Sawada Tsunayoshi was the name of the 14 year-old boy who lived in one of the neighboring towns near Namimori. Well, he had originally lived in Namimori, but his parents had them move to one of the bigger towns for work purposes. Anyway, the day wasn't going quite as Tsuna had wanted.

It all started when he woke up late for school and on his way there, he was chased by a bull-dog. When he arrived at the school, (where he cursed but silently thanked the dog because if it hadn't been for it, he wouldn't have been able to run fast enough) he had walked in without changing to his indoor shoes because he was absent minded as usual, which resulted in him cleaning the halls after school. Then the daily bullies decided to take his lunch and Tsuna had to survive off the 2 cans of juice he bought from the vending machines instead. He got a 27 on his history quiz and a 4 on his math homework, where half of the page was actually blank of answers. He tripped about 5 times and 2 of the times he actually fell.

It was when he started walking home where things had seemed to relax and Tsuna breathed a sigh of relief… Until he got to his room.

Tsuna's backpack slid of his shoulder and landed with a thunk. He looked at the room that was full of boxes and almost all of his stuff had been packed away. In the middle of the room was his black gym bag that had enough clothes and other stuff to last him for about 5 to 6 days.

Tsuna dashed down the stairs.

"Mom! Why has everything in my room been cleared out!?" He yelled while running down the stairs, resulting in his feet missing the next step and he fell with many thumps down the remaining steps.

Sawada Nana, the mother of Tsuna, looked down ate her son, who was kissing the ground, with sad and worried eyes.

"Tsu-kun, I know this is sudden, but you'll be living in Namimori without us for a bit." She said solemnly. Tsuna raised his head and stared at his mom in disbelief.

"B-b-b-but Mom! Why? I don't even have anybody there to live with! Who's going to look over me?" Tsuna yelled. Nana motioned them into the kitchen and Tsuna followed.

They took a seat at the dining table across from each other. Nana crossed her arms and leaned on the table.

"You're going to be living with your brother in Namimori while Papa and I go to Italy. We really would've taken you, but Papa said you weren't ready yet." She said calmly. Tsuna crossed his arms and slouched in his chair, his face making a pout.

"What 14 year-old isn't ready to go overseas…" He mumbled. "And Nii-san? You mean, the Nii-san who's hated me ever since I was like… born?" Tsuna said angrily. Nana rolled her eyes.

"Yes, that Nii-san. That's your only brother Tsu-kun. Even though he is a troublemaker, there's no one else that can take care of you." She made a sad face as if she remembered something bad.

"Fine, but how long will you be gone for?" Tsuna asked.

"About 5 or 6 months." Nana replied. Tsuna quickly sat up straight and placed his hands on the table.

"Are you serious!? By the time you come get me, I'll probably be in the hospital! You saw how he treated me! Like I was some cockroach that needed to be squashed, but never died!" He yelled.

"Tsu-kun, he's already 20 and you're 14, I'm sure he's grown out of all that." Nana said.

"Sure…" Tsuna mumbled and returned to his previous position. Nana sighed, but smiled anyway.

"You're bus is going to leave at 9:00, so you'll be in Namimori at around 10:15 or 10:30." She stood up and walked into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

"Isn't that a little late?" Tsuna asked, still pouting. Nana turned around smiled.

"I'm sure he'll still be up."


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