I have no idea where this little one-shot came from but I couldn't get it out of my head. I want to think I've read something similar, maybe explain why I have a déjà vu feeling of the idea, but not quite like this…

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Just Relax

By Nollie Marie

I squeezed my eyes shut, whimpering. "Let's just get this over with."

"You make this sound like it's going to kill you, Bella."

I turned my head, glaring in the direction of Edward, but not opening my eyes, afraid of what I would see.

"Seriously Bella, it's not going to hurt."

I harrumphed. "Says the boy that has done this a million times before," I muttered, not happy.

Edward chuckled, the nerve of him. "Okay, okay…so there might be some pain but it won't last long."


"Promise, trust me."

I exhaled and pouted. "Fine! Let's get this over with," I muttered and keep my arms to my sides.

Edward chuckled again. "Bella relax! Relaxing helps with the pain."

Easier said than done but I relaxed my shoulders and thinking of relaxing times. And without warning there was a sharp pain.


"I had to do it! And trust me, just better to go fast and get it over with than slow and draw out the pain."

I whimpered.

"Just relax; the worst part is over with."

I panted as I felt moment a few minutes after the pain. I tensed, biting my lip, as I knew that this was almost over.

"Okay, all done," Edward said from my right.

I opened my eyes. "Seriously?!"

Edward chuckled as I turned my head to watch him finished the job.

"See, now wasn't that fun?" he said, giving me his best smile—the crooked one that made my heart melt.

I rolled my eyes. "You seriously didn't have to be that gentle with me. I am a big girl."

Edward's eyes swept over my body, still smiling. "Don't I know it," He said, looking rakish.

I narrowed my eyes at him. "Then don't baby me next time or I'll give you a baby next."

Edward laughed and pushed away from me.

"Hmm, sounds like fun. I would love to have a baby, especially with you."

I blushed and snorted. I blushed because of the idea that he loved me that much to have kids with me. And snorted he had been hanging out with Emmett to much now. And the fact that he was talking to me like that, so intimate, while wearing his scrubs and lab coat that had his name sown on the left breast pocket didn't help dual his sexual appeal. Just seeing him in his work attire did make me warm under the collar.

"Well thanks Dr. Cullen," I said, hoping down from the table. "I needed that."

"Yes, you did," Edward said, giving me a sweet smile.

"Yeah, yeah," I said, rolling my eyes, "as if anyone would have been able to do so if they had been given a shot just like me, Edward. Jeez."

I left the examination room, one foot out the door, when I turned back around and said to Edward, "By the way, thanks for the Hello Kitty band aid. I'm sure Emmett will get a kick out of it considering everything."

Edward laughed. "I'll take you out for dinner tonight, it gets you away from Emmett," Edward promised. I knew that this one promise he meant.

I smiled. "Make it Italian and I just might wear that number you liked the other day."

I turned and heard Edward say, "Don't tease me so Bella!" as I headed out the front door.

It wasn't exactly what I normally write but I found it funny that it sounds like they were having sex but not really. Did anyone get a chuckle out of that? So tell me what you think about this short one shot. I just needed to write it down and get it out on the web. Hopefully I can write for my other stories. It's hard to write when it seems my typing is annoying to some people. Anyways, review! Let me know what you thought of this…