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Chapter 1

My New Job


As the gigantic, white house came into my view, I quickened my footsteps. I was already five minutes late and I didn't want to create a bad first impression. Although I knew Emmett very well as we were roommates my first two years of college, I didn't really get to know his family that well. All I knew was that they were extremely wealthy and wanted to hire a very competent and qualified tutor for their seventeen-year-old daughter who ahs been home schooled for the past five or six years. Emmett had recommended me to his parents to tutor their daughter at home but not before warning me that she occasionally displayed problematic behavior along with extreme mood swings. He did say that she was very smart though, and that I wouldn't need to worry about her academic performance at least. Despite the warning, I took the job since I hadn't yet managed to get any internships or jobs related to my major ever since I graduated from college a couple of months ago.

I was almost near the front door when I heard an unfamiliar jingle of notes that seemingly came out of my pants' left-sided pocket. It took me several seconds to realize that the sound was nothing other than my Nokia's new ring tone which Tanya had set up last night when we were watching "A Million Dollar Baby" for the umpteenth time in our bedroom. I remembered how I was cradling her as her tears were falling from her golden eyes which were glued to the television screen in front. I pulled out my phone and couldn't help but smile when I checked the caller ID.

"Hey sweetie," I lovingly addressed my fiancée.

"Hey baby," Tanya called out in a cheerful voice. "So I was wondering by what time you'll be back tonight because I was planning to go see my sister Kate and her new house."

"Oh, go ahead, honey. I won't be home in another couple of hours. Ummm..honey, I'm actually running pretty late so I'll give you a call later, okay?"

"Okay baby, I'll talk to you later then. Bye."


A few moments after I rang the doorbell I was greeted by none other than the huge, burly, muscular figure of Emmett. After almost suffocating me in a brotherly bear hug, he lead me to the study room on the second floor. As soon as I reached there I saw a pale-skinned teenager with wavy brown hair sitting near a desk, clearly absorbed into a book. As Emmett, rather loudly I must say, cleared his throat to divert her attention from the book, the girl gave a start and looked at us.

"Bella," Emmett said in his booming voice, "this is my friend from college and your new tutor, Mr. Edward Masen. And Edward, this is Bella, my little baby sister who you are to tutor diligently and devotedly for the next couple of months," he said as he smiled playfully at me.

I looked towards Bella to smile at her politely. I realized in a few moments, however, that her gaze was fixed on me. That her eyes never wavered for a second and that she never smiled back.

"Hello Bella, it's really nice to meet you," I said feeling a little uncomfortable.

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, her cheeks turned red. "Oh…yeah," she mumbled as she stood up and made her way toward me. Before she could reach me she almost tripped when Emmett caught her and laughed as he said "My sister has a special attraction for the ground. She's very down-to-earth you know." She turned a deeper shade of red and I mentally chastised Emmett for exacerbating his awkward teenage sister's nervousness. To ameliorate the situation a bit I quickly extended my arm towards her and gave her a very warm smile. "I look forward to teaching you Bella. Emmett has told me a lot of great things about you. He said you're very smart and focused on your work."

She shyly took my hand to shake it very delicately and I felt her shaking from the contact. "It…it is v-very nice to meet you too, umm…Mr. M-Masen," she stuttered.

For the next couple of hours as I helped Bella with her problems in honors calculus and AP biology, I couldn't avoid feeling the uncomfortable sensation I had ever since this discomforted adolescent's big brown eyes encountered me for the first time. She didn't really do or say anything out of the ordinary. It was the vibe she was giving me, the occasional glances she was casting in my direction and the way she looked at me when I was talking to her. I knew that this atmosphere of discomfort that surrounded me was not due to my nervousness or a lack of faith in my abilities, either. I had been a peer tutor in my college for more than three years and I had always done my job with confidence. Every time I tried to explain to her some new concepts or teach her some new techniques or strategies, she would have this intense look in her eyes; I tried to tell myself that she was just trying to concentrate hard on what I was telling her but from the expression of her eyes and from the body language she exuded I knew that that wasn't the case.

As I ended our first tutoring session, I couldn't help but sigh inwardly. Bella seemed to be a really focused and intelligent young woman. It would have been much more than a pleasure to have her as a student if it wasn't so obvious that she had been attacked with an overwhelming infatuation for her new teacher. I just told myself that it would go away soon and therefore not to take it too seriously.

I was passing by the family room downstairs where I spotted Emmett sitting on the couch with his arm wrapped around a blond-haired woman. "Hi Rosalie," I greeted her as I stepped into the living room. Rosalie had been dating Emmett ever since freshman year in college, with several periods of break ups in between. Seeing her with Emmett reminded me of Tanya, and after making hasty conversation with them I quickly stepped out of the house to speed-dial the first number on my list.

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