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"Mental Communication"

A Late Night Rendezvous

Emma Frost, the current X-Men's telepath, wearing her usual attire was leisurely walking through a dense yet tranquil forest. The sky was dark and scattered with hundreds of bright stars, indicating how late it truly was. Despite the darkness of the forest and lack of light, Emma knew exactly where she was going, having been in this place so many times before. However, she still couldn't help but observe the immense beauty of the forest every time she was there. This forest was indeed special and unique. Whenever she looked around it, she would always find something she either missed or was added to it. Another thing she found interesting about this place was the feeling of tranquility and serenity that came from being in this forest. No matter what mood Emma was in before, she would always feel relaxed and content as soon as she entered the forest. Though she would never admit it out loud, especially to a certain someone with extracting metal claws, she loved being there. It made her feel safe and at peace, something that she could never get from being in the real world.

When Emma had reached her destination, a surprised gasp escaped her lips as she noticed a new change to the familiar spot. What she usually sees when she's there is a wide open space covered in fresh green grass with various types of flowers and plant life scattered around the area, giving it a sense of variety and delicacy. Now added to the place was a beautiful sparkling lake that reflected the stars in its surface. She made her way to the lake and bent down near the edge. Emma removed her cloak leaving her wearing her midriff tank top and pants. With nothing covering her arms anymore, she put her fingers in the water and is taken aback by how warm the water is. Loving how the water felt on her fingers, she put her entire hand under the water. Emma closed her eyes, letting the heat from the water relax her completely.

"Enjoying yourself Frost?"

Emma's eyes snapped open as soon as she heard Logan's voice coming from behind her. She turned her head in the direction his voice was coming from and saw him in his causal attire facing her with his back leaning against a tree, arms crossed over his chest and an amused smirk on his lips. A smirk appeared on Emma's own face as she took her hand out of the water and stood up to face him.

"I was, till you showed up and ruined it," replied Emma in a joking tone, folding her arms as well.

Logan continued to wear a smirk as he began walking towards Emma.

"That's funny. Because if I recall correctly, without me you wouldn't even be having this place to enjoy," Logan retorted, stopping just a few inches away from Emma.

Emma closed the distance between them and placed her hands on Logan's chest.

"True, but you can still ruin what you create," she said humorously, yet some seriousness was edged in her voice as she looked directly into his eyes.

Hearing the seriousness in her voice; caused a firm expression to appear on his face. Logan used one of his hands to grab Emma's hands and pressed them closer to his chest while the other he used to place under her chin, his thumb rubbing gently against it.

"Believe me Emma. I would never ruin this for us," announced Logan with extreme honesty and certainty, bringing her face closer to his.

"I know," Emma whispered softly before closing her eyes and feeling Logan's lips press firmly against hers.

"I just pray that I can do the same," was Emma's thought as she leaned more into the kiss.

Emma was breathing heavily as she lay naked on the grass of the forest. Logan was laying down right beside her and was also naked; however, it was clear he wasn't as exhausted as she was. Though considering this was Logan, it was understandable; yet troubling to Emma to the point she wished she had his endurance. Not because she wanted more strength for herself, but for Logan. Every time they would make love to each other like this she would tire out way before he would. This upset her because she knew he wanted but didn't do more because she couldn't, thus making her feel awful that she couldn't fully satisfy him. Even though Logan constantly assures her that he is very content with her in whatever it is they do, she just couldn't help feel that she wasn't good enough for him.

Of course there were other difficulties that came from their relationship. She didn't forget the little detail about Logan's aging and how he would still look the same and continue to live while she would grow old and die. When she brought up this fact to him, he surprised her by telling her that he would just have to stay with her until she turns into a pile of dust. Even though he said that in a joking matter, she could tell that he meant every word he said. And this made her wonder if the roles were reversed would she be as caring towards him.

The fact that she found out that in some ways he despises himself and sees himself as inhuman greatly saddened her. Emma had to admit at one point she did see Logan as more of an animal than a person. Yet the more she got to know him on a more personal level, the more she realized how false that idea was. He had something that not even most humans had these days, a heart. And though he rarely showed it, it was clear that he deeply cared about the whole team and would do anything for them. It definitely surprised her to realize how intelligent and knowledgeable he really was, despite having lost some of his memories. Not that she believed he was incapable of any intellectual thought, though she commented the opposite on occasion, she just never imagined him to be around her level of thinking. True he wasn't knowledgeable in the electronics area like she was, but he would be able to comprehend what she said to the point that he could piece the object she described together himself. Their similarity in intelligence was one of the first things they realized they had in common. She had to constantly remind him and herself about these important and valuable traits of his, and how much they disproved the stereotype thoughts and feelings about what his real nature was like.

Another thing was that Logan felt that he was the one that wasn't good enough for her. He felt that his own personal issues would weigh too much on her and their relationship. One example of this is when Emma received his thought about how his broken and troubled past would never let him be happy enough in order for him to be with her. When she heard this thought from him she confessed to him of her own past and how much hers wasn't a pleasant one either. That was one of the other things they found out they had in common, they both had difficult pasts that they had to deal with for the rest of their lives. This showed the other that both of their pasts had an equal amount of affect on their relationship and that they both could handle whatever affects would come from the others past.

Unfortunately that brought up the most important thing that was affecting their relationship, trust. Emma knew she was being a hypocrite when it came to trust. She was the one who told Logan many months ago that trust was a two way street, yet she still hasn't walked across her own side of the road. She told Logan about most of her past, but left out things that were important to what was happening now. Inside she knew she was afraid to tell him the truth because she didn't know how he would react. It was obvious that he now trusted her as a member of the team and as a lover; the last thing she wanted was to lose his trust. The worst part about it for her was that he knew she was keeping something important from him, but he respected her enough to let her keep her secrets.

Thinking about all this made her break inside. She truly cared and respected Logan, but she knew she couldn't say she loved him if she didn't have trust in him and most importantly herself. For what is love without trust? For Emma the answer to that was nothing. But that was the thing, she wanted to love him, she wanted to have trust in the both of them, she wanted to tell him the truth, and now she had the courage to do it.

"I won't let this control my life anymore. I'm through with them. I can find another way to stop it without their help. Besides I never liked nor trusted them anyway, and this way I can prove to myself and Logan that I really do share his feelings," Emma thought strongly with determination clearly shown on her face as she turned to face Logan.

When Logan saw that look on Emma's face, he knew she was going to finally tell him what she needed to tell him. He didn't know what it was, but he knew it had to be something big in order to make her hesitate the way she had been. There were other times before this when it looked like she was going to confess this important thing to him, but she always held back at the last minute. This time he could see that she wasn't going to hesitate and he promised himself that whatever she told him, he wouldn't let it change his feelings for her. Because he knew that was the main reason why she waited this long to tell him.

"So, you're finally going to tell me," stated Logan looking at Emma with a stern look on his face.

"Yes," Emma affirmed not taking her eyes off of Logan.

"Well, I'm listening," declared Logan as he sat up while keeping his attention on her.

Emma followed his lead and sat up as well, making them both face each other in the sitting position. She took a calming breath and began speaking the truth.

"It all starts with a powerful entity called the Phoe…"

Logan's eyes flew open as the sound of a loud explosion interrupted him from his mental affair with Emma. He quickly got out of his bed and left his room, heading for the place where he heard the explosion come from. He brought out his claws as he got closer to the source of the explosion, which turned out to be just outside the gates of the institute. Reaching the area, he found it almost completely destroyed. With his claws out and ready, Logan sniffed around the premise picking up an unfamiliar scent. Since the scent was fresh, he knew the perpetrator was still there and waiting. He observed the area with open and alert senses.

Logan immediately ducked just as a sword flew over the place where his head was. He wasted no time and made a swift kick to the attacker's abdomen, sending the person gliding a few feet away from him. He ran straight for the person to make a hard swipe at them, but before he could the person disappeared in a small blue colored tornado. Logan seeing this stopped his assault and looked carefully for the person. He then felt pain from his head as the attacker had hit him from behind, sending him to the ground. However, this didn't stop Logan as he stood back up and charged at the person with his claws taking the lead. The person counteracted by using their extra hands that held a sword in each one of them and blocked Logan's attack. Now both were trying to outmatch each other in strength.

"Who are you and what do you want?!" Logan asked the person in an angry voice while slowly pushing the person back.

The person smirked and then used one of their extra arms to swiftly punch Logan in the stomach, making him fall down again on the ground.

"Who I am is not important. As for what I want, I'll give you one guess," the person replied giving him a predatory look.

Logan realized exactly want this person wanted when he saw that look on their face. He got back up and took a fighting stance with obstinacy shown on his face.

"Well I hate to break it to ya, but you won't be getting what you want tonight," assured Logan waiting for the person to make the first move.

The person continued to smirk and advanced forward towards Logan.

"I highly doubt that!" the attacker yelled, charging fast at Logan.

He held his ground as the attacker began swiping at him constantly with their swords. Logan was able to block and dodge the attacks while attempting a few swipes of his own. But then the person disappeared again and quickly appeared behind him attempting a rapid drop kick. Logan saw it on time and jumped out of the way before it could hit him. Yet the person used his evasive jump to give him a menacing blow to his face using their extra hands to add on to the force of the hit. This sent him flying and crashing hard on the ground a good distance away from the perpetrator. Despite the fatal blow, Logan was attempting to get up and continue the fight.

"I must say I'm very impressed with you Wolverine. However I'm on a tight schedule so this ends now!" the attacker shouted running again towards Logan for the final attack.

Just as the person was close enough to make their move, the person was suddenly sent flying back several feet and knocked unconscious by a physic wave. Once Emma was sure the person was out she immediately made her way to Logan.

"Are you alright?" she asked in serous, but concerned tone as she helped him get up from the ground.

Now on his feet again, Logan retracted his claws and cranked his neck in place to shake off the effect from the hit before he turned to face Emma.

"Yea, so who is she?" he asked her, knowing she had already read the person's mind.

"Spiral," simply answered Emma.

"The pirate that the elf ran into a few weeks back," commented Logan as he took a glace at Spiral on the ground.

"Yes, she's also working for someone called Mojo. Apparently he likes to gather and use mutants for his own entertainment and services," Emma replied with a hint of disgust heard in her voice also bringing her eyes on the unconscious female figure.

"And I was next on the list," Logan proclaimed with his fists clenched tightly.

Seeing this Emma's face softened and was about to comfort him until they noticed Spiral beginning to wake up and was slowly rising to her feet. They quickly took a battle stance when she had completely stood up with a sly smirk on her face.

"What a delightful surprise, a telepath. I'm sure Mojo will find use for you as well," Spiral announced as she waved her hand bringing six pirates to the area threw her portals.

Logan and Emma had their backs to each other as the pirates soon surrounded them.

"Looks like the backup party is here," replied Logan a smirk forming on his lips as he extracted his claws again.

Emma briefly closed her eyes and let her own smirk appear on her face when she heard this.

"Honestly Logan you can't stay out of trouble for one minute, can you?" she asked him teasingly as the pirates started making their move.

"I could, but then our lives wouldn't be near as exciting," he answered back humorously before taking on one of the pirates.

Emma read the pirates thoughts and was easily able to counteract their attacks while she landed hers on them flawlessly. Logan did his share of attacks on the pirates, making the six pirates defeat swift and easy. This left Spiral, Emma, and Logan the only ones standing. Unfortunately that mischievous smirk hadn't left Spiral's face the entire time.

"Very good, but let's see how well you both do against this," stated Spiral as she waved her hands to make several more portals appear.

Now there were around twenty pirates surrounding them and these pirates were clearly more powerful then the last. Both Emma and Logan's faces became strict as they knew the odds had just been turned in Spiral's favor. However, no one could help them because the others had either gone out or weren't in a close enough proximity, which left Emma and Logan alone for this fight.

"Frost can you contact the others?" Logan asked Emma as his gaze drifted carefully to each of the pirates as they came closer to him and Emma.

"Yes, but they're still too far away for them to be of any help to us," explained Emma as she positioned herself, ready for an attack.

"In other words we're on our own."

"That appears to be the case, yes."

"Alright then, here's what we do."

As soon as Logan finished mentally telling her the plan, all of the pirates ran straight towards them and started shooting deadly blue beams at them. Both moved rapidly evading the beams and began taking out as many pirates as they could. Emma changed into her diamond form making her attacks stronger and more effective in knocking out the pirates. They had rendered the pirates out cold or barely standing and were now making their way to where Spiral was. Realizing this Spiral held her place and waited for them to get closer to her. Logan was the first to reach her and took a fast strike at Spiral. She dodged the strike and made one of her own at him. But Emma delivered a strong sideswipe to Spiral's face, making blood gush out of her nose. She them elbowed Spiral painfully in the stomach causing her to slide several meters back. Seizing the opportunity, Logan sprinted over to Spiral and slashed at her chest giving her a severe wound on her chest. Spiral's arms instantly went to cover her stomach in reaction to the pain. Doing this however left her open for an attack, which Logan took quick advantage of by delivering a swift and strong uppercut to Spiral's chin. This made Spiral fly in the air and crash land a good ten feet away from them, leaving her in a semi conscious state.

"Frost, do it now!" Logan shouted out to her in urgency.

Emma nodded affirmatively in response as she dropped her diamond form and closed her eyes with the tips of her fingers pressed against her forehead.

She immediately sent a powerful mental wave that completely rendered all the pirates, including Spiral, unconscious. Seeing that all of the pirates had been fully knocked out, he took a deep breath and retracted his claws.

"How long can you keep them sedated?" Logan asked as he turned to face Emma.

"Long enough for us to decide what to do with them," she answered with her eyes now open taking a look at her handy work.

"Good, then I suggest we…Ahhh!" screamed Logan as he was hit with a high voltage of electricity and passed out.

"Logan!" Emma panicky cried as she saw this and started dashing hurriedly to him.

But before she could reach him, she was also hit with an extensive amount of electricity, making her scream and pass out as well. After Emma fainted, a blob like creature with machinery attached to it came out from the shadows.

"These two will make a perfect addition to our team. Do you not agree Spiral?" stated Mojo with an excited look on his face.

Spiral slowly got herself up off the ground and picked up the two unconscious X-Men in her arms.

"Oh I agree, most definitely," Spiral answered with a devious grin as she waved her free hand and teleported them all away from the area.

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