From those familiar with my work, welcome to the obligatory Long Summary and Opening Notes.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry potter, which to my eternal dismay is why I can't put it down. Why can't I just come to grips with the epilogue...

BIG INITIAL NOTE THINGY OF DOOM. This is not, repeat! not a Dresden crossover. Mkay moving on...

There are no pairings. This is an age 11-12 fic, so the HHr note in the character list refers to the Friendship tag. Mmkay, thereyago.

Long Summary: Well. I guess the title should be fairly self explanatory, but really, I suppose the limited space and such allowed make these little chats between us necessary. The premise to this is summarized by a single ideal: Changeling. A child stolen, and placed under the auspice of the Fey. I took Lily's sacrifice and played with an idea, something filling out the blanks. Left an open check, and saw who would collect.

The Queen of the Unseelie Court sees his potential, and begins to lay her own plans. In time, she hopes to collect on a unique prize, but for now is content to let the wizards play their games.

Harry's first year is plagued by odd occurrences, missing his recent friends, and making new ones. A malevolent force from his past makes it's first move into his life, and the year ends with more questions, asked and asked of a number of sources.

This is currently a Year One and progressing story. There will be AU deviations. There will be significant changes based on happenstance. As time goes on, the variance between canon and this will increase. For practical purposes, I'm considering the 'HPVerse' a rough template. I'm changing some basics of magic to suit me, making it a little more sensible. A little logic never hurt anyone, right?

Those of you irritable at the flightyness of my muse will be happy to hear I've planned this whole bloody thing out, first year at least, in an outline that would make for a reasonably sized three-chapter story by my usual standards. 15,000 word outline anyone?

There are elements that may initially resemble Eden. Superficial, unconnected.

Beta for Outline and Chapters is Aiko, thank her for this being as cohesive as it is. On with it.