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Raising Tom

"You know I didn't think it was going to end like this." The portrait of Albus Dumbledore said to an adult wizard. The wizard had messy hair that looked like it hadn't been brushed in ages. He wore a dark, torn up cloak over his lanky body; dirty glasses covered his emerald eyes and on his fore head there was an unmistakable lightning shaped scar. The boy who lived was now an adult in his early 20s.

"Harry you need to eat something. It has been days since you last had a proper meal." The portrait of Dumbledore said worriedly. Harry was staring out of the window of the head master's office. He was staring at the old Hogwarts grounds. There was nothing left there now, just burnt, dead land.

"I'm not hungry Professor." Harry replied quietly. Battles between Voldemorts army and the Ministry took place at Hogwarts, causing most of the castle to be destroyed. Harry sat down in a chair, tired of seeing the damage. "There is no one left is there. No survivors, no one but me."

"I don't know Harry, there is nothing you can do but wait and find out."

"I'm tired of waiting! I've accepted the fact that there is no one else alive that can help me! NO ONE! There is no point in living anymore. I might have 'killed' Voldemort but it wasn't worth all my friends and allies dieing. Even worse is that I am stuck with that monster inside of me until I do die. I might as well just kill myself." Harry said angrily. He was about to leave when the sigh of his old head master caught his ear.

"What if I told you there was a way to save your love ones and make the world better?" Dumbledore asked. Harry stared at him.


"If you go back in time and-"

"No, I can't do that. You know if I try and change the past the entire future will be messed up. Changing one thing, stepping on one butterfly-" Harry replied. "There is nothing else to do Dumbledore. Voldemort defeated me."

"I want you to go back in time and raise Tom, make him good." Dumbledore said, ignoring Harry's statement. "Sulking about life will not make things better Harry. This is your last chance at saving your love ones."

"Even if I wanted to I couldn't. There are no more time turners. They were all destroyed."

"All except for one. Behind my portrait is the last remaining time tuner. I've been saving it for an emergency." Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his eye. Harry pushed the portrait; behind it was a little hole with a time turner. Harry grabbed it, and then put the portrait back. "Now this time turner is a little bit different then the one you and Hermione handled in your third year. You must think hard on the date that you wish to go to. I suggest meeting Tom on his 11th birthday, which is December 31, 1936 if I do remember correctly."

"Professor Dumbledore I don't think I can raise him though without hating him. He ruined my life and killed everyone I cared about." Harry said.

"That's why you need to stop him from becoming a murder. Please try Harry." Dumbledore requested. Harry nodded. He thought about Tom Riddle and his birthday as hard as he could. Quickly he felt himself being sucked back threw time. Suddenly he was outside the orphanage where Tom grew up.

'Such an odd device. It even took me to the spot I needed to go,' thought Harry. 'Now it's time to see if I can change the future.'

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