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A/N: After thinking about the number of stories of 'poor femmes raised by their evil Decepticon fathers' or 'Decepticon daddy reforms into a sweet teddy bear for his precious little darling', I decided to put my spin on it. It seems like Soundwave is the only Decepticon who can get away with being an awesome Decepticon and a concerned caretaker of his creations. Can't Megatron be the evil Decepticon warlord while having a sparkling under his care and raising them under his values and not needlessly abuse them?

Megatron knew it was a twisted sight. Even a large number of Decepticons would be horrified at the sight of the torture. Maybe not because of the torturing itself, it was a common practice performed on Autobot prisoners that was at the very least tolerated by all Decepticons. No, it was who was doing the torturing that would sicken most.

Beside the bound and screaming Autobot was a small femme that barely came to Megatron's hip, white and pastel yellow with a sweet face and big purple optics. She was circling the prisoner, studying him, trying to find the next place to inflict pain. There was a smudge of energon staining her cheek, and more on her hands.

She smiled so happily as she noticed the mech's untouched chevron. She reached up onto the insteps of her pedes, grasping with slender fingers and pulling with all her might, putting her weight into tearing it off. The Autobot's anguished wail only made her giggle sweetly.

Megatron remembered the day he'd… acquired Daybreak. She'd been a mere sparkling, a member of a small settlement of neutrals. Her creators had tried desperately to hide her during the Decepticon raid, but hadn't seemed to take into account she'd start crying after being left alone too long. As the settlement's remains were being scoured, she'd started screaming for help and been found.

Only a lonely and terrified sparkling would be happy to have Megatron hold her as he contemplated her fate. An Autobot would have thought Megatron would outright kill her, and certainly he wasn't above such a thing. But where was the point in a needless kill? A sparkling could be raised to be a loyal warrior and follower. The femme team of Optimus Prime's mate, Elita One, proved what valuable fighters femmes could be.

Likely, if there'd been Autobots around to incite into a vengeful rage, or if he'd been in the middle of a battle induced bloodlust, she'd be as dead as her family. Lucky for Daybreak, Megatron had been composed and only surrounded by his own soldiers. And he'd taken her back, knowing she'd make a better soldier than a corpse.

He came back to the present as another pained scream was rung from the captive, the sorry mech finally falling unconscious after the twelfth strike of the electro-whip Daybreak was holding. The small femme pouted cutely in disappointment.

Megatron smiled fondly. She was certainly proving to be an eager and vicious spark, perfect for his army. "It appears playtime is over, Daybreak, it's time for us to return to your caretaker."

"Can't we just wake him up?" Daybreak asked, helm tilted to the side, still studying the bound mech.

"No, your time's up. You can continue playing with him tomorrow."

Daybreak turned to him, scowling. She stomped her pede stubbornly. "But I want to keep playing now! Make him wake up." She whirled around, kicking the Autobot.

Megatron frowned. "Are you rebelling against my orders, Daybreak?"

She turned, optics even wider, realizing her error. "Never, Lord Megatron. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."

Megatron smiled, beckoning her over. "I would hope not, I do so hate punishing you."