Five days have passed since the incident at the Reaper's base. Giotto has been asleep ever since then. He hasn't even moved an inch. He just lies there in his bed like he's dead, like a living corpse. Every time I stay by his unmoving body, praying to the God that I have never prayed to before, that somehow, he would get better, I feel so guilty. It was all my fault that this happened. Dino comes in everyday and tells me that he'll be fine soon after he gets more rest, but just how much rest is that? How long will it take? I want to see his sky blue eyes again, I want to see his smile again, I want to hold him again and never let go. We've been separated so many times and we always work so hard to see each other again, yet, we're still apart. It really hurts.

Even now, I'm by his side. Holding his cold hand in my warm ones and bowing my head, praying to the gods that he will get better. That he will wake up soon and everything will go back to how it was. But no matter how hard I wish for that to happen, it won't be possible.

Nothing will go back to how it was. After all, we're missing one very important person.

Ivan... I miss him a lot. He came back for me, because he loved me and he had a debt to repay. But after he had fulfilled his wish, why did he have to leave? It makes me so sad to think that I will never get to see him again. I won't be able to hear his voice, nor see his silly expressions. And even though it was just once, I will never see his rare smile again. I miss him.

I spend about another 20 minutes beside Giotto before I get up. I leave the room and head to the entrance. No one tries to stop me. They don't try to talk to me either. Gokudera and Yamamoto avoid my eyes and quickly walk away, Hibari just walks right past me, and his eyes don't waver in the least. I don't ever really see Mukuro and Chrome either. They're always doing something. Dino comes to visit to check up on Giotto, and Byakuran went traveling around the world visiting the mafia families that had assisted us to check up on them and to thank them in Giotto's place. I had killed many of their people, but they had kept that all confidential. The only families that know are the Vongola, Cavallone, Millefiore, and, incidentally, the Bovino Family. But they all swore to keep it a secret. But it makes me feel even worse. They all know that it was me who went on a rampage, and I even killed members of their own families, yet, they still try to protect me. I feel so guilty.

I run out of the building and for the woods. As I run, I remember so many things that happened in the past. I came here to Italy looking for Giotto, I meet so many new people, including Ivan, I dressed as a girl, I laughed, I cried. It was here in these very woods were Ivan first smiled and kissed me, I did so many things that I would never even think of doing.

I stop and fall on the ground. I cover my eyes and begin to cry once again. Meeting Giotto again and falling in love had to be the greatest thing that will ever happen in my life. If I hadn't seen Giotto again, I probably would have never met so many people. I would have stayed useless and wouldn't have experienced so many things. I love my life, but right now, it really hurts to live.

I begin to sob uncontrollably. It starts to get dark, but I remain in the same place.

"Oh please God, let some kind of miracle happen. I'll do anything!" I cry.

Gokudera and Yamamoto come running up to me, both out of breath. They must have been searching for me for a while. I look up at them through blurry eyes. I wipe the tears from my face and try to avoid eye-contact.

"Tsuna... You need to come back." Yamamoto said.

"Why?" I ask. Gokudera smiles so big, I thought his face would split.

"Giotto-sama woke up!" He exclaimed. My eyes widened and I remain still for a moment, but as soon as my shock passed over, I was up in a split second and running as fast as I could. I couldn't think of anything else except for Giotto's voice as I ran out of the woods. I couldn't think of anything except for Giotto's sky blue eyes as I ran into the building. And I couldn't think of anything else except for Giotto's smile as I burst into his room.

Everyone in there jumps at my presence. I stand there stupidly, panting hard. I was about to ask where Giotto was when a certain voice called my name.

"Tsunayoshi?" He calls. I feel the tears build in my eyes again. I cover my mouth in shock. The crowd parts and I see him. He's sitting up in bed and looking at me with soft eyes, a smile on his lips. The tears fall and I run.

"Giotto!" I scream as I dive into his arms. I repeat his name over and over again and hug him as tight as I can. I bury my face into his chest and breathe in his scent. Oh how I have longed for this moment.

"Tsunayoshi, I'm glad to see you're okay." Giotto tells me. I shake my head feverishly.

"No, I'm glad you're okay. I thought you would never wake up again!" I cry. Giotto rubs my head softly. The others in the room smile and leave, giving us time to ourselves.

Giotto lifts my head and makes me look at him. I feel embarrassed. My face is red and messy, my eyes probably have bags under them and the tears aren't helping any. I try to look down, but Giotto holds my head.

"Don't look away." He says seriously. I want to look at him, but I hesitate. I turn my head a little. I don't feel like I have the right to see him. It was because of me that he had been asleep for so long.

Giotto pauses for a moment as he looks at me. He closes his eyes, leans down, and bites my exposed neck softly. My face heats up and I close my eyes in bliss, a small moan escaping my lips. I wrap my arms around his neck and I lean my head back a little, giving him more areas to kiss.

I feel my stomach tingle as I feel his tongue trail over my flesh and his soft lips rub against my skin. Wet sounds are made as he sucks and kisses me.

I gasp lightly as I feel his cold hand travel up my shirt and rub my chest. I lean back more and fall back on the bed, bringing Giotto with me. Giotto lifts his head, leaving a bright red mark on my neck. He looks at me, his eyes half lidded.

Just having him kiss my neck took my breath away. I was panting a little, and my face felt hot. He rubs his lips against my cheek and sighs.

"I forgive you, so don't look away from me." He whispers. I nod. He smiles and moves to kiss my lips. I open my mouth readily and his tongue dives in. I start to cry again. I wanted this moment to last forever. The feeling of his tongue against mine, our bodies as close to each other as we can get it, out hands intertwined, I didn't want it to end.

But Giotto pulls away. I lean forward, not letting his tongue leave mine. I pull his head down and capture his lips for another kiss. Giotto complies and deepens the kiss. He presses his body down, making our lower parts grind against each other. I moan and turn my head, but he doesn't stop. He devours my lips hungrily, his tongue dominating me completely. I grab onto his back and grip his shirt in my hands tightly. I spread my legs a bit and raise them, making the feeling feel ten times greater. I tilt my head back, breaking our kiss, and moan loudly. Giotto grinds down again and my body trembles at the feeling.

Before things got out of hand, Giotto stops and sits up, bringing me up into his lap. I breathe hard against his chest, my body still shaking from the excitement. He kisses my forehead and smiles.

"I'm glad that I'm able to be with you again." He says. I just nod my head, not able to get my voice out.

Suddenly, the door bursts open and everyone, including Byakuran and Lambo, save for the Varia who stood at the door, everyone! Everyone that we had met while we were here in Italy ran into the room and glomped me and Giotto, creating one giant dog-pile.

Everyone was laughing, crying, shouting in joy, doing something. Giotto and I were shocked at first before we started laughing as well.

It was good to be here in the arms of our most loved ones.


We were having our dinner with everyone together for the first time in a long time. It was great. I laughed a lot and talked a lot. Though as soon as Hibari walked in, he went straight to me and kissed me full on the lips, right in front of Giotto. Giotto got pretty mad at that and in the end, everyone had to duck and eat under the table.

I laughed and looked beside me, only to find that no one was there. My smile drops. Ivan should have been there next to me, but he's not.

My shoulders drop and I play with the food on my plate. No one notices my sudden change, but it's for the best.

After dinner, Byakuran playfully slapped Giotto's on the back and chuckled.

"You do know that you have a promise to keep." He had said. Giotto rubbed his back and glared at Byakuran.

"Our families are enemies, yet, why are you here?" He asked. I stare at Byakuran. I didn't know that.

"I'm here to get my reward for assisting you." Byakuran said. Giotto's face immediately became serious.

"I told you, it depends on what it is." He told Byakuran. The white haired man grinned. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me close.

"A day with Tsunayoshi-kun." He exclaimed. I make a confused face. I had no idea what was going on.

Giotto sighed.

"Don't tell me you're falling for him too..." He mumbled. He looked up, a dissatisfied expression on his face.

"Only one day." He said. Byakuran's smile grew.

"Okay, then I'll come to pick up Tsunayoshi-kun tomorrow." He said and then left. I stare after him. A day? With him? Oh no...

"Uh, Giotto?" I start. Giotto just pats my head.

"Just go along with him and don't let him do anything weird to you." He said and then left. I follow after Giotto into our room and climb into the bed with him.

"This is the first time we slept together in a while." I say. Giotto nods his head and yawns. He hugs me tightly and buries his face into my hair. I sigh in bliss and kiss his chest.

"Goodnight." I whisper.

Tomorrow came way too fast. At the crack of dawn, Byakuran burst in our room and picked me up from the bed, ignoring Giotto completely. Hating the cold morning feeling, I cling to my kidnapper's chest and try to cover my face. Byakuran just laughs.

We enter a room that feels rather warm. I relax at the feeling until I feel Byakuran taking off my clothes. I drowsily open my eyes and feel myself being lifted again. Before I could say anything, I am tossed in the air. I scream, but am cut off as I land into a tub of hot water.

After about a minute or two, I resurface, wide awake now. I glare at Byakuran.

"Are you trying to kill me!" I shout. Byakuran just grins and sits on a stool that is placed in the corner of the room.

"No, I'm just trying to get you ready for our date." He states. I grit my teeth.

"So why did you want a day with me?" I ask. Byakuran tilts his head.

"Now, I wonder." He says mysteriously. He stands up and walks out. I furrow my eyebrows and proceed to clean myself.

I walk out of the bathroom 15 minutes later, dressed in a cream colored turtleneck and brown shorts that stopped right below my knees. Byakuran walks over to me and grabs my hand.

"Shall we?" He offers. I blush at his smile and nod slowly. He leads me out of the Vongola manor and down the street.

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"I'm sure you're hungry, so we're going to go eat first." Byakuran answers. I look past his back to see that we're already at a restaurant. My eyes widen as I see it's an Asian restaurant.

"I always wanted to try Japanese cuisine." Byakuran says with a smile. I grin too and walk in the building happily with him.

After eating, he takes me to a park to eat ice cream. I lick my strawberry flavored cream and look at the ground. Byakuran devours his vanilla ice cream quickly and leans back on the bench. I look at him nervously. His amethyst eyes seemed to be shining in the light and his usual grin was gone. He looked serious but at the same time... lonely.

"Ano... Byakuran, why did you want me as your reward?" I ask. Byakuran looks over at me.

"Because I want Giotto's most important thing." He answered truthfully. I point at myself.

"Me?" I ask in disbelief. Byakuran laughs and shakes his head.

"I don't have any interest in you at all. I see you more like a pet." He said. That made me a bit annoyed.

"What I really want," He continued. "Is his life."

I stand up.

"You want to kill him!" I yell, gathering the attention of the others around us. Byakuran shook his head.

"No that's not it, sit down." He said. I sat.

"What I meant to say, is that I want to live his life." Byakuran said. I look at him curiously.

"I'm jealous of Giotto. He has everything he could ask for. He has a family, he has a lover, and his life is all smiles. I want that kind of life." Byakuran explained. I lean back on the bench and look at the ground. I couldn't blame him. Giotto really did have a good life, and to those that didn't, of course they'd want it.

"So, in order to somehow obtain that life, I spent time with you guys and tried to get close. And indeed, I enjoyed it. You guys made me smile and laugh. It was the kind of life I wanted and I want to experience it all the time." Byakuran continued. I nod my head in understanding. I look at him and smile.

"Byakuran... you are a really good person." I say and hug him. Byakuran smiles at the embrace and accepts it, but doesn't return it. But just accepting it was enough.

"The best way to laugh and have a good time is to be by your closest friends." I say and stand up.

"But I don't have any." Byakuran says. I turn and look at him.

"Yes you do. It's us." I say with a smile. He looks at me with shock for a moment. I think he was stunned at the statement. I don't think he had expected us to accept him as one of our friends.

He laughs and stands up.

"One thing for sure, is that Giotto picked a good lover." He says and then walks ahead of me. I grin and follow after him.

"Thank you."

We went on little detours on our way home. Byakuran showed me how to feed pigeons, we sampled different kinds of chocolates at a sweets shop, and we even stopped to get a parfait. It was a nice outing. The way I thought it, it was like friends hanging out, but I had a feeling that Byakuran saw it as a master treating his pet.

By the time we got back home, it was late evening. Giotto examined me from head to toe to see if there were any signs of defiling. I laughed at him and called him silly. I decided to keep my conversation with Byakuran a secret. If Byakuran wanted someone to know, he could tell them himself, but for now, it's a secret between us.

As night came, I snuck out of Giotto's arms for a moment and went to sit on the chair by the window. I look out at the sky and feel my heart clench. Though life went on, Ivan's had stopped. I missed him a lot.

I feel a single tear slide down my cheek. I wipe it away and from the corner of my eye, I see something black move around outside. I quickly look up, but the object was already gone. I get up and run to the door. Being mindful to the sleeping Giotto, I quietly open the door and run down the hall. I run out of the manor and circle around to the garden. I stop as I see something that is definitely not Ivan.

His robe was the color of black ash and towards the end, it faded out into a light gray. It was tattered at the ends, and it broke off into little pieces like glass, but would magically disappear into thin air before it hit the ground. The robe covered his face, making it impossible to see underneath and he was floating a bit above the ground. His back was hunched over, as if he was sitting on something. His hands had no skin or flesh on them, but were just bones. In those bare hands, he held a scythe that rested over his shoulder, a weird and ancient inscription written across the blade. He looked exactly like a death god, yet, there was something about him that made him seem different.

The death god stretched out one hand and beckoned me over to him. I stayed where I was. Not only was I shocked, but I didn't want to go around becoming friends with things that looked like they would take me to hell. The death god seemed to sigh. He upturned his hand as if he was to catch something. Little balls of gold light began to gather right above his hand, some bright and some dark. It stayed there and the death god looked at me. He beckoned me over to him again. This time, I take a hesitant step forward.

I stop right in front of him. He extends the hand holding the balls of light closer to me, until it was almost right in my face. I lean back a bit and look at him. With his other hand, he points to me. I didn't really understand what he was trying to tell me, but I took a guess. I raised my hand and touch the glowing light particles. They begin to shine and form together, taking shape of something. When the light died down, there in the hand of the death god, was a little black cat curled up in a ball, sleeping peacefully.

I gasp as I look at the cat.

"Ivan…" I whisper. I look at the death god in question. He nods. I smile and take the cat into my arms. I pet the soft familiar head. I look up to see the death god really close to me. I'm about to step back when he moves to cup my face with his boney hands. He stops right before he touches me, but instead lets the tips of his fingers press into my cheek lightly. He trails his fingers down until he reaches my chin.

The feeling was beyond eerie. I couldn't do anything but stand there paralyzed. The death god trailed his fingers off and then flew back, and before my very eyes, disappeared. I stare dumbly at the empty air. To check if what happened to me just now was real, I look down at my arms. Sure enough, Ivan was there sleeping.

I stare back into space for a bit more and then run to the manor. As I was running down the hallway to get back to the room, I meet up with Giotto. He's panting hard, his hair was wild, and his button shirt wasn't on all the way. He stares at me.

"Where were you?" He asks. He looks down into my arms and spots Ivan. He points at it with wide eyes.

"Is that…"

I nod my head.

"Yep, it's Ivan." I say happily. He stares at me again.

"Where did you find him?" He asks. I yawn.

"I'll tell you tomorrow." I say and walk past him. Truthfully, I wasn't that tired. I just didn't want to tell him about my encounter with the death god right now. I was still trying to recover from the shock! Plus, I wanted to crawl into the warm bed and hug Giotto. But that's different.

That night, I slept peacefully with Giotto hugging me and Ivan in my arms. I was warm, and I didn't have a single worry.

The next morning, I explained everything to Giotto about what had happened the night before. Dino and Giotto seemed puzzled on it, but Byakuran just smiled.

"I bet you that Shinigami-san couldn't stand seeing Tsunayoshi-kun cry so he decided to find Ivan's soul and give him life again." He said. We look at him like he's an idiot. We will probably never find out why, but all I know is that Ivan is with us again. Maybe not as human, but as a cat. I look at Giotto in question.

"Should we call him Nobi, or Ivan?" I ask. Giotto scratches his cheek as he thinks.

"I guess you can call him Ivan, since you're already doing it." He says. I smile and nod. I hug Ivan tightly and he meows.

Just then, a man walks in holding a letter.

"We picked this up in Japan. It's addressed to Sawada-sama." He says and hands me a letter. I look at it and my face lights up.

"It's from mom!" I exclaim and then proceed to tear the envelope apart. Giotto rolls his eyes as he watches how excited I am. As I read the rather short letter, I felt happy, but at the same time, nervous.

Tsu-kun! We're coming home early!


Giotto reads it over my shoulder. He hugs me tightly.

"Well, looks like we're going to have some trouble keeping us a secret." He says playfully. I giggle and nod.

For the past week, I've done nothing but cry and pray. I was useless and couldn't do a single thing. And even from now on, I'll probably still continue to cry. I'm followed by unwanted attention, and people may even want to kill me, but just for now, just for one moment... let me be happy in the arms of my beloved.

The End


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