Emmett.

How was the date with the Silicone Supermodel?

I grinned at Emmett's nickname for Jessica, and hit "reply."

Fine. She's not very good in bed.

Since I knew that's what Emmett wanted to know, I decided to waste no time in divulging the information. My phone buzzed as another text came in.

Fuck man. That sucks. You'd think with those tits and that body, she'd have fucked enough guys to be a decent lay.

I rolled my eyes at his Emmett-ness and put the phone down, pulling on my old basketball shorts to sleep in. I settled into bed, willing myself not to remember anything else, and let the blackness surround me.