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Summary: the prophesy Harry knew was fake. The real prophesy was about a griffin and his mates, witness their story. OC/Hp/Dm

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He stood still, waiting, watching the children from across the lake, hidden behind the trees of the Forest. He could smell them, their scent intoxicating even from this distance. He couldn't tell where it was coming from, specifically, only that they were with the other students. He heard Cristoff shift his weight slightly on his left, the other man's only expression of his impatience, and sensed Weidler's amusement at Cristoff's actions. They were brothers, sworn at birth to be his shadow for life, their only duty his protection.

They had followed obediently his whole life, through every misdeed and trial with him through success and failure, although there hadn't been many of those, they were his loyal ones his Heart's Shadows and, now, they were with him to find his mates so he could take his rightful place.

He knew they were here, at this wizards' school in Scotland, he knew that there were two and that they were waiting for him, but he didn't know how he was going to get them away from here. He furrowed his brow in concentration; he would not dream of asking his shadows' for their thoughts, which was unfortunate as Cristoff was a superb strategist and Weidler's half baked ideas generally, provoked a decent plan from his own mind. This was something he had to prove on his own. They were his mates to claim and protect. His shadows' wouldn't even be here if they had anywhere else to be.

Perhaps, he should have spoken to the headmaster as was his original plan, but that felt as though he was asking for assistance. In addition, this headmaster was manipulative and conniving, asking for help from him was tantamount to placing himself in another's control was unacceptable.

He watched as the children split up, the majority getting in wagons pulled by thestrals and the smallest getting on boats and heading across the lake. His mates scent faded slightly which relaxed him somewhat, he knew that his mates were not among this bunch. He'd heard them calling from across the ocean. He'd felt when the first had come of age and welcomed him in his dream that night, satisfied that he had a strong and beautiful mate.

A month later, he had been shocked to discover that he had another mate as the second came of age. He had pulled his first with him to welcome the other. They complemented each other; one dark and the other light, both extraordinarily beautiful and powerful, although the second mate's power was mental, as it should be. His Shadows' had been shocked and proud that their leader had two mates; it was a sign of the Great One and proof that they had trials ahead and would need the power.

He sighed almost imperceptibly but his shadow's caught it. His mates were headed into the school and not towards the forest as he'd hoped. He would have to enter the school to collect his mates. Decision made, he faded deeper into the forest to gather his thoughts.

"So...what's the plan?" Weidler asked.

"We have to go in." He answered.

Cristoff frowned, "I don't like it, we will have to announce our presence and, possibly, our purpose."

He sighed again. "I know but they are students here, and they will not be happy with me if I kidnap them without giving them a chance to say goodbye."

"Kaiden" Weidler hissed making Kaiden turn to watch as three centaurs walked up to them.

"You do not belong in our forest." the center centaur growled, leveling his bow at them. Weidler and Cristoff hissed at his less then proper greeting.

Kaiden ignored him and turned to a dark skinned, black haired female centaur with a caramel coat on the left, "May the stars bring prosperity and wisdom to you."

The female he spoke to bowed her head at both the proper greeting and in acknowledgment of the insult to the center centaur.

"May they shine in favor of your journey." She responded.

The center one growled and spoke harshly to the dark skinned one, "We do not greet those who come uninvited to our forest."

"Hush your grumbling, they wouldn't have known the proper greeting if they meant us harm." the grey coated male on the right said, "besides Saturn is resting in cancer tonight"

Kaiden didn't know what that meant, but he decided it didn't matter if it silenced the rude centaur. "We mean neither you nor any of those on these grounds harm." He stated, thinking silently 'perhaps they could be of assistance entering the castle.' "I need to speak to the headmaster is there a rite I could call on?"

The female smiled and said "Your mates are inside." Kaiden nodded slightly. "There have not been ones like you on this land in many centuries. Many things have been forgotten and lost. You may simply walk up to the Head table in the Great hall in the castle and announce that you wish for an audience."

Weidler's eyebrows rose, ever so slightly, at this news. This was very informal and nothing like they were used to. The dark skinned female centaur warned them that this audience would be immediate and all the students and faculty would be still in attendance. "If you do not wish to announce your identity this is not the path for you, Great One."

Kaiden nodded, deep in thought as all three centaurs bowed, the center one reluctantly, and galloped away. Kaiden turned back, facing the castle, and said, "Weidler, you will announce me."

As they neared the castle gates, they could all sense the sentient aura of the building. It was welcoming and friendly, but amused. The door opened as they approached in welcome and acceptance.

They entered the building, and paused as the doors closed behind them. All at once Kaiden felt a presence in his mind, overpowering and joyful; it crashed into him, wave after wave of knowledge and power leaked into him. It created a link, a doorway, as images flashed in his mind. Students laughing and learning, faculty fighting, building and teaching. Centuries of history poured into his mind through the doorway. He fought it at first but the warmth, concern and love that engulfed him convinced him it wasn't harmful.

After what felt like an entire age, Kaiden came back to himself to find that he was on his knees and looking into Weidler's concerned face. Cristoff was looking around; sword out, for whatever had attacked his Lord.

"Kaiden, what happened?" Weidler asked, pulling him to his feet and glancing around.

Kaiden grasped both of their arms firmly, "Hogwarts, the building, has accepted me as its owner, I think." They both blinked. "She was showing me everything; she expects some changes to be made. When you announce me, add owner of Hogwarts on there would you?" He smiled, "I think I may actually enjoy it here."

Weidler and Cristoff glanced at each other in confusion as Kaiden began walking towards what they assumed was the Great Hall. They shrugged and followed, it was not their place to question the Great One.


Harry Potter sat in the great hall and waited. He was excited and nervous but it wasn't because of the sorting ceremony or because of the school year starting. He wasn't sure what he was waiting for but it was coming soon. Since his 16th birthday that summer, he had been waiting. He'd awoken from a dream that was unlike any he'd ever had before.


Harry sat on his bed at the Dursley's, exhausted after a long day of manual labor. He was tired but he was pleased. They hadn't touched him today. Vernon had handed him his list of chores before he left for work, but he hadn't hit him or....anything else. That was the best birthday present he could have expected from his uncle.


One minute and he'd be 16, fully an adult and able to do as he pleased. Although he couldn't leave Privet Drive, he'd already promised Dumbledore that he wouldn't leave or use magic until the summer was over. Not that he could use magic without his wand, which Vernon had taken from him the moment they'd arrived from the train station.

He relaxed and watched the clock, waiting for it to turn so he could wish himself happy birthday. He fell asleep waiting.

He was in a forest, standing on moss and surrounded by mist, he'd never seen these kinds of trees before. 'What kind of dream is this?' he wondered.

"Hello, love," Harry spun around terrified that this was Voldemort. They had never actually spoken in his visions and Harry was certain this was more than a dream, he'd had enough experience.

"Don't be afraid." the man speaking was, well, hot! He was wearing nothing but a loin cloth, his muscles large and well defined. Caramel colored skin and beautiful black hair that hung loose around his face and shoulders. His facial features were strong and bold, warm but not soft. Harry knew this man was not someone to mess with. His bearing was like Lucius Malfoy and screamed breeding and royalty.

"Who are you?" Harry asked, circling the man and glancing around for any others. "What's going on? Is this another trick of some kind because I'm warning you, I won't be fooled again."

"No, love, this is not a trick, I have been waiting for you. You are my mate, and I sensed you as you came of age, even from across the oceans."

Harry paused in his circling, 'mate? I'm his mate? What does that mean?' Harry looked at him again and allowed his instincts to take over, they'd never served him wrong. They had known the vision of Sirius was false, but he'd been too frantic to listen to them.

Never again.

This didn't feel wrong, it felt...amazing. Like coming home should feel, like a warm cup of tea after coming in from the rain.

Since he had stopped backing away, the man came closer. Harry could feel his warmth, his…could it be…love? from where he was standing.

Harry let him walk up to him. The man was only slightly taller than him so he didn't have to look up much to meet his eyes. They were dark brown, so dark they were almost black, the darkest of chocolates, Harry was mesmerized by those eyes.

The man raised a hand, and Harry flinched and dark eyes hardened. "Who has harmed you my love?"

It was not a question, it was a demand for information and Harry couldn't even think about withholding. "My Uncle…is not a forgiving man." The hand reached up towards his hair, ran through his dark brown locks, and along his cheek. The man forced Harry's head up and looked deep in his eyes. "I am coming for you. You will never be harmed again, my mate. Take heart, I will find you." He stepped back, and the dream faded.

Harry sat up in bed and looked at the clock. 5:20 His aunt would be yelling for him soon to begin breakfast. 'Some dream' he thought, but then he shook his head. It wasn't a dream, it was real. Wasn't it? It felt so real. It was nice to think that he had a mate, and that he was coming for him; coming to save him from his horrible existence.

If only it were true.

Harry spent the next month thinking about that dream, hoping it was real and that his mate was coming for him, but most of him had decided that it would be wonderful and so couldn't happen to a freak like him. One night in August, three days before he left for Hogwarts he'd had another dream.

He was in a hotel lobby. There was mist so thick he couldn't see any decorations or colors, but he could see two people walking towards him. He sighed in unadulterated bliss when he recognized the shape of the man from before. Did this mean it was true?

Harry heard a gasp from the other and turned to see who it was.


"What the bloody hell are you doing in my dream, Potter?" came the reply from the blond.

The man from before stepped between them, "I see you two know each other."

"Who the hell are you and what is going on here?" Malfoy all but shouted.

Harry was horrified but he had to ask, "Does this mean I'm not your mate?"

The taller man put a hand on his cheek, just like in the other dream, and pulled his face to meet his. "No, love, it means you are both my mates. It means there are three of us."

"WHAT? Wait, explain now!" the dark man chuckled and placed his other hand on Malfoy's cheek. "Hush, darling, allow me to explain. I am a rare magical creature, and you are both my mates. I am in England on my way to you both. I will find you, claim you, and we will all be together forever."

Malfoy pulled away, and started pacing. Harry simply watched content in his mate's assurance that he wasn't being replaced, and in Malfoy's confusion. Harry didn't understand either but it didn't matter as long as the tall dark man still wanted him.

Malfoy paused in his pacing and looked at them, "So, we are both your mates." The dark man nodded and Malfoy continued pacing.

He stopped after a few turns, "So, I have to share with Potter?"

The dark man chuckled and said "If you mean love here, then yes, but I will have to share you with him too."

Harry and Malfoy both looked at him, mouths open and eyes wide. He laughed again. "You are both my mates, which mean you are mates to each other as well. We are three."

The boys, now officially men, looked at each other considering. Harry could tell from Malfoy's expression that he didn't think this was a dream, and was checking Harry out. Which wasn't as horrifying as Harry thought it would be. He decided to reciprocate.

Malfoy had shoulder length platinum blond hair that framed his pixy like face, he had grown some during the summer and was now only slightly shorter then Harry. His body was slight, willowy and had a grace Harry could never compete with. His features had softened a little and he could no longer be classified as pointy. His eyes were a shimmering grey that was almost silver, and his tight robes showed a lean figure and narrow hips. Harry thought he was beautiful.

Finished with his examination, Harry tilted his head to the side and waited for Malfoy's pronouncement. He didn't have to wait long.

"Adequate," both Harry and the dark man chuckled, "but Potter, if you are to be seen with me you will not be allowed those hideous clothes."

"Malfoy, since we're mates shouldn't we call each other by our first names?"

Malfoy narrowed his eyes, "Alright…Harry."

Harry smiled, "Draco." Draco smiled shyly back, and then dropped his eyes, frowning as if he was unhappy with smiling at Potter!

"Well, loves, this is going nicely." he counted on his fingers, "I have seen you both, and although I do not know your scent as this is on the dream scape, I will be able to recognize you both and we are on first name basis," At this, Draco interrupted.

"Actually, we are not, we do not have your name."

"Ah, yes, forgive me, I have been lax in my manners; I am Prince Kaiden of the Silver Griffins"

Both Harry and Draco gasped and promptly choked on air. "Prince" "Griffins" came from them, respectively.

Kaiden laughed again. "Yes, loves, I have to find you so I can claim my throne from the usurper. However, this is a conversation for another time. It is nearing morning and we will not be able to meet like his again until after we are bonded."

He pulled both Harry and Draco to him, his arms surrounding them and pushing them together. Harry found that he liked the feel of their arms around him and, in a moment of Gryffindor boldness, wrapped his arms around Draco as well. It was nice, this feeling of closeness.

Kaiden pulled away. "Fear not, loves, I will come for you."

And then Harry was awake.

**End of Flashback**

Harry came back from his memories in time for the last of the first years to be sorted. Hermione was looking at him disapprovingly, for not clapping he imagined, but he didn't really care as he was still put out that neither she nor Ron had owled him all summer long. Even then, she had started in on him as soon as he saw them on the train.


With Zemera, Amanda, the sorting was over and Dumbledore stood up to make his speech. Three figures melted from the shadows and Harry's heart sped up. Was this it? Was this what he was waiting for? He glanced over at Draco and caught his eye. Harry could see the excitement there as well. This could be it?

Dumbledore paused, and a loud booming voice proclaimed, "Feel honored that the Great One, Prince Kaiden of the Silver Griffins and Owner of Hogwarts, has demanded an audience."

Silence reigned. Dumbledore was stumped and Harry thought his heart would burst out of its casing. He heard a "tsk" from the head table and Snape stood up.

"We are honored that the Great One has graced us with his presence and humbly acquiesce to an audience." He shot a smug glance at the Headmaster, whose twinkle flashed angrily, and sat down.