After our short conversation, Juuri had called Yuki of somewhere, and I hadn't seen her since. When Yuki eventually came back into the room with Haruka and Juuri, she didn't talk to me at all. She only chatted to Haruka and Juuri in that cheerful manner that she had. It was hard to believe that even a child could be as happy as Yuki. Yuki was forever smiling and laughing, and she rarely began to cry or get upset about something. Once, I found this very annoying. It was extremely irritating to me that someone could be so optimistic all the time. But now that I was paying closer attention to Yuki, I found that I didn't find it as annoying as I once did. It was now oddly endearing to me somehow.

The days started to pass, and I wondered if she would talk to me again. But she didn't. She said the polite word or two to me when it was required of her, but other then that, she ignored me. I thought this reaction was slightly strange, I thought that our conversation; albeit, short conversation; she would be constantly talking to me now. That wasn't the case. She now ignored me like I once ignored her. Because I was no longer ignoring her now. Whenever she came into the room, something made me look up. And whenever she left a room my eyes would follow her until I saw her no more.

Some may call my sudden new interest in Yuki obsession, but it wasn't quite that. I was intrigued with her. Our conversation hadn't been a particular deep conversation, nor was it the most fascinating conversation a person could have, so why was she now so interesting? I think what I was most interested in was her thoughts. Her line of thought through the conversation surprised me. And often after it, I found myself musing over what was going on in that small head of hers. That led me to wondering why was she always smiling and laughing? True, she had a happy enough childhood so far, but she was caged in this house. Most children would be complaining and whining, but she only kept a smile on her face. And when Haruka and Juuri were in the middle of having a tense talk about Rido when she entered the room and could sense that Haruka and Juuri were worried she'd always attempt to cheer them up, though she didn't understand what was worrying them. All of this brought me to the conclusion that Yuki was really a good person, even for a child. This was unusual enough for a human, but if was even less then rare for a pureblood. Purebloods only ever cared for themselves, as I well know.

So my interest in Yuki grew until the point that I could almost say that I was fond of her at least. But she still didn't utter a single word to me. It was only when two weeks has passed, and we were alone in the main room that I could coax a word from her.

She was laying bent over something she was drawing on the floor. Her face was the picture of concentration as her hand colored in her drawing. I gazed at her for a moment, and then made the comment, "You're very quiet."

She almost jumped of the ground, was that startled by me causing her hand to slip and make a long line come out from drawing. "Onii-sama!" she cried, her eyes looking down at her ruined drawing. "Look at what you made me do!"

"I'm sorry for surprising you," I swiftly apologized, thinking it was better to apologize then have an angry four year old yelling at me.

Her eyes softened at my words, her anger quickly fading away, "It's okay," she said, "I think I can fix it."

And with that she went back to her original position, grabbed a rubber and began to try to rub away the line in the drawing. After a short pause, I began again, "as I was saying, you're awfully quiet lately."

She looked up again at me, her eyes unwavering and steady, "You're even more quiet then I am. You never talk, you only read all the time."

"It can be hard to get a word in edge-ways with you around," I smiled.

She suddenly smiled back at me. "I'm sorry, onii-sama. If I'm quiet all today, will you talk all day?"

I looked back down at my book. "We'll see," I answered.

"Onii-sama always seems so quiet," Yuki observed. "I used to think it was because of me being here, but now I think onii-sama is sad about something, that's why he is always so quiet and serious."

I stilled when I heard her words. Surprised that she observed all that from me at such a young age. Surprised, that wasn't too far out either.

"Am I right?" asked Yuki, and in my mind I saw her head tilting slightly as it often did when she was asking a question.

But I didn't reply I only kept my eyes straight on my book.

Yuki didn't say anything for a few minutes either. And then in a sad voice she said to me, "I'm sorry, onii-sama, if I upset onii-sama. I didn't mean to! I was only saying what I thought!"

Her sad voice forced me to look up at her and answer her. "You didn't upset me Yuki. Don't be sad." It occurred to me that I had never seen her sad before, normally she was as happy as you could be. Now, she looked so vulnerable when she was sad; it reminded me of a puppy that had been knocked down by a car. It made me want to never see her sad again.

At that moment, Yuki stood up and ran into me, wrapping her small arms around me. I stood frozen for a second, but then I relaxed. Yuki was oddly warm, and when she was near me like this I felt warm too. Then she let go of me and beamed up at me. And I never felt so strange in my life. It was like Yuki now had some hold over me, and I didn't know what it meant.

Soon Yuki returned to her drawing, and I pretending to return to my book, though I was really only thinking of what exactly Yuki had done to me. It seemed that she had almost binded me to her, and now all I could do was wish that she would hug me again. But how exactly did I feel towards Yuki now? I'm certain I don't love her… or at least, I'm quite sure I don't…

"Onii-sama, can I ask you a question?" Yuki asked me suddenly.

"Yes…" I replied, feeling a bit wary at what might be now going through her mind.

"Why are being so nice to me in the last few weeks? Normally, you're mean."

The way she said 'Normally, you're mean' made me burst out laughing. At least she was honest, while many would never even dare to call me mean. Yuki, it seemed was fearless of me.

"Onii-sama?" said Yuki, her eyes wide as she was probably wondering what exactly I was laughing at.

I stifled my laughing, and attempted to look serious before I answered her question, but I still had a small smile on my face. "Do you think I'm very mean to you, Yuki?" I asked her, trying to avoid her question with a question of my own because I wanted to keep my reasons why I was taking a sudden liking to her private for the time being.

Yuki frowned as she thought over my question, and finally she replied, "Not any more. I like you now, onii-sama. But you use to ignore me all the time. I didn't think you liked me."

My face cleared of all amusement. "It wasn't that I didn't like you…" I tried to explain. Before I could explain further, Yuki interrupted.

"Do you like me now, onii-sama?" she inquired, as a small smile appeared on her lips.

Once again, her question surprised me, but without even thinking over the question, I gazed at her steadily and said back immediately, "Yes. Yes, I do."

At these words Yuki smiled such a smile that it would even melt the coldest of hearts, and the smile lit of her whole face. She then walked over to me, and gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek.

"And I like onii-sama!" she declared happily, after taking a step away from me. "Onii-sama, will you be my friend?" she asked, her face still beaming.

"I'll be Yuki's friend," I solemnly said, without skipped a beat.

From that day on, Yuki rarely left my side. Haruka was a bit shocked by this since we were never together before that, but Juuri only laughed and said she was expecting something like this to happen. Every day we were together. Sometimes we talked (or rather she talked and listened), other times she would make me play a board game with her, and then there were times when she would sit silent beside me as I read, or I would sit near her as she drew. And I was happy. Those were the happiest days of my life.

Until Rido decided to pay a visit.


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