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Chapter 12

Present sight

Present sight is a rare form of premonition that can manifest among the mates of silver griffins. It allows an individual knowledge of the activities, location, and in extreme situations, feelings of other individuals whose actions directly affect them or the world entire.

Usually, one with present sight only receives visions of one or maybe two individuals before they are claimed by their destined griffin, and all others will manifest as instinctual knowledge and awareness or hunches.

After the claiming and as the bond begins to form, the instincts will become more common and accurate and the visions will transfer into unassuming but total knowledge and awareness of those the visions focused on.

Once the bond is complete and has been consummated, the gift will become total knowledge and instinct and awareness for the people in the recipient of the gift's life.

The number of individuals the one with the gift will have total awareness of depends on their own power and the strength of the bond with their griffin and will change through out life, depending on location and those closest to the gift's recipient. Acuity of awareness is directly proportional to the strength of the relationship.

Harry closed the book slowly, his mind was working double-time. This explained not only his current fears, but also his past experiences. There were some things he just knew. It also explained his visions of Voldemort.

The book said he would have awareness now that he'd been claimed and the bond opened, but he didn't know how to work it.

He needed to think quickly. He was sure now that his fears were real. Even though Harry was relived Draco had gone with Kaiden, the fear only intensified with time.

Voldemort was waiting in his thrown room, Dumbledore was seated in his office, and Kaiden and the others hadn't left yet.

Harry didn't question how he knew any of this, he just accepted it. He dug in his chest for his father's invisibility cloak.

"Dobby!" He called out and distractedly told the house elf his plan while simultaneously casting the charms he used to get around the castle undetected.

"I need either a spell to hide me from wards or a way through them that won't sound the alarm. Do you know anything like that?"

"Yes, Master Harry Sir. House elf magic do not alert wards or the alarms be going off all the time.""Great!" He focused on the earnest house elf. "Can you get me to where Kaiden and Draco are without alerting any wards?"

Dobby nodded so fast Harry thought his flopping ears would make him airborne.

"Good, can you promise not to tell anyone I'm leaving or where I'm going?"

Again Dobby nodded, "Dobby is being a free elf. He isn't not reporting to anyone and is being working here to be closer to great Harry Potter."

"Do you want to be my house elf Dobby?"

The little elf attached himself to Harry's legs and sobbed.

"Dobby, we don't have time for this. I need to get out of here."

"Master Harry is in danger?" Dobby asked, his tears drying instantly.

Harry nodded.

"Dobby will do as his Master Harry asks."

Weidler felt like a heal. He suspected Harry had the present sight but Kaiden was convinced that his first mate was rebelling, as is common in Great Pairings. There was no talking to Severus about it. The dark wizard was pouting after Draco told him off for comparing Harry to his father again. Of course, Severus would never admit that. Severus Snape, youngest potions master in a century and terror of all ages would never pout.

Even petulant, Weidler found Severus unassumingly attractive. His raw sex appeal and commanding nature appealed to the submissive side the shadow was chosen for.

Their submissiveness was identified by their dark coloring and was the reason neither Weidler nor Cristoff had a mate. In the past, submissive Silver Griffins were auctioned off to other griffin tribes as bargaining chips, but not two long ago it was discovered that they were instinctively loyal.

Instead of auctioning them off, they were made Hearts Shadows to the heir, protecting his back from those who would harm him without a formal challenge. Kaiden was protecting them politically and they protected him physically in return.

Though Kaiden never expressed the disgust the other silver griffins showed them, neither had he acknowledged their submissiveness, but the brothers had talked about it. Weidler wanted to be protected instead of protecting, but Cristoff wanted a partner; someone who needed him but was strong enough to take over when Cristoff needed to feel taken care of. Weidler hoped they had each found someone in Severus and Remus.

But not even Severus' controlling hand on his lower back was enough to distract Weidler from his thoughts on Harry.

Only the odd sensation of an invisible body next to his and the distinctive scent of house elf when they entered Voldemort's thrown room, reassured him. He returned his attention to the possible battle at hand. It seemed Harry was coming anyway, good for him.

Though the scent of house elf dissipated, the invisible body did not. Weidler pressed against it, to verify that it was Harry and alert the boy that Weidler knew. He would be there if Harry needed anything and to help him hide.

Voldemort stood as they entered and after the correct greeting sent his servants away.

"I asked you to meet with me, Prince Kaiden, because I fear you have not been given the complete picture where you are staying. Dumbledore claims that I am standing on a platform of blood and death. In fact, I am working towards a better future for all magic. There are those who believe that blood is not important, that magic is given to us all arbitrarily. Unfortunately, that is not so. Magic was given to us long ago, and we have been breeding in ways to keep it pure."

Kaiden nodded for Voldemort to continue. He had heard this, though less pompously, from Severus, but wanted Voldemort's words.

"Muggleborn's are the products of those who do not participate in our culture. They are a freak of nature, a random genetic display of recessive genes, from a line of mutilated blood. Their blood, though it does contain magic, is so diluted that what little magic they possess is not enough to carry them through. They have little power. If one of pure-blood was to breed with one of these aborations, their children would have less magical talent then they would otherwise."

Just to argue for the sake of argument, Kaiden pointed out, "But your father was muggle if I am correct." This was a test. A sane man would acknowledge the point and ignore the insult, an insane man would attempt to curse him. If Voldemort did the latter, Kaiden would know he needed to remove Voldemort from power.

"Yes, he was. Unfortunately, my mother's line had so inbreeded that her blood was sick. Magic does burn out most impurities from the blood, which is why we can marry cousins and so forth, but one cannot breed with ones siblings. Not even magic can overcome that. My father's magic less blood balanced out her madness and allowed me to be powerful. This is not a common case however."

Draco had a thought and leaned over to whisper it to Kaiden. He wasn't comfortable addressing the man his father told him horrible stories about, even if he was acting completely different.

Kaiden winked at him, "Our other mate, Harry Potter, his mother was muggleborn. I can verify myself that he is one of the most powerful wizards alive."

Harry felt his breath catch. He didn't realize he was that powerful. But if Kaiden knew that then why did he treat him like a child?

Voldemort nodded, "Yes, that is a mystery that I have people working on. I suspect that either she was adopted, or her magical recessive gene had been passed to her from a close relative; such as a mother or father."

"…and Squibs?" Weidler asked. He knew it wasn't proper for him to speak, but Harry had been whispering it.

"Squibs are not as common as Dumbledore would have us believe. Once in a great while one of a magical line cannot access their magical core. They can still pass it down, and their magic is still pure, their children often are powerful. It is an anomaly like having dark griffins."

Weidler tensed, but Voldemort didn't appear to be insulting him or threatening him. It was simply a comparison. Very interesting, Weidler had been under the impression that Voldemort would press any weakness. This man was nothing like he thought.

Kaiden felt a momentary pain of guilt that Harry wasn't here. Voldemort wasn't like he thought and Harry would have been in no danger. He only hoped that his love would understand his need to protect him.

As if reading his thoughts Voldemort asked, "If I may ask, where is Mr. Potter? I had hoped he would be here so I could apologize."

Harry had to struggle to hold in his gasp.

"If you tell us, we will get it to him." Draco said, drawing confidence from Harry's name.

"Ah, well I had wished to do it in person. Perhaps, you will tell him that I mean him no harm and I will do it at our next meeting."

"Why do you wish him no harm? I was under the impression you wished to kill him." Kaiden said, the residual anger at a threat to his mate made his voice low.

"I made a mistake when I was younger. I was overcome by my desire to cheat death. I succumbed to the darkest of arts and made myself a horcrux." Everyone froze. "I see you already knew that. Well, it seems that as I split my soul, I also split my sanity. I suspect that someone, most likely either the illustrious Dumbledore or your Mr. Potter has been destroying them for me. As my soul parts were released from their prison, they returned to me. I am now more or less sane and have no desire to uselessly kill anyone, especially not Mr. Potter. I believe we could be great allies if I could convince him that I am not the ultimate evil. I am now working to fix what I broke in my insanity and put the wizarding world back on track."

Harry was nearly in tears. A good portion of his life, he'd been expected to kill Voldemort. Now to find out it wasn't necessary, and instead he wished to join him, was almost more then he could handle. He wanted to strip off the cloak and be comforted by his mates, no matter how angry he was at them, but he wouldn't risk disrupting the ongoing negotiations by coming in uninvited. He knew that was taboo.

Before negotiations could really begin, Voldemort felt two new beings slam into and bypass his wards, a mean feat.

Kaiden and Draco turned at the crashing noise of a griffin falling on the floor behind them. Cristoff in beast form was carrying a broken and unconscious Remus. Both were in bad shape. Cristoff had chunks missing from his wings and large oozing wounds in his sides, evidence that someone was using iron, as they hadn't healed yet. Remus was near death and only his lycan healing had kept him alive thus far.

Draco's breath stopped. These two were supposed to be watching Harry. Where was Harry?

"Where is he!!??" Draco shouted at Kaiden, banging his hands on the griffin's chest. "You said he was safe, he told you, he told you." His legs gave out and Kaiden tried to support him but his head was full of the rushing noise of panic. Harry. What had he done? The bond was so weak from his earlier actions, he couldn't sense him.

The sound of Draco screaming pulled Harry from his stunned daze. He pulled off the cloak and rushed to his mates. "I'm here, I'm safe its okay." Draco sobbed against him and Kaiden pulled the two to him; holding them tight, as though to fuse them together.

"Harry, Harry" Draco and Kaiden whispered over and over. Harry held them close and repeatedly told them he was fine.

Severus and Weidler, noticing that the prince was out of commission, took charge of the wounded. Voldemort offered an adjoining room and they moved Remus and Cristoff there.

Severus came back out after a moment fuming that Weidler had kicked him out. Voldemort watched amused while his favorite ranted at him, forgetting momentarily that he was addressing his lord. When a fully healed Cristoff opened the door, Severus fell silent.

Voldemort was left alone to watch the threesome and he made some interesting deductions. Mr. Malfoy was obviously the most submissive of the three; his positioning under Mr. Potter's neck signified that. And though Kaiden was obviously dominant, he must have done something wrong. He was repeatedly begging for forgiveness and Mr. Potter had granted it every time.

He was curious as to what had happened before, and how Mr. Potter got here without alerting his wards. When they finally pulled apart, Voldemort called for a house elf to bring them drinks.

"Thanks." Harry said to his once enemy and Voldemort nodded.

"I am most interested as to how you got here, and how long you were hiding." Harry flushed.

"House elf magic." Voldemort blinked and then chuckled. He called for his head house elf.

"Simpid, I need to you to put up a house elf ward that will prevent house elves not authorized from entering the house or sending others through the wards." The house elf nodded and disappeared with a pop.

"That was rather quick, Tom. I was expecting you to shout about it for a while and then do nothing."

Draco blinked at Harry's daring and put pressure on his back with the arm resting there. Harry pushed back.

"I may have done so in the past, Mr. Potter, but most, though not al,l things have changed. And please call me Marvolo, though my sanity has returned my hatred for my muggle father remains."

Harry smiled, "Marvolo then. And you must call me Harry."

Marvolo smirked and conjured up chairs for them all to sit in while waiting. Harry sat next to Kaiden, still needing the reassurance his strength provided and Draco snuggled up in their laps.

"This is a similar conversation to our first, though it is meant with more sincerity."

Harry laughed and Draco decided he couldn't stand it anymore.

"Harry, I don't understand."

"Yes," Kaiden agreed, "I too am lost."

"Oh, sorry. Our first conversation was in the room with the mirror of erised. We were both trying to get the sorcerers stone and he asked me to join him." Harry smirked at Marvolo. "Told me he could bring my parents back."

Marvolo chuckled, "Yes, and I still could, though they would be but shells." Harry nodded; he'd suspected so at the time.

"So, you're offering him a place in your Death Eaters?" Draco asked, needing clarification.

Marvolo focused on Harry and waited for the brunets comment to the question. Harry didn't disappoint.

"Well if he was, I'd have to say no. Not only am I no ones servant, I still want to stay with you and Kaiden." Harry looked up at the griffin, "If you still want me."

Kaiden gazed at him with soft eyes. "I am sorry I didn't believe you, Harry, and that my actions have caused you to doubt my love for you. I will make it up to you, I promise." Harry smiled softly. Things weren't better, but they took hope from the small growth in the bond from their exchange.

Marvolo waited to make sure they were done before saying. "Do any of you have any idea what happened to your fellows?"

Kaiden and Draco turned to Harry and he flushed. "Well I'm not sure, but I think Dumbledore has something to do with it."

"He does indeed." Cristoff said from the door. He stepped in and Marvolo conjured another chair for him. The griffin nodded his thanks. "He wanted you, Harry. He burst down the door, and Hogwarts couldn't keep him out. He attacked us when we told him you weren't there. I shifted into beast, but he had a sword with rubies on it. It had an iron inlay and I had to flee."

Marvolo was curious as to why the iron inlay was mentioned specifically and caused such reactions in the others, but didn't mention it. He felt it was best not to bring attention to it if it was a slip. Perhaps, this was the legendary griffin weakness.

Kaiden pulled Harry tighter to him. There was no telling what the Headmaster would have done to his mate if Harry hadn't disobeyed and followed them.

"How did your brother heal so fast?" Marvolo asked of Cristoff, though he thought it was Weidler. He'd never seen both of them at once other then earlier when Cristoff was in beast form. He didn't know they were twins.

Kaiden answered, knowing that Cristoff didn't like attention. "This is Cristoff, Weidler's twin and my other shadow. A wonderful bonus of griffin twins is their bond. They always know where the other is and can heal them from any wounds. That is also how he crossed your wards. Magic has little effect on us in any form, but in beast we can cross any wards." He didn't mention that solid iron could stop them. Kaiden had caught Cristoff's slip and watched Marvolo's subsequent curiosity; he decided that if it became a problem he would have to terminate the man. The threat of the secret getting out was more important then the cause he led.

When Severus came back out with news that Remus would live, but couldn't be moved, Marvolo offered them rooms in his manor. They readily accepted and Cristoff took first watch on Remus.

Kaiden decided they would work on their weakened bond immediately.

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