Aka Zukin

I kicked my leg out at her out of reflex from the needle sticking out of my arm. "What the hell Haruno!?" I hollered at her. I had just returned home from a two-week mission, and was forced to the hospital by my teammate and the Fifth Hokage for examinations.

She smacked the back of my head, "Look here Inuzuka!" She grabbed me by the collar of my Jounin vest, "If you don't quit complaining, and let me do my job, I'll put you down like an old, sick dog."

My ear perked up at her words and a part of me was excited by her threat, by the challenge.

But then I snorted, remembering the girl in front of me was not looking to spar—she had a job to do and wouldn't hesitate before completely knocking me out.

I heard my teammate sigh, "If you're going to be difficult with Haruno-san, I'm going to go turn in our mission report." I watched Shino stand and head for the door. "Otherwise I'll be waiting all day."

I jumped up from my seat on the medical examination table, "Forget this," I said, reaching for my other supplies, "I just want to get home and shower." I thought this whole examination was pointless anyways. I only had a few bruises and there was some speculation that I had a small cold. "Can't Hinata just check on me later?" Just like a dog, I prefer to be with someone I am more familiar with.

I heard the pink-haired nurse… Excuse me… Doctor, fume—her anger lighting up like a firework during the summer festival. "Inuzuka!" She grabbed a hold of my bicep and shoved me back onto the table. "Hinata-chan does not work in the hospital. You are in my care—whether you like it or not."

I quirked an eyebrow at her, really, when angered she could be as scary as my mother. No wonder Haruno was still single.

"Amusing," I heard my teammate mutter as he shut the door.

I glared at the doctor in response for my humiliation.

"Remove your shirt so I can take a better look," She commanded.

I continued to glower at her as I followed her order. I disregarded my black shirt, and the mesh underneath, to the table and continued to scowl.

She placed her stethoscope to my chest. The cold metal made me jerk back slightly when it hit my skin.

She began to lecture me, ignoring my glare. "Suppose we go on a mission in the near future and I have to heal you?—And I'm not familiar with your clan-abilities, or your body or-"

I leaned back on the table, resting my arms on the edge, to allow her a decent view of my chest and abs as I smirked up at her, "I can help you become familiar with my body if you'd like Haruno…"

Her cheeks flushed at my insinuation, which only asserted what my nose already knew—Sakura was a virgin.

It was easy to tell with a person. Though I wish I hadn't been able to deduce these kind of things. I didn't especially like this trait of my clan. I would have preferred not to know my friends sex lives.

"So," I hummed as she checked my heartbeat, "Is Ino still single?"

The medic's body froze and she frowned down at me, "I need you to breathe—not talk!" She snapped. "And to answer your question, yes—she is." She pushed her hand that held the scope against my chest roughly. "Why? You interested?"

I just shook my head, not willing to anger the girl by speaking again. I wasn't interested in Yamanaka Ino. I was one of three people who knew she was involved with someone. The other two people being Shikamaru, and herself. About a year ago, I had stepped into an elevator the two had already been sharing before my floor, and as soon as I walked in, I could not only smell the sex in the tiny elevator, every time seeing Ino since, all I could smell was the shadow-user.

I was just surprised the girl hadn't told her pink-haired best friend yet. It was surprising she could keep a secret, but how long were the two going to hide their relationship?

Ino was off limits to me—because I could smell someone else's claim on her, and I wouldn't bang my friend's girl anyways. But not everyone had my nose—which meant a lot of people could see Ino as available.

I wouldn't make a mistake like that. When I chose to actually mark a girl as mine, the entire village would know she belonged to me, without needing an Inuzuka nose.

"I'm surprised, I thought you two would have hooked up by now." I didn't miss the sharp way she said the words.

I shrugged my shoulders, "As much as my reputation proceeds me, I haven't banged every girl in the village."

I was known for being the playboy of our rookie-nine.

The doctor before me sneered, "I find that hard to believe."

I grinned at the fact that the prude girl was jealous of my sex life. I gave her my best seducing smirk while I let my eyes trace her body frame from her legs, to her chest, to her eyes. "Well you live in the village and your virginity's still intact."

I lifted my head from the pillow, suffering from a hard headache. I rubbed my hair, "Ouch," I blinked while looking around a hospital room I had apparently been resting in.

"Kiba-kun!" Hinata's voice sounded alarmed at such a high pitch, and I winced with my canine hearing. She rushed to my side, "How are you feeling?"

"I don't remember how I got here, and I'm suffering from what must be the worst hangover ever…" I focused my sight on my hands, trying to understand what happened.

"You really shouldn't have been so rude to Sakura-san," she warned me while checking my vital signs. "She refuses to work with you ever again, even if you're 'bleeding to death,' she said."

My eyebrows quirked, "She put me here!?" My jaw twitched as I remembered what had been my final words to the pink prude.

"Yes, after you passed out she ordered the nurses to send for me."

I noticed Shino standing in the doorframe, shaking his head, "I left you alone for five minutes—and you pissed of the Hokage's apprentice."

I crossed my arms and pouted, "I didn't have Akamaru with me—I didn't even sense her attack." That was beginning to upset me the most. I stretched my jaw, feeling it snap slightly. Who did that Haruno think she was?

"Damn it," I slammed my fist onto the bed. "If it wasn't for this stupid cold I would have been able to sense she had gone into predator mode."

The sunlight glared in my eye from the window, and subconsciously I grasped the blanket tightly, my eye twitched slightly at the annoying light and the knowledge that came with it. "How long was I out?" I didn't really want to hear the answer…

Hinata averted her gaze to the floor and started pressing her two index fingers together. "W-Well Kiba-kun… Sakura-san has super strength…A-And y-you…"

"Haruno-san put you through the wall two days ago," Shino finished for her.

I began to grind my teeth together.

It was just my luck two days later I was forced to go to the bar with the rookie nine (plus Sai and Team Gai). I was seated across from Sakura as she glared at me with fierce anger, clearly still holding a grudge to my last statement to her.

I took another shot of Jack Daniel's and leaned back in the booth, refusing to let her attitude dampen my mood, I ignored her glare.

Before joining our whole crew tonight, both Shino and Hinata had agreed I should apologize to the medic. But my pride wouldn't allow it. She wasn't the one who ended up in a hospital bed with a concussion and nearly broken jaw.

I subconsciously found myself grinding my teeth together and glancing at her from the corner of my eye. I wanted to challenge her to a rematch, and possibly return the favor for the extra hospital visit she had so kindly displaced on me.

But I knew engaging her in combat right now wasn't a good idea. Besides, judging from her scowl, I wouldn't have the element of surprise in catching her off guard.

I inhaled, trying to calm myself. The strong smell of alcohol and smoke came sharply to my senses… Neither really soothing.

"Kiba-kun," I heard Tenten giggle. "I have it on good authority you were seen leaving Mitarashi-sensei's home before dawn the other day."

Her theory had her and Naruto grinning at me like two bobcats.

I laughed, "Really? Me and Anko—that's news to me."

The bun-haired girl wiggled her eyebrows, "So it's 'Anko' is it?"

Just then Ino laughed a few seats away from me. "Trust me Tenten—it's just a rumor. I know everything that goes on in this town, especially when it comes to the women who brag about being in bed with Inuzuka-san over here."

I shook my head. Everyone else called me "Kiba" or "Kiba-kun," (except for Haruno when she's pissed at me). Ino, herself used to call me "Kiba." And every other guy here by their first name until she started exclusively and secretly seeing Shikamaru. His name was the only one she wasn't so formal with now.

How was I the only one picking up on these things?

"I don't know," Grinned Tenten as she circled her glass with her finger. "I think she's just Kiba's type."

I frowned inwardly. That was hardly the case. And besides, Anko smelled like reptiles. I hate reptiles.

Not to mention the woman was older than me.

"Anything with legs and a vagina is his type," I heard Haruno grunt, her statement causing everyone to look at her, and Hinata's face to turn red immediately.

I shook my head, amused by her behavior. "That's not true… I like my women gentle and experienced. Not at all like Anko." I purposely put emphasis on the snake-charmers name, letting Haruno know full well I wasn't talking about the older woman.

Tenten raised her eyebrow, "Eh? I thought Anko was experienced…"

Haruno Sakura narrowed her eyes at me while she took her last lemon-drop shot sitting in front of her. Slamming the glass back down, she stood. "Well I have work early in the morning. See you later."

And she retreated from the table.

"What was that about?" Asked Naruto, a confused look on his face. Naruto's eyes remained on her retreating figure, and Sasuke only shrugged to his question.

"She needs to get laid," I stated flatly.

Both the men glowered at me immediately after the words left my mouth. Clearly I had not thought wisely about opening my thoughts up to her over-protective teammates.

The clueless teammate beside them shrugged, not noticing their anger. "Maybe he's right, lord knows Ugly's got some built up tension, and this book Kakashi-sensei gave me says-"

Thankfully Sai's rambling allowed the other two men to focus their anger on him about the suggestion.

But that didn't help me escape from Shino's gaze.

"What?" I finally asked him once we all stood to leave. "You've been staring at me for the passed forty minutes."

"Why are you fighting with Sakura all of a sudden? I thought you two got along."

I thought back through the years, remembering no real time where Sakura and I ever really fought, or got along exceedingly well. We where just…Always some where in the middle, pleasant or mild, I guess.

I shrugged, "She over-reacted at the hospital and put me through a wall," I placed my hands in my pockets and started towards the exit.

"Tch," I barely heard my teammate grumble. "Like you're an innocent party."

I tilted my head to glance back at him, "It's not like I need to get along well with her," I laughed. "I barely see Haruno—we're never teamed together and we don't really socialize except for nights like this." I zipped up my green Jounin vest and dusted the black wolf fur that rested down from starting at my shoulders. "She's not a medic with vet knowledge so she doesn't tend to Akamaru or come to the Inuzuka compound. So what's to worry about?" I sneered arrogantly.

Two weeks later, imagine my surprise to be eating my words like kibble-n-bits, while standing beside the pink medic in the Hokage's office.

Author's note: So…I was reading Last Name by earthbender068 when I got inspired to write this… And the idea wouldn't leave me alone. So, I decided to write it down, and that I would post it once The Uchiha Secret was complete. Then I got writers block in The Uchiha Secret and started writing in this. I've never written Kiba before, so I hope it turned out okay.

Aka Zukin—means Red Hood.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, nor do I claim to own any other characters therefore owned by Masashi Kishimoto.